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Baked Spicy Mustard Haddock

I have been trying out fish which are locally found here , like Cod, Salmon,Trout and last but not the least Haddock.Haddock is a marine fish and is available in frozen section of supermarkets.They usually come in two forms one is a normal boneless/skinless ones and the other is smoked haddock fillets.We like the smoked haddock fillets more than the normal ones.
Now according to the nutritional value chart on every packet, this is a great source of protein and healthy omega fatty acid.Twice a week fish is always good.They can be well paired with some fried rice or a green salad as accompaniment.I have made this smoked variety fish with some vegetables ,trying to give a nice curry texture .
This recipe is very low on oil and yes it has cheese( just for the sake of taste buds of my lil kid), but if you do not want it, you can take out the cheese and it tastes even better.There is no need to add cheese if you do not feel so.The crunchiness of vegetables is well accompanied by the smooth texture of baked spicy mustard fish.
Smoked haddock fish is traditionally from Aberdeen ,a fishing village of Findon( known locally as Finnan) a place in Scotland I guess.People started making lightly cold smoked and delicately flavoured haddock there ,way back in late 19 th century . They were making a lightly milk based stew known as Finnan Haddie from these smoked haddock( which is somewhat pretty unusual for us as milk and fish never match according to Bengali way of cooking).
If you want to dig in more then go below for the detailed lightly stew version of smoked haddock.Cold smoking is just giving some nice and quik flavour to the fresh caught fish.This makes a fish ,generally off-white or dyed(To me it looked like it has been marinated in some turmeric powder and some salt)
Finnan Haddie.
Now smoked haddock is a staple fish in Kedgeree also, an Anglo-Indian way of preparing Khichri with fish.To the recipe now

Baked Spicy Mustard Haddock

Serves 2-4
Smoked Haddock fish fillet-2-4
Turmeric powder -2 tsp
Mustard powder-3-4 tsp
Red pepper powder-2 -3 tsp salt-1 tsp or as per taste
Baby Corn 4-5
Beans -7-8 whole
1-2 tbs of pasta sauce
1 tomato
Half onion chopped finely
2 garlic chopped finely
Few tsp of ginger grated or chopped finely
Oil for frying/sauteing the vegetables -1 tbs

Make a mixture of mustard powder,red pepper powder,turmeric and salt.
Coat this mixture evenly over the fish fillets and wrap them in foil making a kind of packets.
Bake at 200 deg C for 20-25 mints.
Meanwhile the fish is being baked
Make the vegetables with the sauce
Take a saucepan, add in oil , saute some chopped ginger,garlic and onions.
Add in beans and baby corn and tomatoes.
Fry them well, season them with salt and red pepper powder.
Keep stirring and cooking keeping in mind that vegetables need to remain crunchy.
Arrange the above cooked vegetables and pasta sauce over baked fish in those packets.Sprinkle some cheese( I added some Kraft cheese slices ,tearing and spreading evenly over it)
Put the entire thing to bake for more at least 5-7 mints.
Serve when it’s still pipping hot with a side of beet rice pulao.
It tastes absolutely delicious as it looks , want a bite !!
This recipe is very flexible , you may use Ilish steaks/Pomfret/Tilapia fish fillet in place of smoked haddock fillets also.
You may choose your vegetables to accompany this recipe.Mushrooms and Bell peppers to name a few are excellent with this spicy dish.

Happy Cooking


  1. Kii shundor chhobita hoyechhe, very new to me! I have never baked fish like this...except for when I make Shorshe Ilish.
    Very tempting Jaya...proshonsha korar bhaasha pachhii naa, shotti bolchhi!!

  2. Joyeeta,
    Shorshe ilish was on my mind when I was making this ..the only difference was that this time I added some vegetables and other fish :)..I beleive you thank you
    hugs and smiles

  3. Wow i would have never thought of using smoked haddock like this.
    Love the idea and they look so so yumm.

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  5. This looks so good Jaya. I have never tried haddock, will see if get it here

  6. Ami shorshe ilish ei bhabe bake kore banai. Ki darun dekhte lagche plate ta Jaya ... khide peye jacche! :-)

  7. Happy,
    yeah this was a nice recipe with smoked haddock , next time if you get some of it , do try it..

    thanks for the info , let me check if anything I have for you :)...

    yeah do try if you get some ..

    thank you and shorshe ilish ami bake korina , kora te bana e ..bake kora O bhalo option ...

    thank you all for stoping by
    hugs and smiles

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  9. Melissa,
    thank you for letting us know about this event ..I have submitted this recipe there :)

    hugs and smiles


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