Monday, September 22, 2008

A Hearty Fish Curry

Marriage is just like walking on a tight rope , its all about balance , comfort and compatibility .This is a great institution where two people with varied interests one form Venus and other from Mars work together to raise a family .
Knowing a stranger, sharing room and home with him or her, and then working on with little differences is itself an endless journey.Some long arguments on pity and silly issues like how to cut cauliflowers small or into big florets (trust me even more silly than this) ,these are all small packets and parcels of a married life , when delivered you have to accept it with true spirit .

Often surprises keeps this relationship live and happening, it sometimes gives immense pleasure to discover a new thing about your partner, the inner qualities and virtues which are some how shielded from the outer world.
My spouse says he doesn’t know cooking, and yes that’s true also , For these married years I have known it very well .He is least interested in what’s being cooked in kitchen and even on my blog , doesn’t even glance once what I write and post .
But when He came up with this recipe for fish fry or rather fish curry, I was bowled over. I was surprised and I asked him are you sure you haven’t told me the truth.
I was just left with a mischievous smile only.
From start to finish, each and every ingredients, marination time and cooking process, he told and I followed, with his little help also in cutting and chopping, the dish was ready and enjoyed with great pleasure .These are very rare moments when my better half take out time to do these things or rather help me cook .
I do personally think that these little things gives much joy than going to lavish hotels for candle light dinner and spending fortunes just to impress .
Well I have decided to dedicate this recipe and post to hubby dear .Thanks S to be with me in every walk of my life. On a lighter note ,Hope You starts seeing my blog more often now.

A Hearty Fish curry
Fish Curry /Doi mach
Fish 8 pieces (Rui /Katla )
2 medium size onions
8 cloves garlic
1 inch ginger piece
Make a smooth paste of garlic and ginger in a mixer
Coconut ¼ cups
Make a smooth paste of coconut and 2 onions.
(Coconut milk can also be added as a substitute for fresh coconut, but not in marination add at the time of cooking the fish)
Yogurt 4 heaped tbs
1 tsp Turmeric powder
2 ½ tsp of Red pepper powder
1 lemon
4 -5 heaped tbs of mustard oil

Clean the fish pieces and marinate with turmeric powder and salt, red pepper powder, yogurt, ginger-garlic paste, onion- coconut paste. Squeeze in 1 lemon juice to the marinated fish pieces, Coat with spices and Paste evenly , set aside .
This Marination should be kept for 2hrs, not less than that.
Heat up a kadai/heavy bottom pan, add mustard oil and fry the fish pieces at med slowly batch of 4 at a time, take out and drain.
Now add all the left over paste and salt if desired and fried fish pieces to the left-over mustard oil which was used for frying the fish , do this step at low flame , add more oil if needed apporx 2 tbs , I have added that much of extra oil ,If you compromise on this aspect , you are going to miss a great flavor of mustard in the fish curry .

cover, cook at low for ½ hrs, Sufficient time to cook the fish provided its fresh, If using Frozen Fillets, little less time will be taken, cook accordingly.
Serve with warm cooked rice.

This Recipe is going to Original Recipes -Monthly Event at Culinarty.

Happy Cooking Friends , Enjoy this festive season with your loved ones .


  1. Good to see you back with a post. I was wondering if all is well .. you don't have your mail id on your blog too. :-(
    Fish curry seems great ... shall try it too. :-)

  2. Don't cook, Jaya, he will surely see the blog more often! :-)
    Yoghurt and coconut milk seems to be a new combination for me, don't think I've come across that earlier!

  3. hi Jaya,
    it was so nice 2 c ur blog. reminded me of home n mom. i'm a bengali from parents r still there. but i live in delhi n i miss going there. specially d snaps of ilish. my fav. lovely.
    do visit my blog also. hope u'll enjoy it 2.

  4. Hi
    yes everything is fine with me, its just that I am feeling little lazy these days LOL...

    Yeah may be you are right LOL..I have used fresh coconut instead of coconut milk in preparing the dish but I guess this can be used as a sub of fresh coconut also , a new way of getting fish curry done but it came out great ...

    Hi Suparna,
    welcome here , and good to know a fellow Bengali .Thanks for your kind words and feel as your home here .Anything you want to know regarding recipes do drop me few lines ...

    hugs and smiles

  5. Loved reading this post.
    Well my hubby dosn't bother with what i write in my blog.....
    But in the kitchen if i stir something in the pot and when he gets a whiffif smell he is there, for tasting and hear this, giving me advice how to cook this or that, to which i get cranky.

  6. Forgot to say love the fish curry.
    It looks super delicious

  7. life is full of surprises :) that does sounds unusual. I will try it soon... enjoy the pujo in kolkata and post pictures!

  8. Jaya, you've jotted down the bare facts of life..the adjustments, joys and pleasures of the "small" things in life which actually have a stonger impact..
    Enjoyed ur post thoroughly!!

  9. Happy,
    Thanks for coming here, and yeah I finally made him sit and read this post LOL..Happy ask him to cook for you someday , may be he will love it LOL..

    Yeah , Life is full of surprises LOL..will try to post pics of Pujo also..

    Thanks You and these small things just gives immense pleasure also .Thanks for coming by .

    hugs and smiles

  10. Fish curry looks gr8. Wish i could taste it through my monitor.

  11. Hi Jaya! As I read your post I couldn't believe the similarities between your hubby and mine. And I couldn't agree more: no candle light dinner could ever give the same joy as coming with a recipe for you.
    Thanks for sharing both your happiness and the recipe with Original Recipes :D

  12. Hi,
    welcome here and Thanks.

    Its My pleasure to be a part of Original recipe Event .Thanks for visiting my small world.

    hugs and smiles

  13. Wow, He does love you! and this curry look sooooo good! You know I do think that they take a peek at our blogs without us knowing LOL! They just cannot express their feelings ha! ha!
    I definitely would love to try this curry

  14. Look like your husband had some hidden talent :) My husband is just the same. He never bother what I cook in the kitchen..good or bad he will eat it. This dish look really great!

  15. LOL Jaya, sometimes our hubby's are quite smart to hide little secrets like this from us. loved ur write-up :)

  16. Nazarina,
    Yeah , you must be right LOL, do try the curry .

    For me its a pleasent surprise and sweet one LOL.Thanks!

    thanks for coming by, Its just that Hidden talents needs one of these such incidents to come out LOL..

    Thank you all for appreciating my little efforts ..

    hugs and smiles

  17. Great to read this wonderful write up Jaya...it is these beautiful surprises that keeps us going and makes life wonderful. Very nice recipe...I'm sure that your hubby will appreciate your good work and would visit your blog often:)

  18. How did I miss this lovely post of yours?? You come across to be so warm and wise and beautiful inside out Jaya!! Both the write up and the recipe were thrilling...!! :)

  19. 19th Aug recipe of chicken curry with coconut is the almost the same...even the words echo...u sure ur hubby did not copy ur own recipe ??


  20. Hi,
    Thank You for liking this post .

    Thanks dear , I wrote what I felt and experienced for this last married years ..

    Its the oppossite!
    Publication of post is not particularly in order of preparing and cooking recipes in kitchen .

    Now If you read carefully the two posts ,For this fish curry as told to me ,I have fried the marinated fish pieces first and then cooked it at Low for just half an hour where as in chicken curry this step is completely omitted and the entire marinated stuff is cooked at low for 1 hr.
    I am glad you took time to read both these posts .
    Thanks for stoping by .
    hugs and smiles


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