Monday, November 13, 2006

Shrimp curry and Vegetable Pulao

Bengali Chingri (Shrimp) ,Carrot and Green Beens Curry with Vegetable Pulao

Let me extend my heartiest warm wishes for everyone out there reading this post .Thank you for taking your precious time out to read it , and making me feel so worthy.I would also like to extend my thanks to My Cooking Friends , I have learned from you so much and each day its a learning experience for me with all of you .Thank all of you a lot.
And to my loving better half for his unconditional support and encouragement to do things.
My Inlaws and Parents for bringing best out of me.Thank You also.
My Blogger Friend Mandira , thank you for your help also.

Shrimp and green beans carrot curry

Recipe Requirements

~Shrimp (chingri)15 peeled and deveined , head and tail removed (I often Use Frozen Large Shrimp 31/40 Packet)
~Green beans 1/2 cup cut into 1 inch in length
~Baby carrots 1/2 cup
~frozen Corn 1/4 cup
~1 –2 tbs of bay seasoning or can use garam masala
~McCormick 1 tbs of garlic pepper seasoning or Black pepper powder+some cloves of garlic crushed
~1 tbs Red pepper powder (can add more for spicy curry)
~1-2 tbs of canola oil for frying
~Cilantro leaves for garnishing
~salt as per taste and 1 bay leaf
~Mariade the shrimp(chingri) with salt and garlic pepper , refrigerate for atleast half an hour..
~Heat saucepan , add oil , add shrimp fry them till shrimps retain their bright colour.
~Now add bay leaf, green beans and frozen corn,baby carrots fry them at med for 5 –7 mints …
~Add red pepper powder,black pepper powder, bay seasoning , salt and fry another 10 mints ~cover at low till shrimps(chingri) are cooked .
~Serve and enjoy with warm Vegetable Pulao

Vegetable Pulao
~1 and ½ cup of rice washed and soaked in water for atleast 1 hrs.
~½ medium red onions chopped
~3 –4 cloves of garlic
~½ inch fersh ginger chopped
~1-2 tbs of sugar
~½ cup of raisins/cashews and other dry fruits of choice
~½ tbs of red pepper powder
~salt as per taste
~1 –2 tbs of canola oil
~frozen peas and other vegetables of choice..
~Heat the saucepan ,add oil and fry the onions/ginger/garlic.
~Add rice and fry at med-low till rice for 5-8 mints, add vegetables ,dry fruits
~Add sugar, salt ,red pepper powder.
~Add 1 and ¾ cup of water(it should be like 2 fingers above the rice level) ,cover and cook at low for approx 10 mints or till the water is being absorbed .Remove from the flame.
Pressure cooker method
~Heat the pressure cooker ,add oil and fry all the ingredients like the above and after frying add water ,it should be like to every 1 cup of rice 1cup of water..
~Close the pressure Cooker ,put the flame on high , one whistle and remove from the flame , open only after the pressure has subsided.

serve with scrambled egg and enjoy with your loved ones. I would also like to send it across to Meeta for Monthly-Mingle #6 -Give Thanks .Thank You Meeta for giving us a wonderful theme.

Some more recipes next time ,Bon Apetite and Happy Cooking


  1. hey mantu, thanks to you for such wonderful recipes :)
    shrimp looks really good

  2. What a nice welcome message from you! Thank YOU for sharing your recipe with all of us!


  3. Thanks Mantu for your kind words. Your shrimp looks delicious with pulao. Yummy. Wish I could reach and get some. :)

  4. Hi Sandeepa thanks for stoping by, shrimps are one fish we are so fond of isn't.

  5. dear Trupti,Its always so nice to hear from you ,I have also liked the way you present things..thanks for stoping by.

  6. Great entry and thank you as a reader! Recipe looks great including the chicken curry!!
    Have a wonderful thanksgiving, Mantu!

  7. dear Mandira,
    You Know how I feel about you ,You can come any time and I will be making it specially for you .Bas chole aisho!

  8. Dear Asha,
    thanks for reading and stoping by ,its always apleasure to have you here,shrimp curry is one of my DH fav ,hope you try it ..happy thanks giving to you also.

  9. What a wonderful curry, Mantu! Thank you!

  10. Hi Chandrika,
    so nice to have you here ,welcome to my small world ,thanks for liking the curry.

  11. Mantu, I just adore shrimp curry and this just sound divine. I have been thinking of making something shrimpy over the weekend.
    I thank you too - for bringing such a lovely dish to the MM and taking part.

  12. nice entry for the event. first time to your blog.

  13. dear Meeta,
    you know we just love shrimp ,I hope you do try this making this weekend ,thanks for stoping by and giving us a nice theme.

    Dear Lakshmi ,
    thanks for stoping by ,welcome here.I have also loved the recipes there in your blog .

  14. Nice shrimp curry and nice post on thanks!

  15. dear Shaheen ,its so nice to hear from you ,I am glad you like it ,
    welcome to my small world ,I too liked the recipe you shared.
    hey your roti looks so delicious...

  16. Hi,
    You have a nice blog here, though i dont eat non-veg i have found some great recipes here , god work and great pics !
    Hope some time you will ge time to drop by my blog too. :)

  17. dear Pooja,
    My friend thanks for coming here,about pics ,dont know cuz I dont have any digi camera ,all taken with normal film ones ,once taken its captured no-retakes .ya but thanks for the compliments.now I am off to your blog , do come soon here ..


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