Monday, February 23, 2009

Koraishutir Porotha (Pea Parathas ) and Lauki Raita

No matter how hard I try, there are certain situations, I feel quite stuck up.I find it rather tight to go beyond my limitations, don’t know if this is very me or just a passing phase of my life.
How do you deal with the situations when you have no clue about it and even no solutions?
Do you leave it to God and relax thinking positively that this phase will pass out soon.
I think I have realized and found out that
At this crucial time, you need a “soulmate”, a person whom you can connect to and share your feelings.”Soulmates” are what we need to share our deepest thoughts and look for solutions of the critical issues of life.
They can be our support system when we fall back, even share ups and downs of life.
I think soulmate can be your lover, husband, friend, guide or a Guru.
Anyone who can listen to you and make you feel at ease can be your soulmate also.
And when your life parter or other half is your soulmate, you don’t need anyone else.That will be the best thing that can happen to you!!
So ,if you are single then look for the person who can be your soulmate rather than on other superficial aspects of life viz beauty or money!!
Just be more open and connect to the one you want to share your feelings and rest should be taken care by itself!!

Now to cooking food, after food for soul and mind, its time to fill in our empty stomach.

Koraishutir porotha and lao raita makes excellent breakfast or if you want can make it excellent lunch as well, what ever you wish its upto you.

Koraishutir porotha
½ kg of fresh pea pods, deshell the peas and it would make upto 2-3 cups of peas roughly
1 tsp of cumin powder
2 tsp of red pepper powder
1 dry red pepper
Pinch of hing (asfoetida)
Salt as per taste
2 cups of whole wheat flour
2 tsp of oil
Salt as per taste
Deshell the peas, wash them and boil them for 3-4 mints.
Make a coarse paste of peas in mixer
In a kadhai, when hot add oil; temper it with dry red pepper and hing at low.
Now add this coarse paste to it and stir fry for few mintues.
Add all the dry masala and salt.
Fry the paste for 5-7 mints at med high.
Now take out in plate and let it cool.
Make small round balls out of it.
Knead the dough with water and oil.
Leave the dough for few mintues or better covered. And at the time of making parathas, again knead them well.
Now divide the dough into equal parts and roll it in palms to form a smooth round.
Fill the pea Paste inside the dough rounds and roll them to large rounds and shape up like rotis.
Its better to slightly toast the rounds on hot Tava/skillet for better frying.
Add the refined oil few tsp by the sides of parathas, fry them on both side and serve hot.
This coarse paste can also be used for making koraishutir luchi also , just stuff in and roll out like luchi and deep fry in hot oil.
My husband and in-laws prefer the porotha over luchi , so I came up with Koraishutir porotha instead of luchi !
I have found that when Parathas are eaten with a bowl of yogurt, the pleasure of eating increases.

This time however I tried it with Lauki raita.It came out well ,was a great combo meal for us.
Lauki Raita

Cut bottle gourd and Grate it evenly.
In a deep bottom pan slightly add water, salt as per taste and cover, cook for few mintues , make sure the water dries up completely and the grated bottle gourd doesn’t stick to the bottom of pan.
Now cool and store in refrigerator, it stays fresh for 2-3 days.
When required take out and gently whisk in with home made fresh yogurt, add some salt, black pepper powder, cumin powder.
This is one of my Fav "raita" as it is no oil and low calorie yogurt preparation.
Happy cooking friends


  1. Never tried or tasted Peas Partoa before, looks perfect. A must try for me! :)

  2. E bochor shudhu ektibar e peas porota khelam. Great of you to post it. Lauer raita age kokhono khaini ... nischoi try korbo. :-)

  3. Asha,
    thats great and do try it out ...

    Pea porotha khete khob Bhalo Lage na! Lao raita O khob Bhalo lagbe tumaar..
    specially in summers ,this is just good for stomach and easy to digest ...
    hugs and smiles

  4. Thats such a lovely paratha jaya...lovely lovely!

  5. Koraishutir Kochuri ja bhalo lage na...porota o great

  6. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



  7. Peas parathas look heavenly, Jaya! Nice write-up about soulmates.

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  9. Somehow never thought of peas in paratha.interesting.Looks delicious.Lauki raita is different too.

  10. peas parotha ta darun lagchey.. amar etai beshi kora hoye.. rather than kochuri kenona there is no deep frying. Lauki raita sounds really good & healthy.

  11. Pea parathas look great...Like the louki raita...

  12. Srivalli,
    thanks for liking it!

    aamra ek kaal e kochuri khetaam , kinto mone hoye je khochuri thekhe porotha is much more healthy!!

    welcome here
    its my pleasure and do enjoy your stay here whenevr you have time ...for that

    thank you for liking the write-up and paratha...

    welcome here and let me check out the link also , will try to participate ...

    yeah, sure do try it you will like it also..

    there we share same thinking , porotha ta deep fry korte hoye na and it is healthy than the deep fried khochuri ...
    lauki raita is very healthy and nutritious also ..do try it whenevr you feel like ...

    Hi how are you?
    thanks for coming and liking these..
    hugs and smiles

  13. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  14. New recipe for me, will try it


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