Thursday, April 12, 2012

Round-Up of Healthy Diet Food Event- Healthy and Easy Lunch

Here it is friends the round-up of healthy diet food event for the month of March.The theme was “healthy and easy lunch”.

Surabhi who blogs at  Best of my Kitchen  has sent an easy and famous Rice Preparation of 

                                                          Curd Rice

then is delicious Pan Fried Fish Recipe, from one talented food blogger Akhila who blogs at  Torview .

There comes a Vegetable fried rice , from Swetha who blogs at Our Cherished World.

In Swetha's own word  about the recipe "A healthy way to use up left over rice and vegetables. A perfect way to make the children eat the veggies too."

Another rice preparation and with healthy spinach and Kidney  beans.Spinach and Rajma Biryani by Hema who blogs at Aromatic Cooking.

And in one go three rice preparations - 1.Mixed Fried Rice 2.Bell Pepper Fried Rice 3. Mushroom Fried Rice by Asiya Omar who blogs at My Healthy Happy Kitchen

                                                    Mushroom Fried Rice

Bell Pepper Fried Rice 

Mixed Fried Rice 

Here comes another rice preparation By Madhu who blogs at The Melting Pot

Follow Foodie, has send this rice preparation just in time..

And the Brain behind this healthy Event Priya who blogs at  Easy and Tasty Recipes, has 5 healthy recipes to share with us .

                                                  Drumsticks Leaves Chutney Rice

                                          Ajwain Tomato Rice

Now two recipes by yours truly 

                                               Baby Spinach Bean Sprouts Cherry Tomato Couscous Salad

Thank you Priya for giving this oppurtunity to host a food event.

Happy Cooking Friends


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