Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wild Rocket Avocado and Strawberry Summer Salad

There are days I really do feel, works should get finish before it starts. Mornings are always and have been a roller-coaster ride for me. Packing up DH’s lunch box and sometimes DD’s lunch box, although these days she insists on having school dinners. Whatever be the choices I still have plenty of reasons to feel breathless sometimes. After dropping DD to her school, I generally like to pick grocery on the way back home, to an empty home. I then chalk out what are the pending jobs that need utmost attention. On that priority list tiding up is always on top slot, especially DD’s room. On holidays, it would be a different story although; she would help me out cleaning and tiding her room but in bargain of watching her “Power Ranger” series.

But in these moments of quietness, generally I don’t like much to cook after all those whirlwind morning round of cooking, packing the lunch-box and then preparing the breakfast. Those are the times, I generally like to fix meals which are quick and yet healthy. This wild rocket summer salad has been on my list since the first day I tried making it. And over the time it has seen many changes, much substitution etc etc...But the freshness it gives is still boundless.
A very light dressing of olive oil, salt and dry red chilly flakes and pinch of sugar works fine for me. However if you like slight variation then red wine vinegar or lemon juice can also be included. And the name has already suggested you the main ingredients

Now to the simple recipe for summer salad

Wild Rocket Avocado Strawberry Summer Salad
Recipe requirements
About 2 cups of wild rocket
4-5 fresh strawberries chopped
1 avocado chopped
some shredded cheese
For the dressing
1 tbs of olive oil
¼ tsp of salt
Pinch of sugar or 1 tsp of honey
¼ tsp of crushed red chilly flakes
Clean the wild rocket leaves very well in water. Wild rocket has a very unique and peppery taste.
Chop strawberries, sprinkle some sugar over it. Keep aside. Cut avocado in to half, take out the stone from the middle. Now chop the avocado in to bite size pieces.
Prepare the salad dressing
In a mixing bowl- mix olive oil, salt, sugar and red chilly flakes. If you like slight sourness, then may add lemon juice as well.
Now toss all the ingredients wild rocket leaves, avocado, strawberry and the dressing well. If you like then you may keep it chilled for couple of hours and serve as cold salad as well. Or just go ahead and relish.

This makes a great accompaniment to Chicken Tikka or barbecued meat.
Cherry tomato can also be included or some toasted cashew nuts as well.
Parmesan cheese or any other cheese does give some more flavors to it.
Sometimes I do also add cooked couscous to make it even more filling.

And in one corner of our home, a small herb patch is growing.I owe it to you Jo for motivating me to plant some herbs as beginning.

Happy Cooking Friends


  1. Healthy salad,beautiful clicks dear.

  2. Love the salad and the growing herbs! The greens make such a difference...

    1. So good to hear from you Jo after looooong time ..yeah although this is about a month old pic ..I now have two small patch :-)..khob bhalo laglo tumaar comment peye..hugs

  3. Healthy Salad, new to me........nice clicks.

  4. Nice pictures & healthy recipe.

  5. Thats a super healthy and beautiful salad.

  6. Hi Jayashree, how are you? I'd love to taste that salad, it looks so good. That plant in the last photo is so cute. What is it?

  7. I just posted a long comment here, where'd it go? The gist was: Beautiful salad, and what is the herb in the last photo?

    1. Oh! I am fine Sra..hearing from you after sooo long :-)..it's BASIL Sra a member of tulsi family..people generally get confused with Basil and Tulsi ..but the thing is both are little different but belongs to same genus just the species is different (technically):-))..thanks for coming by ..hugs

  8. What a fresh looking and colourful salad....I usually like to add a bit of Balsamic Vinegar with my strawberries if I am using them in savoury salads...never had strawberries and avocado together....eta try korte hobe...

    1. Suchi,
      You know ami kichu add na korey hi Strawberry khete pari , sodhu ekto sugar di kenona onek samay strawberry is little sour or when it's not fully ripened.bishon bhalo lagey as side to any grilled meat or wraps..try koro bhalo lagbe..hugs

  9. Looks really lovely and delicious


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