Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tropical Smoothie and Coconut Ladoo

Tropical Smoothie
Fresh Coconut water 2 cups
Pineapple Juice 2 cups
1 Mango slice
Fresh grated Coconut meat ½ cups
Yogurt 1 cup
2 tbs of sugar

Grate coconut meat, or blend it in mixer.
Now put all the ingredients in mixer and blend well .Refrigerate for 2 hrs before you serve.
Coconut water is good for tropical climate and adds the advantage of Yogurt; this drink gives a cooling effect in hot humid weather.
This is going to Raaga at The Singing Chef , who is hosting WBB this time, visit here for more details , Express -WBB .Wbb is an event originally started by Nandita at SaffronTrail .

Coconut Ladoo

Fresh coconut meat grated 2 cups
½ cup of sugar
3 tbs of Besan or chick pea flour
2 tbs of milk
4-5 tbs of ghee

Heat up ghee , now add coconut and sugar and cook at low for 10 -15 mints stiring continuously .Make sure the Batter doesn’t stick to base .
When it starts to collect and comes out smoothly from the side of Kadai , this is ready .
Now add milk and besan and mix well , add this mixture to the coconut and cook at low for 5 mints till the milk mixture gets dried .
Take out in a separate plate and quickly start to roll them into small balls like ladoo .Coconut Laddo is ready .
This is very similar to Narkoler Naru except that Narkoler Naro is made with Gur and coconut only .
These are going to Suganya at Tasty Palettes , visit here for more details AFAM-JUNE.
Afam is a Monthly event started by Maheshwari at Beyond The Usual .
Happy Cooking


  1. delicious smoothie and yummy laddoos. nice entries.

  2. aaaahhh!!! daaaruuuun!
    again a big hug..:)

  3. Joyeeta,
    thanks and big hug

    its so good to see you , thanks for liking this ..
    hugs and smiles

  4. thanks for the recipe. made them today.

  5. Kee darun baapar...


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