Friday, April 27, 2012

Let me take you far away

Let me take you far away on a virtual holiday.....

                                                        ( Swansea, Wales )

While it was Easter holiday we were out holidaying in Swansea, Wales for couple of days. Wales is a very picturesque and lovely place. I don’t know what captivated us there, may be the mountains and sea shore or the vision of serenity whatever but one thing for sure, and provided with another opportunity we would further like to explore it even more. We were mostly visiting the Gower peninsula which is the South of Wales, and is considered one amongst the most outstanding place of beauty in Britain.

                                                           ( Near Swansea Marina )

We were on foot most of the time except for the bus rides which was necessary but hey! No complains the short bus trips were very captivating and mesmerizing .We took bus to visit Mumbles Pier, Mumbles beach, Rosselli bay, Langland bay and Caswell bay. Local bus service by First Cymru has excellent links, and every other hour buses run from Swansea bus station to every part of the city and to extent outskirts of the city. But on weekend the frequency is less. I would say plan accordingly or better take along your car if you are confident of driving off in unknown places at odd hours.

                                                                  ( Rhossili Bay )

The bus trip towards Rosselli Bay is an hour long trip and is breath-taking passing through the country side, farming lands, meadows, valleys, mountains and of course you can gaze through the sea shore from the bus. We were tired after this short bus trip, but what greeted us on arrival at Rosselli Bay was well worth of all these efforts...Magnificent is just a word to say things about that experience.

                                                     ( View from Cliff Near Worm's Head )
Then after reaching there, we were just roaming there. There is a 2 hr walk from this end of Rosselli bay towards the Worms head. It was low tide time so most of the sea shore was devoid of sea water.

                                                                   ( Worm's Head )

Visitors were told to return from Worm’s head before 3 in the evening because after that it is supposed to be high tide time, and which incidentally makes Worms’ head a remote and isolated rock and land part.Most of the sea shores in Swansea Bay and Gower Peninsula are greatly influenced by tides, so check the tide timings before planning to stay  near the sea shore or if you wish to do sea surfing or sea boating.
 Life guards were keeping a watch for visitors out there. If you fancy a quiet date with your loved one; I would say it would have been one perfect place of interest out there. Oh! Hold on, well nothing to get excited much as for the time being it’s not allowed yet!

                                   ( View of Swansea from the Cliff near Rhossili Bay )

We sat there at the cliff near the Rhossili Bay area for about half an hour aimlessly, just overlooking the Worm’s head and the bay area on our right side, and the stretched unlimited ocean in front. It was windy and cold for us, but still there was something which was holding us captivated there. We were feeding our souls with fresh air and the serenity of that place.

                           ( A View of Caswell Bay from the cliff nearby before tidal waves hit the shore)

If you are looking to unwind and put on your holiday cap or slippers, away from the maddening crowd of the main city’s sea beaches as compared to these maiden and unexplored sea shores. I would say go nowhere, head towards Swansea Bay or Cardiff bay .Grab your favorite books on the way or may be a Note-book and pen, sit there and spend time endlessly, aimlessly writing, reading, and sketching while soaking the relaxed and calmed atmosphere there.

                                             ( Caswell Bay at sunset and then tidal waves hit the sea shore)

We also took the long walk, was quite a work for me, climbing and then walking along the narrow, rough and edgy pathway from Caswell bay to Langland bay. I gave up after 1 hr of walk, even our daughter was tired, it was quite a walk for her tiny feet, but she really takes thing sportingly. We were in the middle of that walk, which had narrow turns, had we were left with more steam, we would have crossed another half may be. This circular walk is more like a milder version of hiking especially to do with a narrow very steep climbing in the middle of the walk. But trust me the view was breath-taking along probably whole of the walk or trail. I am running short of words here what we felt while we were up there walking...…

                          (View of Mumbles from the walking pathway that goes straight to Mumbles Pier )

If you are lucky, then going towards or may be when you are about to reach the Langland bay, kids can be overwhelmed to see sea seals and porcupines, smashing and swimming in the shallow sea shore water as that is what one of the locals told us while we were walking on that trail. People there are friendly and helpful, all you need is just ask them and they return answers with lots of smile, and help you take family pictures which makes you feel relaxed and welcomed.

                                       ( Crystal Clear Sea Water )

One thing which we noticed is the pace of life is relaxed there, most of them are there on a holiday mood but obvious and are quite laidback. Welsh people speak a different language and the script is even more complex. The history of Wales is very rich, making it even more mysterious. There are many old castles and museums to explore the history of Wales, but our inclination was more to enjoy the relaxed moments and what better than sitting and spending time near the sea shores and beaches.

                                 ( Vision of divine somewhere in Swansea)
     Watch the sun go down sitting on a bench near Caswell bay or sit at Promenade in Mumbles. Whatever way you prefer, there is beauty in every single way you want to spend time in Wales especially in the Gower Peninsula or in and around Swansea.

                                                         ( Another view of sea shore but this time rocky!)

Food is quite similar like typical British cuisine is a mix of this and a mix of that. Fish and chips, Frankie and colonial cuisine or curry culture is very evident there. And no, I didn't take pictures of food for a change. My eyes, my heart and my soul were fed with these beautiful sights that I am sharing here. It was cloudy most of the time sans the rain , although it was predicted that it was going to rain, but thankfully it didn't.We wish we had some sun shine as well.

                         ( Mumbles Sea Beach , a leisure activity going on )

It was cold and windy too as the month of April can be cold as compared to parts of England. Probably best time to visit these beaches is summer peak time between May to July.

We didn’t mind much as most of the beaches or bay areas were not crowded at all, so we happened to spent quite a bit of relaxed time near Promenade in Mumbles.

We did get to eat one of the good fish and chips we have eaten so far in UK at the restaurant on Mumbles Pier...They even have ice-cream parlor there for kids, well even grown-ups can have a go too if they wish to....

                           ( Some Play time with various sea shells and  pebbles scattered)

All along the sea shore in Mumbles bay and near the Mumbles pier , different varieties of sea shells are dumped everyday by crashing and raving waves during the high tide time. My DD and I had a nice time collecting various sea shells and pebbles along the sea shore. We both even noticed a dead star fish, a crab and many different sea weeds and also a mini range of sedimentary rocks.We even had some fun time as you can see below.......

Ok Now it's time to wrap up for the day.

Enjoy your weekend Friends which ever part of the world you are in.


  1. Beautiful snaps Jaya! Thanks for sharing ... ki shundor shob jayega ache prithibite! The last snap rocks ... just like S&C and you. :-)

    1. Sotti bolecho..that has mesmerizing effect still on us..last snap E S&C was written by my DD there.. Thanks for coming ..hugs and smiles

  2. Have not had a chance to read through. amazing pics! totally reminded me of Enid Blyton's moors and cliffs and picnics :) Nice to catch a glimpse of you and your daughter :)

    1. That place is amazing. I have a point& Shoot cam,what ever you see there was even more beautiful in real..Think it didn't do full justice about the breath-taking scenes out there..yeah me too:-)..Thanks for coming Vani, hugs

  3. Omg, wat a virtual treat,thanks for sharing these beautiful clicks Jaya,enjoyed a lot..

    1. Thanks Priya for your lovely words..hey! you changed your profile pic with the bread gulab jamun pic.isn't? hugs

  4. Glad you had a nice holiday. Beautiful pics, so calm and green.

  5. <3 totally!! Gorgeous outing, I believe.

  6. Phenomenal images of a very special place on our planet. Thanks for sharing your stunning, wild, and peaceful photos, Jaya!

    1. My Pleasure Susan..and it's indeed very picturesque and mesmerizing..thanks for coming by ..hugs

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