Monday, March 16, 2009

Shoro Chakhali -Another Dosa Variation

I thought quiz is entirely based on the general awareness about your surroundings and politics, sports and cultural activities, until recently I noticed these question/answer series depicting how successful you are in any particular relationship, be it mom-daughter, husband-wife, girlfriend-boyfriend or with your dog even!!
Here you are given some questions and multiple choice answers based on the possible reactions/activity one may come across.You start doing the questions,for every score you are given some points ,these will add upto your final appraisal.
Now my friends, I must tell you , there are Four types of people regarding this-
One –they will straight jump to attempt these, as if this is their last day; I am being one of them!!
Second- they will see others doing it, so they will attempt doing it for the sake of their peers.
Third-these are the real ones, they will not attempt it anyhow, but deep down somewhere, their mind will be scolding them, why on earth they haven’t attempted it ,but no trace of such reactions/emotions on their face , and when the final score will come out they will be giving you a glance ,I-Told-You-So-That’s-Why-I-Don’t –Attempt-It.
Fourth-gem of gems, they will walk out straight from there without further wasting anymore time there.
Now why I am saying all these, because I have given four choices to the basic question of “attempting these quizs” and you my friend, tried to fit into these categories (You don’t, well you are then very special) ….so you know what I mean …again a quiz! How infectious it is!!

Shoro Chakhali -another type of dosa

Anyways now to cooking , I am going to share a wonderful recipe for Shoro Chakhali, It’s quite like the dosa, but the lentil here is yellow moong dal.The lentil paste is mixed with rice powder just like a normal dosa would do but the fermentation process is entirely skipped,so you prepare the batter and start cooking right from there.

Shoro Chakhali is prepared in poush-paban in Bengal or during”sankranti”, yeah this was prepared during that period but I am sharing it with you now (I know I am a latelatif ,but cant help it when real life calls ,virtual life takes back seat sometimes,hope you my friend understand that ……)
This is usually accompanied with noton gur/Jaggery syrup, and this tastes just perfect with that only…May be for jaggery syrup substitute, maple syrup can be used, because this indeed is a variation of pancakes or rather vegetarian pancakes, isn’t??
Now to the recipe ---
Shoro Chakali
2 cups of mong dal( yellow small lentil)
2 cups of rice powder (chal gurun) or you may go the entire process of soaking /sona masoori/gobind bhog or any other rice for 2-3 hrs ,then grinding to a smooth paste..
Pinch of salt

Soak the dal for 2-3 hrs.Wash the dal with water for 2-3 times.
Grind it in mixer to a smooth paste.
Mix in with rice powder (chal gurun, available in packets of half kg or 1kg, so no need to soak the rice and then grind it)
Add little bit of water to make a smooth batter just like dosa, add pinch of salt.
Now make shoro chakali just like dosa rounds.
Have it with noton gur.Make syrup with noton gur.Just dissole the solid gur/jaggery in water and cook at low to form sweet syrup.
This brings a good change in our usual night meal.
You can make this savoury too, just stuff in with aloo-peas subzi or paneer bhurji.
Happy Cooking Friends


  1. Ager post ta porlam. Tomar meye ki pre-K jabe ? Hugs to you, everything will be fine and she will enjoy to the utmost.

    Shoru Chakli heavvy hoyeche

  2. Amader barite shoru chakli biri dal ar chaal bata diye i hoto Jaya .. amra shokaler jolkhabare khetam alur torkarir shonge. :-) Bhalo mone koriye dile ... kaajer bhir e dingulo je ki bhabe kaate ... :-) Puropuri gorom porar age ekdin banabo. :-)

  3. I love any kind of dosa.Dosa looks very delicious.

  4. Sandeepa,
    hain re! amaar bhishun chinta oke niye ...

    hain , nischoyi kore try korbe...eyikhane to puropuri garam pore gheche...

    Thank you !!
    hugs and smiles

  5. We make a moong dal pancake called pesarattu. Some people even add rice. It's usually filled with upma or with cut onion-chilli-ginger. Fresh ginger chutney is a good accompaniment.

  6. Jaya, your little one is growing up fast... Shoru chakhali dekhte darun lagche... I want one of those now :)

  7. this dosa is quite like the pesarattu in andhra. one of my favourites.

  8. Sounds delicious and I loved that it is had with jaggery syrup, yum !

  9. Sra,
    I have heard about pessaratu ,shoro chakli is very much like it and it would be great to have it onion/ginger and chillies...

    yeah time flies ! thanks for visiting

    Its great to know about it ,thanks for stoping by..

    thanks dear !!

  10. looks yummy. i make a dosa with just moong daal. addition of rice flour should make it very crisp.

    when it comes to those quizzes, i belong to the 3rd type. hehe

  11. Jaya ,

    first time on your blog..one of my favorite things :) I used to eat Shoro chakhali when mom cooked them

    have to try them :)



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