Friday, April 23, 2010

Mango Mousse

You saw a very delicious shining, mango pulp puree can in a supermarket while weekly grocery shopping. You now realize that back home summer has come with bounty full of delicious mangoes. Seeing an Oak tree from the window, you then start visualizing the old mango tree back home, which was everybody’s centre of attraction Last year . You now further realize that Mrs. M and Mrs. B must be so happy as you are no where there to claim your share. You start pitying yourself that you are stuck up in this land of peaches and apples and oranges but not mangoes.
Being jealous, you are now distressed. The other day you go to the supermarket .You purchase one large yellow mango, but it turn out more like a papaya. You become confused and then ring back home to ask have mangoes arrived there .On the other hand they seemed to be more inclined or interested in telling you about IPL fiasco or the recent Iceland Volcanic eruptions and it’s severe impact on global air travel. (We Bengalis love to talk anything under the sun!!).They keep talking about the fiasco and the volcanic ash for more. And at the time of hanging up the phone, finally confirm that mangoes are like wild mushrooms there with lots of varieties available-langra,chousa and Himsagar to name a few. To your amusement you came to conclusion later that you have probably eaten a mango originated near a place where Inca or probably Maya civilization flourished in past. Another vague guess may be from Macho-Picho who knows.

(Macho-Picho suddenly reminds you a scene from an old Bengali movie.Here Utpal Dutt ,played a character of anthropologist who has travelled throughout the world,shares good relationship with Anila's(played by Mamta Shanker) little boy in one of great Satyajit Ray's film Agantuk ).A beautiful and captive story of a unknown stranger who leaves behind many tales to remember.)
After all these recent developments in your life, you decide that enough is enough. You head straight towards the supermarket again and purchase that knight in shining armour -alphonso mango pulp can. You feel victory at your feet finally and you can now eat your share of mango or mango pulp, whatever!!

Mango Mousse
1 cup of alphonso mango puree (available in cans)
2 egg whites
2-3 sheet s of unflavoured gelatin (approx 2inch*2 inch sheet)
1 cup of whipped cream
2 tbs of milk
6-7 tbs of sugar or as per taste
½ cup of water
Cut the gelatin sheet with kitchen scissor into small pieces and dissolve in half cup of cold water. Cover it and keep it for 7-8 mints till they become soft. Drain excess water.
Meanwhile process mango puree and sugar together.
Beat egg whites to soft peaks.
Now whip up the cream and milk together. Fold about one third of this mixture to egg whites .And then keep folding gently till all the cream is used.
In a separate saucepan put some water to boil, and place the gelatin sheet with some water in a small bowl over it and gently keep mixing. When the gelatin sheets get dissolved completely, take off. Make sure the mixture doesn’t get too hot; this may prevent proper mousse to set.
Now put the gelatin mixture to the pureed mango pulp, mix well.
Its time to fold eggwhites+cream mixture with mango mixture. Fold them well.
Set them in individual serving glasses or a big vessel. Keep refrigerated for 6-7 hrs prior of serving. Enjoy the pure magic.

I have used 30 percent single cream for the above as this makes it light. If you wish you may use heavy whipping cream for further smooth textured mousse.
At the time of processing mango, add some lemon juice, this may help to thicken it more. Although I haven’t added it for the above.

Sending this to summer food events hosted by two talented food bloggers- Anupama and Indrani. Please visit their wonderful food blogs or follow the links below to know more.

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Happy Cooking Friends


  1. That looks really good! I read that there's a poorer mango crop in the South this year.

  2. I want to grab one of those glasses, looks creamy yummy.

  3. Mango is my favoritest fruit! Lasy week I got some which were ridiculously sour! I am somehow hooked on to the taste of langda / malda aam we used to get in Bihar where I grew up.

    My cousins from Bombay were such Alphonso fans. Maybe for your Mousse, I will get a can of Alphonsos and try this since I have some whipping cream from my Creme Brulee. :-)

  4. hi Jaya! long time...kemon aacho....you must be missing mangoes so much...i remember abt my dry days:P and can feel what you are going thru:)the mango mousse is darun...gr8 click too:)

  5. I only love mangoes if am in kolkata, mangoes here in bangalore are so bad...hate them.but now you have given a great option to do with such qualities. looks lovely.

  6. Splendid, loved ur display so much...well presented:)

  7. Awesome presentation,Jaya!:)Your mango mousse looks lovely!!You are right about summer back home...its really come in a bounty this year,leaving Kolkatans grumpy and grudging and sweating bucketfuls!But your mango mousse looks so soothing...wish I could grab one straight from your table:)

  8. Sra,
    Is it then,but why? may be something to do with global warming or may be not..thanks for coming.

    oh! thanks Finla for liking it..

    yeah,even we are so fond of langa/dasheri varieties.Whenever we have bought mangoes in abroad,we have always felt disappointed.Oh! at least something is better than nothing ,go ahead try koro bhalo lagbe :)..

    yeah,things were little busy at my end ..bhalo achi ami.Dry Day Uf!theek bolecho :D...

    Surprising that mangoes in Bangolore is not that tasty..yeah you can try this at home,if you can get mango puree cans easily in supermarkets there, okhane aajkaal ki paba jaye na bolo to :)..

    thank you for coming dear.

    yeah when I compare summer here and back home ,I feel I am in a better climatic state LOL, but when I remember those delicious mangoes,my heart feel so sad.Thanks for liking it ..

    thank you all for droping by
    hugs and smiles

  9. Jaya, bengali movie r reference pore monta nostalgic hoe galo....koto ki je miss korchhi ki bolbo....jai hok..the mousse came out so perfect...gonna try it very soon..have all the ingrdnts handy...take care....have a nice day...

  10. Mango mousse looks awesome! Perfect for the summers!

  11. Kamalika,
    sotti amra koto j miss kori..endless list tai na :)..try koro kemon holo janabe..

    thank you dear

    hi and how are you ?thanks for liking it ..

    hugs and smiles

  12. Can't beat the aroma and flavor of well-riped Mangoes in any dish, specially in desserts. Mousse looks so delicious.

  13. Sri,thanks

    yeah fresh mango are altogether a different genre,but these were realy deliicous.thanks

  14. pl give me the measurements for gelatin in teaspoons.


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