Saturday, November 29, 2008

Roasted Brinjal (Begun Pora)

Aubergine is a great vegetable in UK, this is our very own brinjal in India and if you are living in US then its eggplant. One vegetable and three different name.
Then there are other names in regional languages like Begun in Bengali, What you call Brinjal in your mother tongue. Do let me know it will be great to know.

There are some very famous proverbs in Hindi which talks about color change. And that color change depicts the human psyche and estranged human nature.
Main gosse se lal ho gayi as if the color is a great way to depict the bad mood.

Or have you seen an angry Hero in a Hindi film shouting at the Villain and the color changing in the back ground. White –red-green-white-red-green.
Now at this point, I wonder do people also changes color?

Or have you seen the color change during a magnificent sunset or sunrise.
Or when a normal curry is flavored with turmeric powder, the color changes immediately to vibrant hue of yellow.
Or when you roast a usual vegetable, chicken or meat, the color also changes.
This is true in case of Brinjal also, Like the Purple Brinjal Change its color to Black when it’s roasted slowly on open flame placed on a wire rack .People way back even used to roast it over hot Charcoals when they have no other options or means.
Basting (rubbing with sauces or oil) it with oil or butter is preferred but not mandatory.
Roasting imparts a deep brown to black color to the vegetables. It results in caramelization of the skin which gives this distinct smoky flavor.Chemically it’s the reaction of a amino group and the reducing sugar , well I leave it up to that only.

Now, there is one such great event which talks about colors in cooking FIC being hosted by a colorful and vivacious host SunShinemom.

I personally think roasted brinjal taste good by itself, with a dash of salt and mustard oil( a must for Bharta) only.There is no need to add much spices or herbs to enhance the flavor.This is how we prepare roasted Brinjal in our home.

Roasted Brinjal( Begun Pora)
1 large Brinjal/Aubergine/Eggplant
2-4 tsp of mustard oil
Salt as per taste
1 onion chopped
4-5 tsp of fresh coriander leaves
Wash and Pat dry the Brinjal, Prick with a knitting needle in the middle to and fro in the middle.
Now at medium flame, roast the brinjal, see the steaming brinjal on stove top.Its fun to see it fuming.
After few minutes rotate the side and see the juices coming out. Ok ,It gave up its challange.
When it's completely burnt .Cool out and remove the burnt skin of brinjal carefully with knife or spoon.
Mash it with mustard oil, onion, salt and coriander leaves.
It’s ready to be eaten with roti. Quick and Easy.

You can add ginger, garlic, tomato and other herbs like Parsley or cumin powder etc, depends on the variation you are looking for.

Happy Cooking Friends
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  1. hi..thanx for ur sweet comment...am glad to find ur blog this way...u hv nice recipes

  2. Hey! I will watch out for that one next time - background changing:) Thanks for the roasted eggplant aka aubergine aka brinjal:)

  3. That was an interesting read Jaya. :-) Gorom gorom begun pora kancha lonka ar peyaj ar shorshe tel diye ... aha!
    Amar o ekta post ache er opore. :-)

  4. Arundhuti,
    thanks for coming here.
    Ya sure , watch some old movies of 70's, and you will know what i am talking about:)
    Thanks ya!Begun Pora rotir sathe khete khob bhalo lage amader.

  5. I totaly agree roasted aubergine, are just delicious like that and thislooks really yummy.

  6. Thanks Jaya for visiting. You have a lovely blog and I love "melitzanes" the Greek word for eggplant. Your recipe sounds delicious.

  7. What a lovely way to prepare aubergines. i love aubergines. I will look out for mustard oil.haven't seen it yet. By the way, in my mother tongue it is berinjela.

  8. Happy,
    thanks for coming.

    melitzanes ,Melitzanes, i am trying to remember.Thanks for coming here.I have seen a spicy baked eggplant recipe in your lovely site also...will try it someday.

    Berinjela ,WOW! almost sounds like Branjelina(Brad pitt+ Angelina Jolie).will remember that now.Ya sure try it , I guess if mustard oil is not found ,can use canola/olive oil as subs..

    hugs and smiles

  9. The mustard oil-mash interests me - will make this as soon as I find a fat brinjal!
    Btw, we call brinjal vankaya in Telugu and it's supposed to come from Vanga (your state) + kaya (fruit).

  10. Haven't tasted it...looks yummy...

  11. Sra,
    yeah , the fat ones are the real good ones if roasted.
    vankaya,I will remember that..
    Thanks for coming, do try ,you will like it the taste...
    hugs and smiles

  12. i loved the way u began your post...not just the recipe appeared enticing,your words too...
    thank u so much for sharing...

  13. p.b,
    I cant get into your profile , but thanks for your kind words here...

  14. we Parsis call it 'Vengnu'... n I love it. Shall try ur recipes for sure since I love to cook. Thx

    1. Thanks Vahbiz ..I shall try to remember Vengnu :-)...sure why not ..thats why I keep putting up recipes here..share,learn and incorporate..thanks for coming here..


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