Monday, June 11, 2012

Banana Wheatgerm Bread- Breakfast Made Easy

Hola! How was your weekend? I am sure plenty of things to do or to make you busy, pampered and loved. But why pampered, I would say it’s your right to indulge in sometimes happiness that surround you in terms of the laughter of the loved one, pranks innocently thrown at you which catch you sort of unaware. 

Mischievous, innocent planning and conversations with your kids which makes you stop and ponder for a while, thoughts that whiz pass effortlessly. Moments spent in day-dreaming, realizing there are definitely other arenas still unexplored. Life gives us many such opportunities effortlessly, but we on other hands tend to always ignore and pass on doing things which are just so part of our daily grind. Take a moment away from this busy schedule, steal one golden moment from this nitty-gritty of complex life, smile for a moment, thank God for the love and blessing it has showered on you, look around, see and feel the warmth of sunshine, smell the sweetness of new and flourishing blossom around you, and of course love of your loved one. Life is all that, all that we can make out of it and depends on how we will mould, bend, stitch, sew and cut it to be just like a tailor stitches the clothes without wasting it. You are the tailor of your own life, and I am sure the end product will definitely going to be all worth the effort you will be putting on it from now on wards. So bring it on.
This bread recipe is super easy to make, no rocket science or need to calculate escape velocity or torque. Whatever...

I had some ripened bananas, which were in dire need to use up otherwise they would end up in bin; personally any waste of food to me is just like a sin. And here comes “count the blessing part”. I also had some wheat germ which I have been using in making breads for a while now. I spiced it up with little bit of cinnamon and nutmeg powder. A healthy alternate to shortenings or butter is cooking oil that also goes into making this bread.
To the recipe part now

Breakfast Banana Wheat Germ Bread
Recipe Requirements
2 cups of all purpose flour or 1 cup of all purpose flour + 1 cup of whole wheat powder (Atta)
1 cup of wheat germ
3 ripened bananas
½ tsp of baking powder
½ tsp of baking soda
½ tsp of cinnamon powder
½ tsp of nutmeg powder
1 large free range egg
1 cup of plain yogurt
½ cup of sugar
½ + 2 tbs of corn oil

Mash bananas with fork evenly.
In a separate mixing bowl. Mix in all purpose flour with wheat germ. If you are using whole wheat flour then mix it as well.
Add in baking soda and baking powder. Add in cinnamon powder + nutmeg powder. Leave aside.
In a big mixing bowl, take the mashed bananas.
Add in corn oil and one egg. Mix well.
Now add in yogurt about two tbs at a time mixing thro.Use the entire yogurt content. It would be great if you can take the yogurt out from fridge about 10-15 mints prior of mixing it with the batter. This would help in even mixing.
Now use the flour mixture half a cup at a time mixing very well through. Use the entire content.
Prepare the oven and preheat at 175 deg C.
Grease a loaf pan, sprinkle some flour and tap it gently to even the flour all over the loaf pan.
Add in the prepared bread batter and transfer this to the middle rack in the oven.
Bake for 50-55 mints or the outer part has turned brownish or golden. Check inserting a toothpick, if it comes out all clean when inserted in the middle part of loaf, the bread is ready.

( Weekend  Breakfast- Fried egg, Banana Wheat germ bread, Chocolate muffins and honey dew melon pieces.)

The texture of bread is more like a cake –soft and spongy. This batter recipe is very flexible; you can even make cupcakes with it. Just reduce the time for baking to about 20-25 mints or bake until a toothpick comes out clean when inserted in the middle.You can find the Chocolate cupcake recipe Here.
Please refer your oven manufacturer manuals as this is just a rough guide to make cupcakes and bread which suited in my oven here.

Happy Cooking Friends


  1. Jaya I admire your thoughts about life...
    Banana wheat germ bread not only looks healthy but very satisfying bread

    1. Deepa, Thanks and yes this is definitely a new healthy way of eating breads for us now..hugs

  2. Your thoughts regarding recipes and this presentation of wheat germ with ripe bananas are highly apreciated. Looks really nice and ofcourse a healthy breakfast too.

    1. Sanoli thanks for your presence here ..hugs

  3. Yes, the tailor, potter, photographer or whatever of our own lives...we make it the way we visualise it :-)
    Nice pictures. Banana bread with peanut butter and orange marmalade has been a recent favorite with my husband.

    1. Sangeeta..Vision is what, that makes life worth ..without a vision no corners of the world can meet.. our visions will always guide us whenever we will be in any adverse phase of our life..and banana bread with peanut butter and orange marmalade sounds so delicious..BTW I love orange marmalade ..hugs

  4. Healthy and perfect breakfast,nice one dear.

  5. Lovely positive thoughts, loving it.Btw bread looks stunning,healthy and wholesome.

  6. Sounds delicious and perfect for the weekend...:-)

    1. Oh! give it a try someday then Shri ..thanks for stoping ..hugs

  7. There is so much around us to be happy...but we rarely take a break to see around....love going through u r ramblings....bread looks delectable.....

    1. Lubna Dear, how are you ? Yeah, seek out and then there is no end to paths that leads us to inner happiness..ways are always there but somehow hidden..tracing them is easy but it's us who always are so engaged that we cant see..we just need to open our eyes for a while thats it! ..ok Kuch zyada nahi ho gaya lecture!! ..thanks for coming by ..warm hugs and smiles..

  8. Looks very soft and smooth. Nice cake recipe.

  9. So true! Today, my sister and I were talking pretty much what you wrote here... Coincidence I guess :-)

    By the way, that bread looks great. A delicious breakfast choice :-)

  10. That is a delicious looking breakfast! Darun lagche dekhte!


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