Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Couscous Payesh (Sweet Couscous milk pudding)

Today is Basant Panchmi, and it marks the arrival of spring in northern hemisphere , don’t know why this time it is so early as usually Saraswati pujo falls in the month of Feb.Today we will be offering our small pujo to Goddess of knowledge-Maa Saraswati.And kids will be delighted to have a days off from rigorous study.
And some even be planning to make Gota sheddo.If you want ,please visit here for the detailed recipe--Gota Shedo
Anyways so thought of posting a payesh recipe with a non-traditional ingredient this time.
Cous-cous is a Moroccon/middle Eastern delight .The kind of packets we get here are ready-made/instant couscous, so it takes very few mints to assemble a nice dish out of it.I just thought they were very nice when made into a kheer or payesh.This can be well placed on a breakfast table.Just reduce the milk for a dry crumbly effect.I was in a mood to make a constitency of a payesh ,so added lots of whole milk+some cashews+raisins, and simmered it at low till it thickened into a nice way ,you can say a constitency of a rice pudding.Sweet cous-cous is a delight for us as I tried to add jaggery to it.This remineded quite a lot like nolen gurer payesh .If you want the payesh recipe with traditional content then visit here--- Semiya Payesh with Nolen Gur and here--- Chal'er payesh/Kheer .

Couscous diye payesh ( Sweet Couscous milk pudding)Ingredients
Whole milk- 2 cups
Sugar-2-4 tbs or add as per taste
Couscous-3 -4 tbs
Palm jaggery or any other jaggery -2 tbs
Sugar 3-4 tbs or as per your taste
Soak 3 -4 tbs of couscous in warm water.Keep aside.Let it sit there for 10 mints.
In a separate saucepan, add milk and let it simmer at low.Add one bay leaf at this point .
Now after 8 mints add the above soaked couscous in the milk.Let it thicken a little more.
Add in cashews or raisins as per your choice.
Turn off the flame when you think the milk and couscous have amalgameted well and cous-cous feels like melt in mouth kind of.
Now at the end ,add sugar + jaggery or patali gur /or you may add only sugar /or only jaggery ,entirely upto you. TIP--One thing is that -couscous require a little more sugar as compared to vermicelli or rice payesh.So I just added little more sugar and jaggery to it.Wish I had nolen gur then it would have been even better.Will be posting another recipe with couscous soon.
Serve chilled.
I have used Sri Lankan Palm Jaggery available here in place of nolen gur.
Here is another way of preparing Couscous payasam,visit Sra's blogpost - Here
Happy Cooking and enjoy Basant Panchmi or Saraswati Pujo.


  1. I have a couscous payesh on my blog too!

  2. Wowo payasom with couscous i have never had it. Looks yumm.

  3. This is absolutely my fave Payasa or Payesh with Polis. Looks mouthwatering Jaya, last time I made this was 2 yrs ago for Shivaratri.

    Yes, MLK was a great guy. He was very influenced by Gandhi for peaceful protests. They have a Gandhi Museum too there and I saw his wooden slippers, his Gita etc when he was here and I was so happy to see them! :))

  4. I have never heard of this pudding, looks delicious though!

  5. i was searching for something with couscous..and landed on yours..

    lovely space.. am following it.

    I am recent user of couscous.. used imy potato wedges.. check out on my blog.



  6. Hey Jaya

    Couscous Payasa looks really yummy..never tried it..i'll try soon..great pic..

  7. Sra,
    thats great and let me check that also.

    people here have sweet couscous breakfast made with milk.I just thought let me have our very own payasam this time :)..

    2 years is a long time ..
    wow! never knew MLK was so inspired by Gandhi.It must have been so exciting to see his wooden slippers..

    yeah it is different but very flavourful..

    even i wasnt sure when i started making it out but it really was delicious...you should try it and let me know how it turn out ..

    ok let me check the way of prepared potatoes with couscous ..sounds very interesting already..

    let me know how it turn out and thanks for coming ..

    thank you all for coming here and leaving your footprints :)..

  8. Hey Jaya

    there is a surprize waiting at my blog for you...come and collect it please..

    cheers and enjoy the weekend

  9. Talk about an innovative way to make payesh!! Looks so yummy.

  10. mmm thats a novel way making payesh!!! Definitely would love to have it!!!

  11. Jaya,

    Onek khujlaam internet je ei couscous bostu tii kii kintu kichootei bujhte parchhii naa je etaa kii??
    Aami kokhono dekhii nii shetaii mone hochhe...but paayesh ta dekhe mone hoyechhilo prothome je etaa daliya'r paayesh.
    Kaachhe thakle, badi giye ek baati kheye aashtaam :-)
    How's the weather now?

  12. This is awesome and mouthwatering. Do visit my blog when time permits.http://shanthisthaligai.blogspot.com/

  13. Pudding looks very nice, absolutely droolworthy...

  14. Aquadaze,Ramya,Malar,Shanti,Joyeeta
    thank you all for stoping by.
    hugs and smiles

  15. Cous Cous in Payash looks so good. Very new and creative, I bet it taste great.


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