Monday, April 26, 2010

Learning and Inspirations-Huli Podi for Blog Bites-Copycat Edition

I started this blog just to keep track of the recipes that I was preparing at that time. I never imagined that this would shape up like this in present form. I had no knowledge regarding HTML and programming was not my cup of tea. I learned everything from scratch, with my trial and error methods I finally managed to have this look of the blog. There are times when I look back and try to recall my earlier visitors who leaved their valuable footprints here. It always feels so good to get some nice response in return of the things we share here. I can always remember Vani.
In this particular Post , she specifically asked me to put some pictures of the recipe. To be honest I didn’t had digital camera at that time. So, uploading pictures was something out of my mind at that time. But her positive comment made me feel so elated and inspired by her advice; I purchased our digital camera and started taking food pictures thereafter, something which gives me immense pleasure still.
I copied this recipe for Huli Podi from her blog. If I am not wrong Huli Podi is also called as sambhar podi.I just reduced the quantity of dried red peppers as we can’t tolerate that much of spiciness easily as some of my friends can do. Also added some desiccated coconut to it. Wish I had something similar like my small masala grinder or coffee grinder with me now for a more even and smooth finish for the podi/powder. This has become one of the main spice powders in my daily cooking now. I am so hooked to the flavor of this pudi/powder that I even add it to my rui/ilish fish curries. Visit Vani’s recipe for Huli podi - Here

And there is another food blogger who always surprises me with her immense capabilities of creating lip-smacking dishes and beautiful knitting projects- Nupur.

With inspiration from Nupur's cute knitting projects and my Friend Joyeeta 's cute crochet projects, I tried my hand in making two scarf’s-one for myself and other for my daughter.
Picture below is my daughters’ cute pink color scarf which she adored wearing all thro this winter even going to school. This has started a new learning process; let’s see how things shape up in this field.

This one is her cute teddy sitting over her treasure box which she made out of an old shoe box.She has been keeping all her goodies or treasures in that box from stones to old paper cuttings, to her paint works and many such interesting things.

Sending this post to Nupurs Blog Bites-2 Copycat Edition , visit here for more details- Click Here .
Happy Cooking Friends


  1. Thank you for the sweet words about me- very kind of you!

    The podi looks very flavorful, thanks for your entry.

    Congratulations on your knitting projects! The pink scarf is so cute and cuddly; your daughter must feel extra special that her mommy made it for her.

  2. Hi thats really so wonderful and creative....loved to know ur another talent too...

  3. that surely is a lovely cuddly scarf...not only to keep your little one warm from cold but with your love. the way you spoke about your fellow bloggers, it shows how courteous you are as a person. lovely podi as well dear.

  4. Nupur,
    yeah thanks for accepting the entry despite my late entry to the food event.I am kind of so addicted to the flavour of the podi that I try to add in every vegetable stir/fry I make now.That do give added flavours to any stir/fry.
    That pink scarf is my daughter's fav one now.The minute I saw the texture of the fabric ,i knew it would turn out something like this provided I stictch the way it should be without any goof-ups ..I am so happy it came out so soft and cuddly.Thanks for stoping by.

    thanks rey! for liking it.And I just loved your noton bochorer Meal ..delicious.

    My daughter sometimes even play with it also.Seriously, this has opened a new chapter in my life -another hobby to keep me busy.
    So, sometimes when i am not here you now already know what I am upto LOL..Bhalo laglo tumi ele.

    hugs and smiles

  5. Such a sweet post. I love podies and homemade masalas. Nice to see yours! :)

  6. That's a lovely scarf--warm, fluffy and adorable!

  7. SS,
    hi and warm welcome here.
    It always feel so good to prepare home-made podi/spice powders.Thanks for coming here.

    how are you? long time....good to see you here.
    hugs and smiles

  8. Love home made sambhar powder, it will be so fresh with full of flavours...give good taste to the gravy too...and your daughter's scarf is very pretty, your so talented..

  9. Loved all your new posts...running late so gotta go but not without thanking you for mentioning my small efforts!

    I am soooooo happy to see you knitting such lovely keepsakes, no wonder Aditi must love it so dearly!!

  10. Sushma,
    thanks for your kind words.

    hain or eyi scarf ta bhishon priyo...
    hugs and smiles

  11. I'd forgotten that you're Mantu from the older days :) Glad you liked the huli pudi, Jaya. I use it for bhajis and curries and even with an egg curry once along with some Kitchen King masala.
    Hope you're less homesick now and fell settled in. Me doing good. S is now 3 months old already! Not bloghopping much these days but hope to catch up with u again soon. Take care now!


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