Friday, May 18, 2012

Vegetarian Sausages and Chick Pea Curry

How many times have you gone that extra mile…Couple of months ago, we were dining in a restaurant which had separate bar or a working area where they cook the food right in front of you. You pick the vegetables and tell the preference for meat or seafood and chefs will made the food exactly as you would like to your taste bud-salty or sweet or spicy. My DD being a little shy on her part, was feeling little hesitant to tell her preferences about the stir/fry noodle recipe. The chef went out of his way , came right in front of the bar, holding her tender hand, asked her personally pointing to every chopped vegetable plates to pick the vegetables she would like to have in her stir/fry noodles. That small gesture from that unknown person, made me think that there are times we should have gone those extra mile to show we care or love but we shy away from doing it .

That chef was a busy chef on that moment there.There were people waiting in the queue to be served, but he despite that took some extra time to make my DD comfortable and select her preferences. That was surely going that extra mile on his part. Later DD finished her entire serving of the stir/fry noodles. And now it was her turn to reciprocate “walk the extra miles”. It was nearly late and closing time for the restaurant in the afternoon, so everybody was in a bit relaxed mood. Although some of them were still busy cooking, cleaning or preparing for the busy night ahead. She went to the chef to personally thank him for the wonderful treat he gave her, which by the way the restaurant manager did notice. His employer was satisfied to see the work done by him and the satisfaction reflected on his face too. Chef waved to us right from there and thanked us. We left the restaurant with some smiling faces and contented hearts probably.
There are many times we tend to complain only. Complain about things not working the way we want them to be. You know our complains always take the limelight. There are many times we do complain about a particular restaurant or how the food was so bad and not worth it. But there are many times we should have appreciated the efforts of the staff but we generally don’t or it doesn’t come to our mind and we do leave the place assuming oh! They are just doing their job for what we have paid for them.

Life is just like a restaurant, there are many times knowingly or unknowingly we are also served by many people that we take them for granted. Their presence and their efforts don’t make us feel how important they are to us. So, next time when you need to say some appreciative words or do things which may end up crossing those extra miles, never stop or take the next exit. Keep on walking and driving till you cross that extra mile to say or do things which makes your near and dear ones special, loved and pampered.  
And to do that you don’t need any particular day, a month or some flimsy commercialized articles to show you care. Many a times simple words like “thank you”, “love you” “adore you” or a simple tight hug “jadu ki jhappi” do the tricks. So, don’t be afraid to cross that extra mile and reach out to show you do really care.
And it applies to those unknown faces in your life journey as well, just like that restaurant chef above. Applause when someone does really deserve it and even if it needs you to cross that extra mile. Positive Karma brings positive vibes to you too.

Now to the recipe

Vegetarian Sausage Chick Pea Curry

Recipe Requirements
1 can of chick pea/ 2 cups of cooked chick pea
A pack of veg sausage
2 medium size onions
3 garlics
½ inch ginger root
1 large tomato
½ tsp of turmeric powder
2 tsp of hot red pepper powder
2 tsp of dhania/coriander powder
1 tsp of cumin powder
1/2 tsp of garam masala
1 tsp of cumin seeds
Salt as per taste
2 tbs of cooking oil

Cook the sausages according to package direction. I tend to use the veg sausage by Quorn; they are made from soya chunks. However you may use other sausage also.
Chop onion, garlic and ginger finely.
Now discard the water/brine from the can, and then wash chick pea very well in water. Or you may soak the dry Kabuli channa and then pressure cook it for two whistles or about 18-20 mints at med-high flame.
Now heat up a saucepan, add cooking oil, and temper this with cumin seeds.
Add chopped onion, garlic and ginger. Fry them well for 4-5 mints.
Now add the dry seasonings- turmeric, red pepper, and coriander and cumin powder. Adjust salt.Add in garam masala.
Add in chopped tomato and keep on frying this little bit more or the oil comes from the sides about-10 to 15 mints at medium flame.
Now add in a Kabuli channa or chick pea, fry all for 4-5 mints more. Now add in cooked sausages. I like to cut the sausages in bite-size pieces.
Add in about a cup of water, cover it and let it simmer at med-low flame till the entire gravy turns out mushy.
Sprinkle freshly chopped coriander leaves and serve.

You may use any other sausages to make this- chorizo or chicken sausages also goes well for this semi dry curry. Personally I like to use vegetarian sausages.you may use soya nuggets if sausages are not available near your vicinity. And these tastes even better the other day.

Have a nice weekend friends..and happy cooking.


  1. So well Said Jaya, we shy up to show the love to nearest and dearest. tat was a lovely read :-)
    veg sausages and chick peas curry looks like a great combo, will try it out sometime soon....

  2. Quick and yummy recipe,perfect with rotis..

  3. yes those are the moments we live our life with. love and hugs to the little doll. the curry looks nice. we used to get such veg. sausages and kebabs in Delhi. but nothing in Kolkata. great way to plan your meal in a healthy manner.

    1. Sayantani,
      Spencer e paba jaye ki?... thanks for coming ..hugs

  4. Looks like a restaurant dish. Beautiful recipe.

    Visit my blog @ Manidipa's Kitchen

  5. Excellent curry, goes awesome with a bowl of rice.

  6. hi jaya it has been long time....i was really busy...u have a gud collectn here while i was away...nice to know abt veg sausages...love the curry....

  7. So wonderful when someone takes that extra time, ei curry ta ke meat sausage diye try korbo... looks delicious.

    1. hain bhalo hobe ..jey kono type of sausage diye bhalo hobe..hugs

  8. How easily you have conveyed the message to your readers...I like it Jaya...In today's world many have become ROBOT just avail the service by paying or if any one does a good gesture towards us we many a times ignore the good gesture....Liked this combination of veg sausages and chick pea
    Hamaree Rasoi

    1. Deepa,
      Robot so true!!..thanks for coming ..hugs

  9. Can have this anytime,luved ur write up

  10. Great combination. Healthy and tasty.

  11. I never have tasted vegetarian sausages, though we are getting some vegetarian meats here. The curry looks great, may be i'll try with chicken nuggets..
    You are so right in saying, going an extra mile, or sometimes even an inch makes such a positive change that both the giver n receiver are benefited. Positive vibes travel and get transfererd to others too, so it's a chain reaction of sorts. Well written post!!!

    1. Sangeeta,
      How come meat can be vegetarian?..The vegetarian sausages is made mostly with soya..will come out nice with chicken nuggets I am sure..thanks for liking the post..hugs


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