Friday, March 13, 2009

Chicken Soup

It feels great to see your little kids take some giant step towards life.
Today I got a letter from my daughter's Pre- school for the orientation programme.She will be soon joining this big school.Some more days and my duty to drop her to her Play- school and then pick up will be over .She will be traveling thro school bus, but no more holding my hand or resting her head over my lap.
It gives me sheer chill down the spine , don’t know if this is me or my extra cautious motherly feeling.I am kind of having, sweats in my hands whenever I am thinking about that which haven’t happened yet.
Anyways lets get back to cooking and for that I would like to share a recipe for chicken soup .Now we all know how much soup is healthy and nutritious.
It says have chicken soup when suffering from cold and cough, and it is just so true in our case.

This remains my daughter's fav soup.....

Chicken soup
1 drumstick or you may add any other chicken portions..
1 onion
Few tsp of ginger paste
Few tsp of garlic paste
1 tomato,1 bay leaf
1 tsp of cumin powder (fresh grounded is must for that earthy flavour)
1 egg
Vegetables as per your taste and preference

Clean the drumstick well.
Add oil in a pressure cooker, let it heat up, add 1bay leaf.
Now add the onions,garlic ,ginger ,vegetables and drumstick, fry well for 2-3 mints
Add cumin powder, coat well.
Add water approx 2-3 cups.
Add in tomato pieces, salt and little black pepper powder ,as I was making this soup for my lil one.grown ups can add more spice if they wish to ...
Now lock the pressure cooker, let it whistle once and then lower the flame cook for 20 mints at low.
Open the pressure cooker when the pressure subsides.
You may add in one egg at this time, stir well. Cooking tip from a wonderful recipe of soup Chicken Soup at Recipeswap .
Also at this time if you feel that the soup needs to be thickened a little , add in 1 tbs of corn starch/flour in 1 cup of this chicken broth and mix in well with the entire soup.Just heat it enough before serving.
Serve with 1 tsp of butter and some coriander leaves.
Happy Cooking Friends


  1. I think we moms have more trouble in letting go of our kids than the kids themself.
    I remember goingthrough the same emotions when mine went through this phase and I had more trouble than her :-)
    Love the soup, looks really healthy and delicious.

  2. Its such a joy to see kids grow up right .. Iam a vegetarian, But I have seen my friends drool over chicken soup

  3. Very good soup to have when we have flu or cold too, looks delicious Jaya! :)

  4. Very nice Jaya, I love this soup and my Mansi does too! :-)
    Your daughter will start enjoying herself in her big school soon and you will too once the initial separation anxiety is over for both of you!! :-)
    Congrats on the milestone achieved!! :)
    Sending my love to your daughter...

  5. I hear you, Jaya! It must be so tough to just think about the little ones growing up and having to get independent and face the world! I remember the first day I sent M to daycare when she was 9 months old. I was crying so much!Now I have to think of enrolling her in pre-school too and I'm also terrified! Hang in there, though J. It will all be fine! Hugs to you and the little one!

    Chicken soup is perfect for that nagging cough or for fighting a cold. Nice one!

  6. Jaya ... I completely depend on the curing properties of chicken soup ... it has always helped in colds and sore throats. Ar emni khete to bhalo lagei. Ami chicken ta shred kore di. :-)
    Tomar version ta ektu alada .. cumin powder diyecho ... ekbar kore dekhbo. :-)

  7. Happy,
    yeah quite true!! can't help it...
    thanks for coming here..
    you can sub it with other vegetables and yeah, its a joy to see kids growning in front of your eyes...
    Thank you !!
    Let's hope things turn out well...
    Manasi too love it ,that's great :)..
    thats exactly I felt when I send her to play-school for the first time, initial few days I was used to wait for her outside the school ,just sit there for 1hr(doing nothing!!) when she would come come out ,I would hug her tight....
    Well I am kind of making my mind now ,thanks for cheering me up ...
    Shred korle amaar meye khete chaye na..aar cumin powder dile oor khete bhalo lage ..
    hugs and smiles

  8. A vegetarian I knew heard the word drumsticks in a discussion about chicken and didn't understand at all! :-) He thought it was a reference to the vegetable but had his doubts because it didn't fit in the context.
    Best of luck to your daughter at the big school, Jaya.

  9. yummy...u mk me miss home food...

    kp up ur cooking and ur kids will adore u forever!!

  10. Okay, that does it. I have to make some chicken soup soon. :)

  11. Hi jaya,

    I like your recipes, do you mind if I add your blog link to my blog? http://bavanigopala.blogspot.com

  12. Thanks soulvibes for stoping here , home food is all we crave for always isn't ...feel at home here...

    yeah you gonna love it ..
    Hi bavani,
    welcome here and no, not at all..
    hugs and smiles

  13. Sra,
    OMG!! LOL ,thats too good ..drumstick is a vegetable also unless and untill you dont get it from feathered ones..hehe..
    thanks for your warm wishes ....
    hugs and smiles


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