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Pina Colada Trifle - Pineapple Coconut Trifle

When it comes to sweet tooth, I like to eat those softest, sweetest, and sensational and what not “sweet indulges” quite often. And I really don’t like to count calories when I am having them, but at least I try to eat them moderately. So, these cute small portions of highly addictive Pineapple Coconut trifle or the Pina colada trifle comes very neat for me. Usually, I like them in small portions and often refrigerate them in batches. Aren’t they looking cute and delicious?

 Trying does work many times and plain submission to weakness without fighting the emotional conflict of to- be- or not- to- be inside us, don’t. I am still walking on the path to be “jeetendriya”, who? Not to be confused with jumping Jack Jitendra the Hindi film actor but “Kya Karen kabhi-kabhi control nahi hota”.
And why call them “sweet indulges”; I think it is mandatory to finish your meal with something sweet or a dessert and who else to validate this point. Ask any Bengali, trust me this is their favorite topic for discussion or brain storming session and by the way, thanks to fish head eating culture we have, we all are so blessed with this. When you see four Bengali together, what they discuss first thing first is food, then politics and then football, ok in recent years, cricket thanks to one eternal dada- Sourav da or amader Sourav Da.
Last time when DH was in India for a short official tour, he got a chance to catch up with one IPL match live in the stadium with roaring crowds. Yeah Boys and cricket go long way, isn’t? Nothing new on that.
He was sitting near to the player’s pavilion, caught up Sourav da closely talking to other team members. And then junior Malya, born with silver spoon, in very a sleeveless T-shirt walking aimlessly in the corners of field. Girls were going kochi-koing around him, one kiss here in this cheek, one kiss there on the other cheek. Well who wouldn’t enjoy such adulation? I wonder perhaps DH really wished to be in his shoes for that period of time or is my wifey- thingy crawling in my head. Girls are always possessive about their man, even in dreams. And sorry, I won’t deviate either.

Well everything was going well, until Chris Gail or is it Gayle, hit a sixer and it ended up hurting terribly a young girl on her nose. That girl was sitting far interior of the podium and where the cricket ball won’t reach out possibly from any angle. One of those rare circumstances when, no matter what ever you plan or take precautions everything will go wrong or perhaps destiny has some other plans for you. DH was feeling very bad for the girl and her family. One nice family outing turned into a nightmare and ended up on a very sad note. For once I felt relieved that I was not there with my DD. Sometimes it’s good to watch sports on TV and in comfy of your couch sitting in your own living room.

Anyways this is not about cricket only, and hey this is a food blog also, I mean primarily is a food blog. (Cut out OK )  Well, it is a food blog.

This pineapple trifle is very easy to assemble, what is the pitch like here...I mean the basic requirements for this trifle. I have made an eggless pineapple upside down cake  some times back. I had some left-over portions from it which formed the base of this dessert.Yeah, it was saved in the draft since then and finally it’s seeing now some daylight.

Now to the recipe

 Pina Colada Trifle or Pineapple Coconut trifle

Recipe requirements
makes 3-4
About 2 cups of crumbled cake or sponge cake fingers
1 cup of whipped cream
1 cup of freshly grated coconut
Some pineapple pieces
2 tbs of Pineapple juice or 2-3 drops of essence for extra flavor
In a clean wine glass, add in crumbled cake. Press gently with small spoon so that the surface even out.
Now sprinkle a layer of coconut shavings or grated coconut. If fresh grated coconut is not available, you can use desiccated coconut. Add some pineapple pieces on next layer.
Whip up the cream with some fresh grated coconut and pineapple juice. Layer it next .Again sprinkle some more coconut shavings or fresh grated coconut. You may again repeat the layers to make double layer or triple layer desert.
Now decorate whatever way you prefer with rest of the pineapple pieces or raisin.
Keep in fridge. Let it set for 3-4 hrs or better overnight to develop the intense flavor. And then serve chilled next day.

Sometimes ask your children to help you to assemble it, kids love to do such cute and easy tasks.
Pina Colada Trifle makes great dessert recipe when you have company.
In place of fresh grated coconut, you can use desiccated coconut.
You may reduce the cream and use some Greek style thick yogurt or plain yogurt to reduce the calorie count. However do adjust sweetness with some sugar.
This recipe is alcohol free, and egg less.If you wish you may make custard and layer it further.

Happy Cooking Friends and have a nice weekend.


  1. IPL live???wow we wanted to watch one but with the kid it seems impossible, the incident that you mentioned is really worrying but read in the newspapaer later that the kid is fine and the IPL authority has invited their whole family to watch other games in the luxury stands :-(
    the trifle pudding looks wonderful. send me some am surviving without sweets these days.

    1. why? ..seki without sweets keno ..sab theek to..hugs

  2. Very nice presentation.

    I blog @ www.manidipa-kitchen.blogspot.com

  3. Triffle pudding looks awesome Jaya...:-)

  4. awesome cliks..sooper tempting indeed..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  5. Omg, never thought of making trifle with pineapple and coconut,full of flavours,am loving this elegant trifle.

  6. This looks so delicious,ll:)

  7. Looks lovely, very elegantly served.

    1. Recipe swap..Neema is that you? thanks for coming..

  8. Looks delicious....

  9. Hello we were just reading this piece and couldn't understand what you meant by 'jeetendriya', could you elaborate a bit? My friend and I even did multiple google searches and are still very clueless and curious. Thanks.

    1. OMG! You did google search also :-)...shows you both r very interesting folks..if you like some sacred thoughts/spiritual well being, then go ahead and read what follows now otherwise dont mind my being giving lecture here..

      Jeetendriya= Jeet+ indriya is a abhransh/abbreviated word from Sanskrit( a native Indian Language)..

      Jeet means "victory" in English and indriya means "senses" in English.."so that makes the one who has found victory over his/her senses"..

      when we talk about senses it all sums up our feelings, pleasures and lust that surrounds our "atman"/soul..this soul is trapped inside our body which is the mean/medium to feel all the senses..if one wants to be "jeetendriya" one has to practice perseverance which is a tough task and is a life-long process....
      Hope it gave you some pointers..regards


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