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Kosha Shorshe Murgi- Hot and Spicy Chicken in Mustard Sauce and It's being four years of blogging

This blog is four years old now. For these past four years there have been some very active moments and some very dull moments as well. Even sometimes I thought that’s it, this is my final post and I was almost, well about to retire from active food blogging. But my better half always thought otherwise, although I must mention, he hardly has time to check what goes here so leave alone helping me in updating this blog. He has always inspired me to continue writing here, whenever I thought that it’s high time I should call my day here. I also somehow managed to keep working and updating the recipe index here on a regular basis.So, let’s hope that this blog continues to see many more sun shining days ahead.

And also let me take this big opportunity to thank every reader who have stopped by to read recipes here.And have become a great part of my life.Thanks to all of you who have liked this space and tried recipes from here.Without you all it wouldn't have meant anything to me.Thank You All Dear Friends.

There is literary no contribution from my better half as far as recipes are concerned here. So, when he came up with a recipe for chicken and made it too, I was kind of floored. Last time he made something on a similar genre was this –Hearty Fish Curry which was way, way back perhaps in 2008.

And I am writing it in bold and urging you all please read it in bold – I am still smitten. So, this sudden rush to post this recipe, although I have few other recipes lined up for publishing .It’s like breaking a protocol and gate-crashing but I am glad I am doing this.No regrets what so ever. And this is just a perfect way of celebrating four years in blogging which ironically was in October.But it's never late when you decide to acknowledge things.

I asked him to write down this recipe and his thoughts for this post, but he declined and said it’s your space and you should run your show also. Will you all please leave messages so that I can convince him to write something here in future?
Alright then my better half S says “Chef always doesn’t cook regularly but they do give instructions for a keeper recipe”. And I was kind of puzzled when he said he is going to make Kosha Shorshe Chicken. What Shorshe chicken, I mean I have heard shorshe mach,shorshe ilish, shorshe chingri and shorshe begun, shorshe dharosh and what not but never ever in life shorshe chicken. I thought may be he is joking or something weird or some creepy crawlies went inside his brain or probably he is overworked in the office. No, but I was wrong for good reasons.

When we were just starting to make it, he was not satisfied. He told me you haven’t defrosted the chicken earlier, not enough time for defrosting, so it’s not tender, and then how can chicken soak up the marinating juice. Wow! Did he mention marinating of chicken? And I thought this fellow doesn’t know how to make simple omelets.
Anyways he said it’s better to marinate the chicken prior of making this recipe. And he suggested using baby chicken or Cornish hen for this recipe. If you wish you may cut and divide into 4-5 big pieces. He suggested that since baby chicken has rather soft flesh, the cooked meat will be tender and bursting with flavors.
He further added if you have time, marinate the chicken overnight. What goes into marination? Lots of mustard oil, salt and red pepper powder and crushed red chilly flakes. And he said do not rush up and the entire cooking would be done on low flame and slowly.

Ok, if you forgot to marinate the chicken overnight, like the day we were making it. Just marinate for 1-2 hrs prior of cooking the chicken. But this time, he suggested marinating the chicken with the paste that you will be making for the gravy. But I said let’s go without marinating the chicken and fry the gravy first and then add chicken pieces which he seemed to agree later on. But he told me to write here specifically that marinating the chicken prior of cooking, is the key part for a tender and juicy chicken.
Since we were using Home-made mustard powder that I made it in bulk earlier, we used up that at the time of frying the chicken pieces with the paste. However if you are working with fresh mustard paste, I would suggest to add at the end.

Now to the recipe for

Kosha Kaju-Shorshe Chicken

Recipe Requirements and detail procedure

For the paste
4-5 medium size purple onions
7-8 fat garlic cloves
1*1/2 inch ginger
10-12 cashews
4-5 dry red pepper ( small ones which are very hot and spicy, which we call in Bengali” Dhani shokno lonka”)
1-3 tsp of fresh crushed red pepper
3-4 tsp of coriander powder
1-2 tsp of turmeric powder
3-4 heaped tsp of mustard powder
1 medium size tomato
3-4 tbs of mustard oil (a must for this recipe)
Salt as per taste
Crush some “ gota garam mashla” or whole garam masala like—mace, nutmeg,black cardamom, cinnamon and cloves with rolling pin and add it at the time of making the spicy paste.
Grind all the above in a mixer-grinder to a smooth paste.
Since we were using big pieces of chicken so, we used our pressure cooker pan. But if you have proper materials, then use a large thick bottom wok/or dekchi in Bengali so that you can fry well the chicken pieces.
Heat up approx 2-3 tbs of mustard oil and about 2 tbs of butter.
Add the prepared paste.
Now at high flame stir/fry the paste for 8-10 mints. When it starts to dry up a little bit, add about one ladle full of water.
Add marinated chicken pieces to the fried gravy. If you have marinated the chicken pieces with red pepper powder earlier, then adjust the spice level at the time of making the masala paste in mixer-grinder.
Fry it well on a high flame, stirring in between till the oil separates out and the color of gravy changes to somewhat dark and becomes thick just coating well all the chicken pieces or in Bengali “makha-makha”.
Now add approx 1 cup of water. Lower the flame and let it simmer slowly for 45-50 mints.
At the time of serving, I would suggest to warm it a bit more. Have this kosha shorshe chicken with rice piping hot. I haven’t tasted anything delicious as such this for ages now. And my mouth is watering remembering that delicious lunch we had last Sunday.
And it tastes even more flavorful the next day. Keep some left-over to enjoy next day.
My better half suggests using baby chicken or Cornish hen for tender juicy chicken.
Marinate the chicken overnight.
You can replace cashews with peanuts, but that would be altogether a different recipe. Be prepared for another variation with peanuts.
Cooking oil should be mustard oil; no other oil can compensate the flavour of shorshe chicken.

Wish all of you a very nice weekend.Happy Cooking.


  1. darun to. akbar sananda'y ke jano likhechilo Aparna sen khub bhalo sorshe murgi banay but recipe nie kono idea amar chilo na. tomar hubby'r ei recipe akdom notun. khub bhalo. bookmark korlam.

  2. Happy 4th blog anniversary..keep rocking..Spicy chicken in mustard sauce looks absolutely delicious,am drooling here..

  3. Congragulationd to your wonderful and delicious blog and to you also.
    Love the chicken curry i am bookmarking them.
    Well I don't think my hubby would write or help in my blog too. He think this is my passion so i should do it.
    I don't even think, well i am sure my hisband never ever read my post.

  4. Spicy murgi looking good...the gravy is soooo tempting

  5. Congratulations on four years of blogging, Jayashree!

  6. Sayantani,
    really, tahole to besh bhalo, banale bolbe kemon holo :-)..hugs

    thanks for coming, yes it's absolutely droolworthy..

    exactly , he thinks the same way:-).Thanks for coming.

    thank you!


    thanks all for coming here..
    hugs and smiles

  7. Four years...wow and congrats and congrats on the curry made by hubby :)

    A piece of advice i had got was 'don't let your wife know that you can cook'. I suspect S got that too :)

  8. Thanks Kalyan,
    yeah sometimes cant believe it's four years..Oh! is it, then that must be true then :-D..

  9. Congrats on the 4th Jaya. Tomader to khub snow hoyeche, tai na ?

    Shorshe Murgi darun dekhte lagche. Thanks to your other half for the wonderful recipe :-)

  10. Happy anniversary, Jaya! Wishing you many many more years of happy blogging (and keeping us happy too!) :)
    Hope the weather has gotten better now. Take care and be safe!

  11. Hey this post i loved immensely.

    I had never imagined mustard in chicken but with cashew n all these spices it must have been a yummy dish...loved the splattered cooker which is so typical to a gentleman cooking :)

    Marination does make a difference and i make a chicken tikka after a 48 hr marination and that is one yummy story....

    Congrats for a nice meaningful journey with this blog.

  12. Sandeepa,
    Thanks, hain bhishon bhabhe hoyechilo..arek baar abaar hobe weather forcast ache..

    so good to see you after such a long time..And thanks for your lovely wishes..


    wow! 48 hr for marination , I am sure that must be one juicy, soft chicken tikka..If I can pre-plan that much someday , I will definitely try 48 hr marination.

    Thanks ladies for coming and your wishes
    hugs and smiles

  13. You have not mentioned the quantity of chicken used for this recipe.

    1. Oh!my apologies..and we get cornish hen whole about 1.5 to 2 pounds roughly or about one kg approx..Cornish hen was cut into 4-5 big portions for the above recipe.Hope it clears the doubt..


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