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Duporer Khabar -Pomfret'er Tel Jhaal

Recently a non governing body in Delhi CSE –Centre for Science and Environment conducted some chemical test to see the level of pthalates in soft toys.They collected random samples from toy shops specially the ones children under three years use for sucking and chewing to help them while they are teething.Well it was shocking to find out the results ,45 per cent of the toys have high level of toxic content in them.Pthalates is a very notorious chemical which is used to make plastic soft, but it has very severe side-effect on a child’s developing body,lungs and it may trigger asthma also.
Now the most shocking result was it also included major brands like Funskool and Mattel.In fact highest among the other samples.
If you want to read more then go-- Here
There is no regulation or standard in terms of manufacturing soft toys in India(European countries have banned using this chemical in manufacturing of plastic toys long ago).It becomes even more concerning because half of the parents are unaware or they dont have any clue regarding this. So if you are thinking to buy soft plastic toys as a birthday gift to your friends son or daughter who is an infant or toddler or are looking to give these soft toys to your own child, I would suggest -pick and buy sensibly.

And now to the recipe .This has become a regular in our dinner or lunch table these days.Pomfret fish is fried well and then made into simple,quick easy Tel jhaal with some chopped brinjal and green chillies tossed in.I am sure this can be made with any frozen white fish fillets or cod fillets as well.Here is simple and easy recipe with pomfret –a saline water fish.

Pomfret ‘er Tel Jhaal
Serves for 4
2 silver pomfret
1 brinjal cut into longitudinal pieces
2 medium size tomato chopped coarsely
Few tsp of turmeric powder
2 tsp of red pepper powder
2 garlic chopped finely
3-4 tbs of oil
Salt as per taste

Cut the brinjal into longitudinal pieces.
Cut pomfret in half or let it remian whole which ever is suitable for you ,and then clean it well and then marinate with turmeric powder/holod and salt.
Heat up a saucepan ,add oil and fry the fish pieces well for golden brown.
Now in that saucepan which you were using to fry fish,add chopped garlic and let it fry well.
Add 1cup of water,1-2 tsp of turmeric powder,red pepper powder,chopped brinjal and tomato.
Add salt and some more oil also.
You may add in 2-3 green chillies as well for extra spicyness.
Add in fried fish.Cook till the gravy get thickned a little bit or the brinjal is cooked.

This recipe is inspired by our very known recipe of Ilish Macher Tel jhaal, so in place of pomfret you may use ilish(hilsa) also.

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Now there is an interesting series of interview happening at Cook Like A Bong ,dont forget to check in about that .Meanwhile they have come up with this post Here .Hope you like reading it.

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  1. I love pomfret, in kerala we eat them a lot, last time i had this was when i was home.
    Love the way you have prepared them.

  2. Tomar ghoroa recipe gulo amar eto bhalo lage Jaya .. especially dupurer khabarer series ... jokhon e dekhi khide peye jaye. :-)
    Interview ta khub bhalo hoyeche. Amar blog porte bhalobasho jene bhalo laglo ... kintu Kichukhon ekhon eka e pore ache. Bhalo theko. :-)

  3. Gravy looks so delicious, like the masala.

  4. Looks quite inviting....we love pomfret, but combining it with brinjals is totally new to me...and about toys u'r right from last couple of years we try to buy only made in europe toys bit pricier but quality wise full assurance...

  5. Picture looks great..gravy and masala blend nicely..

    cheers and have a good weekend..

  6. I was also shocked on reading the level of pthalates in soft toys........Thanks for very informative write up on the same....will def be careful while choosing soft toys in future.....
    The recipe is great as I love pomfret... the picture is so inviting.....making me hungry as i type this :))

  7. happy,

    yeah there are many recipes quite similar in Keralite cuisine and Bengali cuisine as both are very fish dependent lol..thanks for coming

    Kicho-khon koto din eka thakbe shuni? phire eshe abaar :)..
    hain eyi duporer khabar ta amaar ekdom ghoroa ranna .beshi experiment korle barir lokera khete chaye na abaar lol...

    thank you !

    hi and warm welcome here, I do think we dont get much supply of european toys in India, so the option/choice is very less.

    thanks you too have a nice weekend.

    hi and warm welcome.
    we dont have any kind of regulating bodies regarding manufacturing toys for children and as a parent it is our responsibilty now to buy products carefully and thats the least we can do atleast for our children.

    hugs and smiles
    thank you all for coming.

  8. I love pomfret, its been ages I have seen this fish, this post makes me very hungry...luks delicious

  9. arrey etaa kobe holo, aami miss kore gechhi!! Congrats Jaya for being in the best 7 bengali bloggers...great news! :-)
    Also a great interview...:-)


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