Friday, August 28, 2009

Simple Mushroom Matar or Khumbh Matar Ki Subzi

I know you all must be wondering what happened to this girl,well lot of things happened in these past months ,a major relocation and that means relocating to new place,a new country,house searching then settling etc.......lil one hasn’t started going to school yet ,we are still looking for good schools near our vicinity.

that was a little update on my personal front friends.

Recently blogger celebrated it’s 10 th year,you can read more Here .

and it has come a long way since then,from a text based tool,now to podcasting,photoblogs,video blogs and mobile blogging etc.....Bloggers as we know is founded by Evans Williams and Meg Hourihans working together for Pyra Labs.Google has bought all the major share in 2003 and all our notes are safely guarded in google’s servers now.

Blogger is a blog publishing system and the service is located at blogger.com and who do not publish at their own site (like me) has a subdomain blogspot.com to look after it.Thank you Blogspot and Google for that!! (well yeah as if you dont know it!! poor me ,being quite laid back, came to know about it recently)
In India ,a blog became active in the year 2001 most probably , and in 2004 Delhi’s (twilight fairy) came up with her group blog delhibloggersbloc.com for the first time.In her own words “they have to spell it out to others then ” , leave alone the techinical details.
Now this is the most “in thing” in India!!!
So I am also part of this "in thing",which came to me as a little surprise ,as I always shy away from such things...anyways now to the recipe after all this gyan ki batein ....

Matar Mushroom is one of the very first recipe that I made coming to here, as I got some real fresh mushrooms from our local grocery store.Peas/matar I wished were fresh ones but I guess I have to satisfy myself with frozen ones,that is what I will get here..so No more complains... ...

Mushroom Matar
Recipe requirements
mushroom(khumbh in Hindi) 1 packet
½ cup of green peas
2 onions
2 -3 garlic
½ inch ginger
2-3 tbs Greek style thick yogurt
2-3 tsp of kitchen king masala
2-4 tsp of red pepper powder
1 tsp of black pepper powder
1 tsp of sugar
1 tsp of salt or as per taste
1 small tomato

Marinate the button mushrooms in yogurt+1 tsp of red pepper powder+1tsp of black pepper powder+salt for few mintues before you make the curry
Now heat up a saucepan and add vegetable oil/mustard oil/sunflower oil/canola oil (which ever is available)
Now add ginger/garlic ,fry them to a nice golden brown
Add in chopped onions ,fry them well.
Add in chopped tomatoes
Now mix in kitchen king masala and rest of red pepper,black peper powder and turmeric powder with a little bit of water in a small bowl or katori.
Add this masala mixture to the above fried masala.
Fry them well and now add in the marinated mushroom and green peas.Cover the saucepan and let it simmer slowly at low .Do not hurry and turn the flame to high .Be patient and it will turn out nice red colour curry.
Enjoy it with rice or chappati what ever you feel like having it.

For a lighter version you may use regular yogurt.
I have added chopped potato pieces also,you may add if you like it.

Happy Cooking Friends


  1. Ah, just a couple of days ago, I was checking your blog for clues! So now you're in London? Have fun, and best of luck with the move.

  2. Mushroom curry looks delectable!

  3. Moved to London, huh? Hope you guys are all settled in by now. Best wishes, J!

  4. I love eating mushrooms but hardly make them since the hubby shuns them. This curry looks very good!

  5. Jayashree,
    Wish you a great stay in the new country :). The London Bridge (if am not wrong) looks great in the pic.

  6. Mushroom curry looks great and appealing :-)

  7. Nice recipe.....so you've moved to London? Nice. But, I have a request for you...Now that you are in a foreign country, it would be so very nice if you try not to 'westernize' your recipes adding olives, and basil and God-knows-what.....
    We are Bengalis, and we have an amazing cuisine, but no authentic bengali blogs :(
    So, if I can recommend this, I'd say you better stick to your turmeric, shorsher tel, panch phoron, aamer tok and your 'duporer Tiffin Khabar' style recipes.....I will look forward to them as always...thanks so much for hearing me out.....best wishes.....

  8. Sra,
    thanks for your lovely wishes,trust me I need them most now!!

    Thanks dear!!

    Thanks dear!!

    Hi and warm welcome here..good to know you ,will check your lovely space also soon....

    yeah , but I am feeling homesick already :(....

    Isn't our (ladies) Life cycle rotates around the ones we love ..what they like to eating etc...but may be we are born with this!!

  9. Sudeshna,
    yeah you are right there and thanks for your lovely wishes...

    Hi and warm welcome here,
    I have loved your lil space you have made so far ..keep going dear...

    will keep that in mind ..and I really appreciate your honest opinion about it..
    yestreday we went to a temple near by ..when we came back home..my lil one complained it doesn't felt the same way it used to feel living in kolkata/going to temple there...
    it may be something to do with westernization of Indian Culture or may be i am totally wrong for that matter...
    i am glad my lil one understood that , hope she will check me in future regarding cooking food also :))...thanks for stoping by and your lovely wishes

    HUgs and smiles to all

  10. First time here, Mushroom Matar has looks delicious..

  11. I love mushroom matar curry with soft roties. Its a delicious meal.

  12. Enjoy your stay there...mushroom mater looks delish...nice gravy

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    Keep up the good writing.


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