Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Aloo Soya Patte Ki Sabzi/Dill Potatoes Dry Stir/Fry and some memories

History always fascinates me.So, whenever we get a chance to take time out from our daily grind, we like to go some far off places where things can be taken little slowly .This time we went for a visit in Stonehenge and Salisbury. We took the south-west train to Salisbury from London Hayes and Harington, although trains run directly from London Waterloo to Salisbury. When we got out from the station, Stonehenge tour bus was there. This service runs every 1 hr till 3 pm.We caught the 11 am bus tour. The visit included the Stonehenge and Old Sarum entry also. Trust me we were not disappointed after we paid some hefty sums for the tour. The memories we gathered from there are much more precious and pricey.

Now those of you, who haven’t heard about Stonehenge, I would like to re-iterate that this place is of pre-historic significance. What makes this heritage site interesting is its connection to some archeological significance which dates back to some 3000 BC .Stonehenge was built by people and stones were gathered as far as from Wales. This transporting required a great deal of planning and construction.
Perhaps it was built as a temple of sort to the sun and changing seasons, carefully aligned to mark mid-summer and mid-winter (There is a similar type of plan in Jantar-Mantar in Delhi).When we started to take the round of Stonehenge, there was a sense of calmness and silence which was very prominent there and it started to grow within us also. This site is surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful landscapes. Weather was kind to us, so we were taking slow steps to cover the distance. There is ample space to sit even there. Wish I had my favorite book to read there.
Stones were covered by lichens which grow mostly on exposed coastline. Their presence remains a mystery still. An aerial view confirms Stonehenge is a horse-shoe shaped sturcture.There is many more barrows scattered around it. Barrows are Bronze-age burial mounds of wide variety of shapes and sizes, dating from the time when Stonehenge was being rebuilt in stones. We enjoyed our experience with the beauty of the surroundings and Stonehenge as much as we could.

Next we visited Old Sarum.Old Sarum is a remains of mighty Iron Age fort and perhaps first cathedral stood there also.Romans, Saxons and Normans have left their mark there. This is a hill top viewof the fort.

While we were going towards Old Sarum on old castle road, we were greeted by these sheep.
The fort is surrounded by a ditch which surrounds an inner Bailey. The hill fort is broadly oval in shape and consists of a bank and ditch.

Archeaological evidence suggests that hilltop area was inhabited by people as early as in Neolithic times. Significance of each phase has been written over in these small hoardings established probably in every corner in Old Sarum. This is great place for a family timeout .If you pre-plan you can spend a whole day there with kids and enjoy top view of the remarkable Salisbury countryside also.

There is another place of significance that is Avebury.But we were running late so we couldn’t visit that place.
Our last stop was at Salisbury centre. We were roaming in Charter market and our daughter bought some gorgeous accessories from there.This market is full of life and hawkers often scream to sell their products.Dont get surprised by that.This place is one of the best place to enjoy some loval food and purchase memoirs. We had our lunch and headed towards Salisbury Cathedral.

Overall, that was nice and relaxing experience for us. There was a mix feeling for us. One side of my heart was saying to go back and start life there as complete strangers once again. And one side was asking me to pause and ponder that nothing in this world is eternal. Might and wealth these are all Maya what remains here are the belongings how precious that can be. This is the most powerful truth yet we don’t want to hear about it.
Please do not copy the pictures; these are very dear to me.

Now to the recipe

Aloo soya patte ki sabzi

Recipe Requirements
Soya patta/Dill leaves -1 bunch
2 medium size potatoes
½ cup of frozen peas
1 tsp of turmeric powder
2 tsp of red pepper powder
2 tbs of oil
1 tsp of panch phoron or cumin seeds
Salt as per taste

Wash and clean soya patta/dill leaves. Cut potatoes.
Heat up oil; add 1 tsp of phanch phoron or cumin seeds.
Add in chopped potatoes, fry well.
Add in turmeric powder, red pepper powder and salt. Add little bit of water.
Fry the masal with potatoes well for 5 mints.Add in frozen peas also.
Now add in chopped dill leaves.
Mix well and sprinkle 2tbs of water over it. Cover the pan and cook till potatoes turn out soft.
Serve with rice or paratha.

Happy Cooking Friends.


  1. My daughter has been telling she want to visit stonehenge.....
    Looks like you all had a wonderful time.
    And that potato ver curry looks so so good, love there is dill in them.

  2. Ki lucky go tumi Jaya! Stonehenge dekhle! Chobi gulo shotti khub shundor ... thanks for sharing. Amar dill er smell ekdom bhalo lagena ... tai ar recipe tar opor kichu bolchi na. :-)

  3. Flavourful subzi, looks delicious jaya

  4. Happy,
    if you haven't been there,then plan it and must go and your daughter is so right about it .thanks for coming :)..

    hmm ..tumi r amar meye do jonor e hi er smell bhalo lagey na:)..chobi theke real ta aro shondor chilo ..ekhon kemon acho tumi? eyikhane ele bhalo laglo :)..

    thank you !
    hugs and smiles

  5. Stonehenge jaygatar katha anek shunechi tar historic karoner janya kintu jaygata ato sundor jantam na. thanks for sharing Jaya. akhono dill leaves kkakhano anini...janina kamon gandha kintu dekhte khub sundor hoeche tarkarita.

  6. Lovely pictures of Stonehenge! And the recipe looks delicious! Count me in for any dish with potatoes :-)

  7. Looks like that you had a great time...
    The potato curry looks so delicious...

  8. Lovely pix, missed this on my UK trip!

  9. Thanks Jaya, good to be back too.
    Love Stonehenge, we were lived in England for 5 yrs, went to see that once. Fascinating history! :)

  10. How I would love to see the Stonehenge one day. It holds a lot of mystery for me. Is it same in real life, I mean is there an aura of mystery & the unknown when you see it ?

    You lucky lucky girl. Dill ki soya'r pata ?

  11. sayantani,
    Stonehenge bhalo legechilo giye ..onek history ache jore ..oto ta gobhir jaeni amra obosho..try korte paro , obosho jodi er gondho pochondo hoye tobe :)..

    thanks for liking the pics and the sabzi.

    yeah indeed we had a good time,thanks for coming by.

    may be next time if you plan coming here ..you must visit it :).

    good to know you have visited this place while staying in UK.You lived in London or somewhere else.

    If you can connect yourself with the place then yes it is something special , a kind of mystery :) otherwise it's just a good place with scenic beauty and beautiful landscape.Dill leaves ke soya pata bole..obosho jeyi soya pata India te paba jaye ota aro ekto patla/shoro dike hoye ..bidesh e shob jinish hi alada hoye bodhaye :D...thanks for coming

    hugs and smiles

  12. Jaya,
    Onekdin por elam tomar blog'e...loved the new look!Besh trendy hoechhe tomar blog'khana:)Post pore eituku bujhlam je darun jaygay thako tumi!Thanks for sharing photos of your visit to Stonehenge....must have been an intriguing experience:)Dill kokhono try kore dekhini...tobe gondho'ta amar khub ekta bhalo lagena,maybe I'll try your recipe with dhona pata instead.Ghure jeo majhe modhye!


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