Friday, March 27, 2009

Click -Wood

Yesterday I made fresh batches of namkins and while making it I realized, this fits into the theme of Click this month i.e Wood ,visit this page for more details Click-Wood .We all know about this great pair of talented peoples who does this great Jugalbandi together. Visit them to know more about them.

For the recipe of namkins visit Here

Happy Cooking Friends


  1. Great Click, Namkeens look so cute! :)

  2. the namkins looks delicious. thanks for your entry, dear jaya.

  3. nice click .. I love namkeens , been a while since I made em

  4. baah..nimki gulo toh daruun hoyechhe!! ek duu cup chaa holei hobe :)

  5. The dough cut into little bits remind me of kaju katlis and similar sweets :-) I like the dark colour of the wood.

  6. Happy, Asha Thanks
    Bee it's my pleasure always to participate ..
    Deesha yeah sure make them and enjoy munchingthem..
    Joyeeta nischoyi chaye sathe khete darun lage ,tumi ascho to..
    Sra,dark color yeah it sure is..my mom has a little light colour chakli(rolling board) and belan(rolling pin)
    Thanks all for coming here ..
    hugs and smiles

  7. First time here. It reminds me of maida biscuits. So cool and delicious. Hugs with smiles.


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