Thursday, June 19, 2008

Creating Crafts with Kids

Summer activity
Remember creating crafts out of paper tearing and making them a collage on my this post Mango Manthram .
Well we made similar type of crafts, now with the Pencil residue/pencil shavings and Leaf painting....

Just collect the shavings whenever you sharpen pencil for your little one, and then draw objects on a sheet of paper, of your little one’s fantasy and glue them with fevicol .Lend a hand to your little one in making crafts with these.

Leaf painting
Whenever you visit parks, ask your little one to pick leaves of their choices. That can be of any shape or size .Make it more interacting by asking them about the color, shape etc.
Collect them and when you are back home , make the colors of your little ones choice, and then dip the leaves in the color and then trace them with the leaves .Make flowers and leaves with them or any other objects .
Let it dry and then you add the finishing touch by outlining the objects and then doing the patch work if required any.
This is sure a fun way to engage your little one, doing some constructive work in this summer vacation .


  1. Very nice! I'm still single so I make crafts with my sister, mostly miniature assembly =)

  2. Hi Jaya! This is very interesting - craft with pencil shavings. When we were in school, we were told that putting some milk in the fridge, mixed with these shavings and eraser scrapings of paper would turn the whole thing into rubber!!!

  3. Oz,
    thanks for stoping by and liking the crafts.
    well thats something very interesting to hear , Is it really true , I mean does it really happen or??
    Y aI end up making flowers with pencil Shaving also LOL..
    hugs and smiles


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