Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pabda Mach'er Tel Jhaal

When I was doing my grocery shopping on weekdays, I noticed these frozen pack of Pabda fish. One mind was telling me to go ahead and pick the packet and other mind was stopping me from doing so. You know kind of Devil on one shoulder and Angel on one. At the end my good Angel was scolding my Bad –“Stop that you, you are confusing the lady.”
My Bad hit back–“But then, it’s my job to confuse people.”
My good Angel -“Shoo! You go now otherwise I will cast a spell on you. Let her pick this packet of fish, I see no harm in it.”And it knocked hard on my bad Angel‘s head, with that my Devil/doubt in this case, disappeared like anything.
I picked the packet and I am glad I did.It was a welcome change for us.
So, here is the recipe

Pabda Mach’er tel Jhaal
Recipe requirements
Pabda fish-4-5
For marinating the fish
Few tsp of turmeric powder and salt.
Oil for frying the fish
For the gravy
1 tsp of turmeric powder
2-3 tsp of red pepper powder
2-3 green chilly slit in between
Salt as per taste
2 fat cloves of garlic
Oil for cooking the gravy if needed
Clean the fish and if it’s large then cut it into half, otherwise let the small fish remain as it.
My packet had three large and two small fish. So I cut the fish in half.
Marinate the fish with turmeric powder and salt.
Heat up a saucepan, add oil, let it heat up.
Drop fish one by one, a batch of four pieces will do god.
Fry them well till they turn out nice brown.
Now to the gravy making
Chop garlic and slit green chilly.
Temper the above oil with garlic and then add 1-1 ½ cup of water.
Add in turmeric powder, red pepper powder and salt.
Add in chopped tomato.

There is another way of preparing it same gravy
Add in garlic and fry t for 2-3 mints. Then add in chopped tomato. Fry it well until it becomes mushy and oil separates out. Add in turmeric, red pepper powder and salt. Let it cook another couple of mints and then add 1 cup of water for the gravy.
Now let the gravy comes to one boil.
Add in fried fish pieces. Let it cook covered for 10-14 mints at low.
Take out hot and serve with garam bhaat.Simple and easy recipe for pabda mach’er jhaal.There is another way of making this fish- Pabda Mach'er jhaal
I have been thinking of taking a challenge of posting recipes for 7 consecutive days. Being a lazy bone I am that’s quite a challenge. Let’s see if I can stick to my guns. So will see you on Monday, hope you all have a nice weekend.

Happy Cooking


  1. I am always confused between the tyangra and the pabda .. both look the same to me. Kintu tomar recipes darun Jaya. Amar maach khawa ekhon baron ... 2 months hoye gelo ... ar parchi na. ;-)
    Challnge ta kore felo ... roj ekta kore recipe jome jabe. :-)

  2. Thanku Joyeeta :-)..

    hain, onek din holo ,ki bole docs ra ar kotodin restriction e thakbe bolo to :)..hain challange er kotha bhabhchi je korte parbo na exhaust hoye jabo tar agey :)..thannx for coming ..

    hugs and smiles

  3. Pabda maach with garlic is new for me. Will look for Pabda when I am in the Bangladeshi store next. Gorom bhaat diye tomaar jhaal ta khete ichche korche.

  4. Looks delicious, love bengali type fish curry...yum

  5. Pree,
    Pabda is a very delicate fish, it has it's own flavour.Garlic and tomato are two basic things that goes to any mach'er jhaal as for me,so this type jhaal is very frequent in our home.
    Yeah , do get and make ,garam bhaat r kicho chai na er sathe..

    you do, thats good to know, try it when you have time for it :)..

    hugs and smiles


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