Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Macher Matha Diye Moong Dal

Fish is like a true gift God has given To any Bengali.
No marriage ceremony is complete with out a big Rui fish(read this in bold).There is a particular custom of sending gifts to a Bengali Bride and her near ones,as part of “Gaye Holod Er Totto”.This gift/gifts she takes on wedding day ,usually to mark the Vermillon ceremony ,in Hindi “Haldi rasam”,is improper if the correct size of Rui fish is not sent decorated along with the gifts.This custom is said to be very auspicious .Bridegroom’s family often take it as prestige issue also and sometimes even send fish weighing to 5-7 kgs.So fish is even part of every Bengali ceremony.
While we were grocery shopping , came across this huge 4 kgs of frozen Rui fish here, now back in home I have always asked my "machwala" (fisherman) to cut a portion of it and make edilble 4-5 pieces , quite a good composition for a family of 3.He would usuallay take out fish scales also , making my life easy.
I was little hesistant to buy such a big fish(storage and then again it’s frozen) and more the fish head as I know father-daughter duo wont touch the fish head.Anyways, this is what becomes tricky sometimes, what to cook something specially if you donot want to waste.
So decided to make moong dal with half of the fish head, while I ended up eating most of the fish head , father-daughter duo were happy to eat moong dal minus fish head.The other half portion got it’s way in Bandhakopi ‘r Torkari/Subzi.However taste wise frozen fish turn out to be winner and while I deep fried each fish pieces and fish head ,and then made shorshe rui also.If you want the recipe ,do let me know.
I was just so filled up after this heavy meal, and felt sleepy , took a long nap while father-daughter duo spent time playing Scrabble.

Now to the recipe
Moro diye Moonger dal( yellow lentils with fish head)
Fish head rui(Labeo rohita) preferably
1 cup moong dal
1 -2 tsp of turmeric powder+ some to marinate fish head
Salt as per taste
Little bit of sugar
2 -3 cloves(lobongo)
1 big cardamom(gota boro elaich)
1 inch cinnamon stick(dalchini)
1 tsp of powdered garam masala
2-3 tbs of oil/or 1-2 tbs of ghee
And now to the method

and Now To The Method

Marinate the fish head with turmeric powder and salt.Set aside in a separate dish.
Meanwhile roast the moong dal/yellow lentils over very low flame in a saucepan/kadahi.
Now wash throughly in water.Place a saucepan half filled with water over gas/stovetop.Add in roasted moong dal.
Clear the white froth that has started to form now.
Add in turmeric powder,salt ,sugarand the garam masala powder.Let it simmer at med-low.Usually it needs 10-15 mints to cook the dal.
It would be better if you can fry the fish head beforehand.Fry them in hot oil,be careful while frying the fish head.Better ,cover it properly with lid and do the process at med-low.Take out and break into edible pieces.Add this to simmering dal.
Tempering the dal
Heat up a saucepan,add oil and cumin seeds,bay leaf,cloves,cinnamon stick and cardamom.Fry for 1 mints.add this to the cooked moong dal.Cover the saucepan and turn off the stove-top.
Serve it with garam bhat ,shorshe Rui and Phulkopir Torakari.

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  1. me and my husband we both love macher matha diye moong dal, so I make it very often.
    Introducing to other wonderful bloggers, is a nice idea. If you have time check out Nish's blog from Mumbai:http://nishitak.wordpress.com/
    Btw, I made the beet pulao, both my 7yr and 3yr old loved it, but my husband didn't, well, 3 out of 4, it's a hit..isn't it......

  2. I think I've made this once. Or am I imagining it? Not sure. It looks nice and my dish seemed to have looked like this too!

  3. Amar dutoi priyo .. dal ta ar bandha kopi te muro. Tobe ami ektu pyaaj bata di. Plate dekhei khide pacche Jaya. :-)

  4. Hi Jaya,
    I'd heard a lot about curry made of fish head :) havent had the courage to try it ;)I find it kinda spooky..my In- laws side people reclish curry made of this.
    Thanks for sharing the recipe and more so it was nice to read about the father-daughter duo :)
    Thanks a lot for the interesting blog links :)
    I went through both and it's really worth the time spent ...

  5. Hello, yours is a wonderful blog..
    I am based in Kolkata and am working on an article on Indian bloggers and need to talk with you.. can you please email me at gauri.gharpure@gmail.com as i cannot find your mail listed here.

  6. Sumanam,
    will definitely check that link....
    and good at least your husband like eating macher matha diye moong dal :)...
    oh! good your lil ones liked the beet pulao ...not bad if it's 3 out 4 ..thanks for trying it out...

    lol, yeah you must have made it ,for sure ...

    pyanj bata dal te ..new to me ...tobe ami fish head diye khob kom ranna kori ...barite keyo khete chayena..tobe amaar bape'er barite te shobayi eyita khete bhalo bhashe...

    spooky!! LOL ..yeah quite right there hehe...and thanks for coming and checking the links...

    good , will mail you soon ...
    thank you for stoping here
    hugs and smiles

  7. pics made me drool.....missing muro...

  8. That makes me very very hungry now. I love fish in any form. Although never tried fish with dal...but looking at this picture...I must try this. Yes I also like fish head, super delicious...

  9. ei maggi kheye uthlaam, ekaar jonne kii banaabo taai bole!! aar ei chhobi dekhe mone hochhe aabar khete boshe jaai!! :)
    aami konodin machher mudo khetaam naa chhotobelaay kintu ekhon khoob khete ichhe kore, paai naa bole!! :-(

  10. Jaya,
    What have you done, I need to rush to the market to get hold of some muro. Oh, how am craving for this right now.

  11. Amarnath,
    :D ...

    thank you , chalo good to know you also like eating , i am sure you will like it with dal...

    theek bolecho , choto balay onek jinish bhalo lage na , ekhon oyi shob hi khete bhalo lage ...

    i am sure , you will get fresh fish there and that will be much more tasty :)..
    thank you all for coming here

    hugs and smiles

  12. Hello Jaya,
    I am Ausyralian. I visited a Bengali friend of mine in Calcutta on my way to London nearly 30 years ago. He took me to a Bengali wedding where they served a most wonderful fish dish made of fish head and pulse. According to my dairy it was called GHANTAK. I can still get that taste in my mouth. I will appreciate if you can give me the recipe.


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