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Cauliflower Potato Curry

Aloo Phulkopir Torkari (Cauliflower Potato Curry)

Cauliflower is a vegetable belonging to family cruciferace(Mustard Family) that has Broccoli,and Cabbage as memebers also, the thick floret part or the head is known as curd , these vegetables have known to contain compounds which prevent cancer.Lets see what wiki has to say Over to you Wiki .The main action performed by these compounds is to stop the procuction of enzymes that can lead to producing carcinogenic elements.Cauliflower made with Turmeric is helpful in preventing prostrate cancer in men .It is thought to be originated in Middle –eastern and Turkey, then gain popularity in Europe.
Nutrient data from Nutritiondata.com and more from here Papa.essortment.com
Fresh cauliflower florets is creamy white in color, there should not be any dark patches type, and also the florets should not be loose.If purchasing pre-cut try to use it in 2 days .The peak season is from december to march .We can purchase oh so fresh cauliflowers during this period, cauliflowers can be little sauted or boiled and addition of spices are always welcome.Kopi/Cauliflower/Gobi, is so fondly eaten in India.And there are many different ways to prepare it . Being Bengali , allo Kopi'r torkari is one of our favourite.

Necessity is the mother of invention

This is a simple recipe for Cauliflower /potato curry .We Bengali’s call Aloo phulkupi torkari and if its winter time this is a staple home food in every Bengali home. Just went nostalgic and remembered the EM by Pass wiki about EM Bypass in Calcutta , vegetable vendors most of them women and occasionally children selling fresh cauliflowers/Brinjals/Radish plucked straight from the fields.The evenings will always be spent in a nice drive in EM bypass , we will go and bargain 4 cauliflowers for mere 25 rupees and its taste more authentic than the organic cauliflower we get here or sometime will go to Monginis to get mouthwatering cakes or many times we ended our nice drive to City Centre in Salt Lake.City Centre (enjoy the music also,turn on the volume ) .
On that fateful day(Brsaat ki ek raat type) , I was running short of turmeric powder/red pepper powder as we have no Indian grocery nearby , there is one very far off but many of the times its always closed.
I had some Tex-Mex Chilli seasoning which I got it from “Giant” , I have this unusual habit of picking new seasonings whenever we go Shoping and I love to spend more time in the condiments and spice aisle than any where else, which is somewhat surprising for my hubby and he always had to push me and sometimes hold my hand and have to say Chalo arro kicho neete hobe( lets go we have many other things to purchase)…. can’t help kya kare control nahi hota(I can't control) … so this time instead of our traditional Indian spices using Mexican spice was inevitable ….it came out surprisingly tasty with a last minute touch of melted butter and some shredded Mozzerrela on top it was a winner .. .it is fusion of Mexican spice and Indian vegatables …….so its simple and quick without any “ Tam –Zham “(Labour) …and we had it with plain yogurt , some onion rings and roti (Indian flat Bread) so here is a recipe
Cauliflower Potato Curry (Aloo Phulkupir torkari)
Recipe Requirements

~Cauliflower half broken into small florets
~2 potatoes , Prefer using gold Potatoes cut into cubes..
~½ tomatoes cut into pieces
~1 tsp of cumin seeds
~1 medium size onion cut into pieces
~2-3 garlic cloves chopped
~1 inch fresh ginger root cut and chopped
~2-3 tbs McCormick tex-mex chilli seasoning (seasoning is used to make Mexican chili ) or 1/2 tbs of turmeric powder, 1 tbs of Indian red pepper powder,1 tbs of cumin powder, 1/2 tbs of corrinader powder.
~2-3 tbs fresh Cilantro/coriander
~1-2 tbs Canola oil for frying
~salt and sugar as per desired

~Heat oil in any saucepan , then add cumin seeds , let it pop up properly …
Fry the gobi first till its golden , then take it out and soak the excess oil from gobi over paper towels.
~Add onions, garlic, ginger and fry for sometimes( if it requires adding some oil do so) till all of them have become translusent , at this point of time add potatoes and fry them at med –low for 5-7 mints
~Add seasoning, salt and sugar (add sugar in cauliflower Curry as it balances the taste) , and that too as per desired ….
~Low the flame and add some warm water not much because it will end up in runny soup which is what we have to avoid , cover and cook for another 8-10 mints ..
~At this point of time add tomatoes and cook untill the gravy has dried a little bit Garnish with fresh cilantro …
So take out your chefs hat and go cook food and serve love.
remembering Raj KapoorWikipedia on RajKapoor for his famous song in Anari

*Kisi Ki muskorahato pe ho Nisar ( let somebody's smile make you crazy about )

*Kisi ka dard le sake to le udhaar (if you can , do borrow someones sorrow)

*Kisike vaste tere dil me ho pyaar , Jeena eisi ka naam Hai.( If there is love in your heart for somebody , this is my dear friend, life is all about )

If feel like listening to go here Anari Songs

This is for the wonderful event of weekend herb bloging WHB hosted by gracious Nandita's Saffrontrail

some more recipes next time , Bon Apetite and Happy Cooking.
Taking the Day as it comes.....


  1. wow jayshree... yummmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... and its lunch time for me:) i'm rushing to my kitchen now
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  2. dear Supriya,
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  3. Good info on cauliflower, Mantu. I love the tex-mex twist to the recipe! :)

  4. I loved your post. Very informative!
    Recipe sounds good too.

  5. Interesting twist in the recipe, but it does sound good.

  6. Thanks for the info. on Cauliflower! and the use of Tex Mex seasoning is so creative! Looks wonderful.

    Trupti I was unable to publish your heartfelt response but tried to copy and paste it .Thanks alot for droping by, you are always welcome here.

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  9. Mantu darling! I am so happy to read this post.So much info and so entertaining! Loved all the links,Raj Kappor and all.
    What more can I say abt Alu-Ghobi Mantu version! Fabulous:))

    I have a request.Are you willing to contribute to Meeta's Daily Tiffin atleast once or twice a month for 2 serving any easy adult meal? Every or any wed. just have to send a photo and recipe through e mail to Meeta,she will paste it on Fridays.Right now, I am only the only one,Need some company:)Just 1-2 recipes a month will do.E mail Meeta to talk,please.

  10. Tomar lekha ta pore khub halo laglo, sottiy EM Bypass er dhare shiter shomoy koto sabji bosto
    I like Fulkopir Dalna a lot and your twist was pretty interesting

  11. dear Asha,
    I cant say no on this noble thing but I will be relocating soon to India,need some time to commit and adjust in India .Some times in future I will definetely contribute.
    And I am glad you are contributing already .And I am thankful to you for stoping by here and appreciating the post .
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  12. Dear Sandeepa,
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  13. Wow a recipe with nutritional info and old Hindi songs.what a treat!:)

  14. Mantu,

    I am so glad I found your wonderful blog! I love the looks of your dishes and look forward to peaking in and seeing what you are cooking so far from all of us.

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