Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Diwali with Microwave-able Sandesh

Wishing all my readers a very happy and prosperous Diwali.

I would have perhaps , gone on hibernation after Durga Puja.As Durga Puja means lots of sweet indulgence which makes me little lethargic. Blame it all over the high calorie foods and sweets I have been making and eating during this festive season. Well, you now know too much of carbohydrates are not good for health.

But when it’s Diwali and Kali Pujo, I do think the extreme reactions (read the dramatic hibernation for clue), from my side was overshadowed by a sweet innocent, query from my daughter-“Ma, what are we suppose to eat during Diwali?”And was I overwhelmed, well I don’t need to add on that.

I did have answers but then just thought perhaps it would be best, if I do it practically and that too, right in front of her. So, made Sandesh and Peda.

For the Peda recipe you may like to visit an old post here-Dodh Peda 

Since I made Sandesh first time in Microwave, so thought of writing it here, otherwise you may want to look into the authentic way then visit here-Sandesh

Microwave-able Sandesh 
(measurements are approx)

Procedure with Ingredients -
Approx 3-4 pints of whole milk – My whole milk bottle says-6 pints whole milk makes roughly about 3408 ml .Now work it your way.OK let me make it easy , about half of 6 pint whole milk bottle. Hope it makes much sense now.
3 lemons- cut and deseeded.
Make paneer/chana
Bring the milk to boil, add fresh squeezed lemons. You may use dahi/yogurt also in place of lemons.
Let the milk curdle. Separate Paneer from the whey.Let it sit for sometime under any heavy weight , may be 1-2 hrs.
Now in a big salad bowl, mix together about 2 -2 ½ cups of paneer and 1-1 ½ cups of granulated sugar.Work according to your preference of sweetness.
Add about 1 tsp of vanilla essence.
2-4 tbs of milk powder.
Mix well and knead well with hands or with spoon.
Now microwave at high for 2 mints in an M/W safe bowl .Take out and stir it well. Repeat at regular intervals of 2 mint cycle and stiring.My M/W took approx 7-8 mints at high power.
When you see, the mixture starts to collect well. Stop microwaving it.
Now let it cool a little bit. Shape up and enjoy.

Wish you all a very Happy Diwali.


  1. I simply love sandesh but have never made them in the microwave. Will definitely try it out.

    Wish you a Happy Diwali too :-)

  2. Woww absolutely cute looking sandesh..

    Wishing u a happy and prosperous diwali.

  3. microwave e ato sundor hay...try kore dekhbo to. Deepaboli'r anek shubhechha Jaya.

  4. Dear Jaya
    Thank you.
    My Diwali and Kali pujo, greetings to you. Maa toma-der mongol korun sab,som-oe.
    Never tried Sadesh at home the normal way, forget about micro ha ha.
    But I did not know this method , will try .

  5. They look so yummy, perfectly made. Have a nice day.

  6. Happy Diwali Jaya. tomake and to all you dear ones.


  7. Hello Jaya
    Dipabali r shubhechcha.
    ekta khub mojar byapar holo, amra aj Wembly jabo pujote, postcode er jonno Nirmal Mukherjee+Wembly search korte korte tomar blog e eshe land korlam, ar porte giye dekhi prai bochor khanek age ami besh niyomito tomar blog e astam. tokhon bodhoi tumi UK te thakte na. khub bhalo laglo abar tomar lekha pore. onek bhalo bhalo recipe dekhlam. khub siggir abar asbo recipe r khoj e :)

  8. Rachana,
    you wont be disappointed, any day it's easy to make..Same to you too..

    thanks and same to you too..

    milk powder nischoyi debe M/W tuiri korle ..easy method and saves a lot of time..Tumake O deepavalir onek shubhecha..

    Ushnish Da,
    m/W e te taratari hoye jaye , tobe ekdom mishtir dukan'er moton hoye na , kenona barir tuiri mishti te kono bhajal thake na, ami shune chi je dukane jeyi sandesh bikri hoye tate chal goron milaye aro naram korar jonno..
    apanake o onek shubhecha..

    hi and warm welcome, and thanks for your lovely visit.

    tumake O onek deepavalir shubecha..bhalo thekho:-)

    orey baba, Koto din porey , besh bhalo laglo tumake eyikhane peye..asha kori tumi ashte thakhe eyikhane :-) ..deepavalir onek shubecha..tahole kemon katlo wembley te kali pujo ..

    Thanks all for your wonderful wishes..may this festive season brings loads of happiness, joy and prosperity to all of you ..
    hugs and smiles

  9. Tumi eto gulo sandesh banale and amake dile na? Not fair. Happy Diwali Jaya. Bhalo theko aar bhalo khaiyo. :-)

  10. Pree,
    How I wished I could pass some of the sandesh to you or may be DHL it :-)..no actually these all went to my daughter's school fair where I donated some food items..Good to see you here..Deepavalir onek shubecha..Hugs and smiles


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