Thursday, November 19, 2009

Whole Wheat Burger

I have talked about a burger recipe on my last post about Bread making.So ,here is the most simple recipe to prepare a Veggie Burger.If you are keen on putting variations to the filling of burger, then you may consider these for a wonderful patties/cutlet recipes.

-- Keema Kabab
-- Vegetable Cutlet
-- Fish Chops
-- Fish Fritters
Now to the most simple recipe

Whole Wheat Burger
Whole wheat burger- for recipe visit here--- Bread Recipe
Some shredded cheddar cheese or any other cheese.
Thinly sliced vegetables of your choice
I used yellow bell peper and tomatoes
Coriander chutney for the dressing
How to assemble
Just spread coriander chutney over the burgers.
Sprinkle some cheddar cheese and lay some vegetables of choice and enjoy the burger.

serve and enjoy.

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Happy Cooking Friends


  1. Wow burger looks so perfect and delicious.

  2. do treats come healthier than this!!

  3. Darun dekhte lagche kintu burger ta Jaya! Bread ta ekbar baniye dekhbo. :-)

  4. that picture screams..."to health, taste and esthetics"!! :)
    Nice one...

  5. jays, this makes for a perfect weekday lunch... and so colorful!

  6. Happy,

    warm welcome here..yeah it was quite a healthy treat for us!!

    nischoyi banabe r janabe kemon holo..

    oh! thank you ..

    hi and yeah this is just perfect for packed lunches when I dont feel like cooking much :)..
    hugs and smiles

  7. Your burger sounds delicious! thanks for sharing :)


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