Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bharvaan Karela(Stuffed Bitter Gourd)

I was kind of reluctant to include Bitter gourd /Karela in our usual meals. Bengali meal however, always starts with Teto or bitter, that includes korola/kumro Bhaja or shukto which is a medley of vegatbles prominently Bitter gourd.
Now, with passage of time, I discovered the medicinal value of bitter gourd, thanks to in-laws and parents. I now make it a point to include it at least twice a week.
It’s generally easy for me to mash together boiled bitter gourd and potatoes or pumpkin. One whistle in pressure cooker that’s all is needed.
Bitter gourd fry on the other hand, takes a little bit of time and oil, but it taste great with fried onions or pumpkin pieces.

Now there is this another way of preparing bitter gourd in UP, which I really like eating .It tastes exactly just like a pickle, spicy and savory and surprisingly no trace of bitterness.
I really liked the way my childhood friend once told me about this preparation long time back which I tasted in her place while doing joint-study for our exams.

Bharvaan Karela (Stuffed Bitter Gourd)Ingredients 
Long Bitter Gourd - 4
2 medium size onion
2-3 tsp of fresh ginger paste
1 tsp of garam masala
1 tsp of salt for frying and 2 tsp of salt for marinating the bitter gourd
1 tsp turmeric powder
1 tsp of red pepper powder
2-3 green chilly slit in between
2 tbs of fresh curd or yogurt
1 lemon ,for lemon juice , makes 3-4 tsp of juice or you can add amchur powder also

.Marinating the Bitter Gourd Peel the outer serrated parts of bitter gourd with a peeler.
Make an incision in between and take out the seeds and pith ,now wash the Bitter Gourd thoroughly in water, sprinkle salt generously and rub them inside also with salt ,refrigerate the salted bitter gourd.
TIP- If you are making this dish, its better to marinate them in salt the day before you are going to prepare, this way they do not turn out bitter.

Preparing the Filling for Bitter Gourd
Heat up a kadai, add oil, sauté some fresh ginger paste, chopped onion, and add coriander powder, green chilly, red powder, garam masala, salt , fry for 4-5mints till onions become little brown , add lemon juice and yogurt , fry till yogurt dries out in the fried masala.
Take out in a vessel and cool the masala for stuffing

Stuffing the Bitter Gourd

Clean the Bitter Gourd in water 2-3 times thoroughly.
Now with the help of a spoon or even hands , fill in the masala .
TIP-Tie it with thread so that the masala don’t get out while frying them.

Frying the Bitter Gourd

Heat up the Kadai again, add 2-3 tbs of oil , now place the bitter Gourd gently , and cook covered at low for 7-8 mints , Turn the sides and repeat the cooking process for the other side .Take out and drain in paper towels .Eat with rice or roti of your choice. 

If refrigerated it remains fresh for 3-4 days.

Happy Cooking Friends

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  1. Here in the South, the latest variation with this vegetable is chips, with some besan, quite nice.

  2. Interesting way to prepare bitter gourd. I've never seen it done stuffed before: thanks!

  3. Sra,
    Ya , I know it also but its just that never tried making it..It good to know other options also.

    Hi Eating club ,
    Good to see you here ,thanks for visiting here.
    thanks for coming here.
    Hugs and smiles

  4. Lovely karelas... they look like fish... You have given an awesome description of how to make them not letting us confuse and try new methods...

  5. I make this too .. with potato as stuffing. :-)
    Ar agey ucche ta ektu steam kore nile pore crispy korte shubidhe hoye. :-)


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