Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Meet Our Kitchen Garden friends

Meet Our Kitchen Garden Friends

This is for the first time sharing you with lovely vegetables my mom has grown in her kitchen garden over the past few years ...

Pappaya well doctors say is a wonder fruit .

Banana Plant , regarded as auspicious in Hindu religion , And Mochaar Ghonto is one such relishing dish made from fresh Flowers of Banana.

a luxarious Cabbage grown in the Garden.

leafy vegetable Beet root.

Green vegetable Spinach

We Bengali's know it as Sojne Datta , or Drumsticks and is a very staple food during this period of year ..and the white flowers is also edible part . My Mil makes Delicious Sojne Phool/aloo torkari.

This is a healthy Brinjal plant or better we know as here in US as Eggplant.

This is a lovely Kitchen Garden, My mom is so passionate about .And watching this beautiful garden is always a pleasure for everyone.Plucking fresh vegetables is fun also ..

Happy Cooking and Bon Appetite.


  1. Hi Jaya,lovely pics! Enjoyed looking at each one of them,made me think of B'lore and all that we grew as well.Thanks for these!:))

  2. Hi Jaya
    Tomake dekhe khub i bhalo laglo. Nischoy khub khub enjoy korcho :) Is this garden in Allahabad ?
    Tumi maha anande Mayer hather lau ghonto khao ar majhe majhe blog koro

    Tomra kothay thakcho Kolkata na anyo city ?

  3. Jaya- that is a lovely garden. You've made me nostalgic... our older garden in India too had papayas, bananas, grapes, pears, mangoes along with an extensive vegetable and flower garden. Everything looks beautiful, enjoy every moment of your time with your mom :)

  4. Wow ! what lovely garden photos.

  5. Wow! Your mom has everything I love. Loved the cabbage plant!

  6. Hi Jaya,
    Begun ta to dekhar moto.....ar sojne dnata gulo offfffffff dekhlei posto diye sojne dnataar chobi chokher samne bheshe uthche. Your Ma must be very proud of her produce. Hats off to Mashima. :)

  7. Dear Kutus,
    Are bolish naa, amar to eigolo dekheleyi chobi neete aar khete iche kore, Maa onek din dhore eider ke dhekche..Jaag tui aasli, Bhalo laglo.
    Hugs and smiles

    Dear RP,
    I liked the cabbage plant a lot too, she grew 3-5 cabbage plants and only this one is left , may be its for me to eat , haha..

    Dear Krithika,
    I decided when seeing all these, I should blog about them ..I also loved each one of them .

    Dear Mandira,
    I know what you have felt, Nostalgic..I would love to see your lovely old garden and spend some time there .....Aam Ghache theke pede aam khabo.
    thanks for coming here..

    dear Sandeepa,
    all vegetables grown in Allahabad , and that too in my moms garden...aamra kolkata e thaki , aami ekhon mayer badi Allahabad e esechi...hain I would not be able to blog regularly , but whenever will find time I will do it..

    Dear Asha,
    thanks for coming by .I am sure you must have a lovely garden in banglore also, would love to see those also...
    Hugs and smiles to all of you wonderful ladies..

  8. Oh I just loved your mom's garden. I think we both would make extremely good friends..:)..I'm a gardening enthusiast..:)

    Lovely kitchen garden!

  9. Dear Sailaja,
    I have also liked your flower garden,yes I can feel it ,we will be good friends ...You know when I was first looking for some Ayurvedic remedies,I stopped at your site ,then your old site at Blogger ,from then to now ,I have always admired the way you do things and prepare so yummy recipes..
    hugs and smiles

  10. Hi jayashree,
    i came here, while googling for "gardening blog kolkata". Actually i have a gardening site Floras Kolkata and was looking for fellow gardeners to make friends. You really have some good photos.. wish if I could use them in my site..LOL
    best regards to you.


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