Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Baked Spaghetti

Baked Spaghetti

Spaghetti the most popular of pasta shapes is thin long strands , and the dried variety is made from Durum wheat , it is served with mainly tomato based sauce , and can accompany any hard cheese like Parmesan , sometimes meatballs are also included with it .Some curious find outs about pasta
1st pasta factory opened in US in Brooklyn, New York.
2 there are more than 600 shapes of pasta known around the world (including China )
3 In Italian Fettuccini means ribbons
4 Thomas Jefferson is known to introduced Macoroni to US.
5 Childrens loves pasta a lot , according to study 17 percent eat spaghetti (mine included yuppy) and 16 percent Mac n Cheese.
6 The word pasta comes from Italian word paste meaning Flour and water more from here Facts about pasta .

Baked Spaghetti
Originally the recipe is from Here , adapted to suit my family 's taste and preferences.

Recipe Requirements
~1/2 pack of spaghetti (San giorgio brand)
~2-3 eggs
~½ tomato diced
~½ green pepper chopped
~½ red pepper chopped
~1tsp Italian seasoning
~can use mushrooms/broccoli/peas/corn
~1/2 tbs of red pepper powder
~salt as per desired
~½ jar pasta sauce
~1tbs of sour cream
~1 onion copped
~Shredded Mozzerella cheese.
~Boil egg /slice the hard boiled egg.
~Then cut veges and wash.
~In a large bowl mix in veggies, add salt , add egg to the veggies.
~Add Italian seasoning, red pepper powder, black pepper,sour cream , toss well , cook the pasta according to package direction , mix it well with above.
~Now add shredded mozerrela cheese(can use Parmesan) to the above casssorole generously, cover the casserole with aluminium foil.
~Heat oven at 350 f , place the casserrole in the lower rack , cook for approx 15-20 mints.

I have made this dish with Ziti , and Penne also.

some more recipes next time ,Bon Appetite, Happy Cooking


  1. Hey you are totally on the Italian cooking spree :) Ek se bar kar ek

  2. Thanks for the recipe. What brand of italian seasoning do you suggest?

  3. Is it Pasta week in your house Mantu?:D Looks wonderful, and baked always brings out that grilled taste to pasta.

    I made some too before last week,kids loved it.Thanks for this Jaya and have a great weekend:))

  4. dear Sandeepa,
    Hain , amara ekto beshi Pasta Khachi ..LOL
    thanks for coming by ..

    Dear Lakshmi ,
    Italian seasoning hmmm.., I guess I have liked Mc Cormick alot ..Just rub in between your palms before adding to any dish ,it gives more flavour..thanks for coming by ..

    Dear Asha,
    oh we are indeed celebrating Italian theme for the week ..Baked yes it does add a whole lot of difference to pasta dishes ,with melting cheese ,it becomes winner ..and yes this is my daughters fav also ... you too have anice weekened Asha ..

    hugs and smiles to all of you ...

  5. yummm...an instant hit, anything with cheese in it, I am game for it! Looks great.



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