Friday, February 16, 2007

Tayparir Chutney or Gooseberry Chutney

I love this fruit since my childhood , my Father will come home from markets with whole bunch of these fruits and in few seconds it used to be all gone .Me ,my brother and my sister would finish it off ASAP...this recipe however I tried making it first time is very much similar with the way we prepare Tomato chutney except I have given Taypaari in this .In addition ,I have also included khejurer Gur /Jaggery and Aamsotto to be little experimental.My father loved it a lot and I do hope you will also.
I got inspiration from Sandeepa'sBlog about this lovely fruit , and since then something I wanted to create out of it ..and here it is ..
these are the raw ingredients for chutney
Taparir Chutney.
Recipe requirements
3-4 cup taypari/Gooseberry chopped in between
Khejurer gur 1 small bowl crushed
Kish-Mish/raisins optional.
Sugar 3-4 tbs
Aamsatoo/Mango Candies some chunks
Clean berries , and cut in between.
Now heat a kadai/saucepan and add oil, add the tayparis fry for 1-2 mints,give salt as per taste ,when the berries start to pop up ,add the sugar , cook for some more 5mints.
Add raisins and cook another 10 mints, until the desired consistency is reached ..
Add Khejurer Gur/Jaggery and stir in between. Breaking the lumps , all to be done at low .
Add aamshoto/mango chunks later in the chutney, take out in a bowl and serve.

This is it friends , do try making it and enjoy .
Happy Cooking ,Bon Apetite.


  1. wow jaya, khub bhalo chaatni, jibhe jol asche :) Ekhane oi ek choto bakso tyapari eto expensive je emniy kheye felechi :)
    Amsatta dekhe aro jibhe jol asche

  2. Looks great.I like gooseberries but haven;t eaten one in a long time.Enjoy.

  3. wow..my dear, this looks great! So nice to see your blog active now...
    I don't know if I have had this before...it looks very tasty!


  4. Hi Jaya, I have never tasted this.Looks quite tasty.


  5. This is something new to me too. Looks good, Jayshree.

  6. Jayashree,
    This is so very new to me. Looks great.


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