Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lessons learnt while Making Ice cream cake rolls

I was trying my hand in making cake rolls. As a beginner, I think I have just managed to make this cake Ok kind of. I wouldn’t say it was the most perfect try, as when I rolled it, cracks started to develop, which shouldn’t be happening for a perfect cake roll. This reminds me, I have some more miles to go.
This however was just enough to pacify our thirst for some new type of desert. I am glad I did my best for it.
Figure it out. I was going nuts to figure out what cake flour is. Lesson learned Number one-check synonyms for ingredients (that include knowing local names of ingredients) before trying out new recipes. I searched every aisle of my supermarket here, even asked one of the helper working in there. I came back home empty handed after all those efforts, but later when I checked in net found out that cake flour is self rising flour. I have been using self rising flour to make Banana Pancakes every weekend now and I don’t need to add that I have ample supply of these in my pantry. Despite of that I wasted precious time in finding/figuring out this. Cake flour is -Self rising flour with some added cornstarch to give that smooth and fine texture, a kind of perfect for this type of smooth cake roll recipes.Cake flour is accomplished by heavy milling.

Being adventurous is good but not this time. Lesson number two-never under estimate modern technology. I used a fork for folding the eggs; yeah I know a big mistake. I would suggest relying on your Kitchen Aid Mixer type Processor for it, as it saves your hands potential energy while folding eggs .By the time I finished folding egg yolks and then egg whites, my hands and fingers were aching. Lesson learned number three-Time to get some proper egg beater.

Sometimes small is mighty. Lesson Number- O.k ,last one in my list-If a particular recipe has asked for a special ingredients, never skip that, and more so if it is about baking a cake. Wax papers come handy when making these cake rolls. Mine was stuck in the baking tray and for that I have to tap it quite firmly to get hold of the cake, resulting in some cracks. Get good quality wax paper and bake over it. This way the cake can slide of the pan with ease.

This was very flavourful, a very soft cake and was much liked by my family despite all the goof-ups I have made.

Now with the entire lesson learnt, to the recipe , adapted from here-( Here )
Ice –cream cake roll
Recipe requirements
4 eggs separated
¾ cup of cake flour
¾ cup of sugar
¼ cup of cocoa powder
¾ tsp of baking powder

1 tsp of vanilla essence
2-3 cups of ice-cream any flavour
Pinch of salt
In a bowl, mix in cake flour, cocoa powder, salt.
Let eggs come to room temperature or let it sit for 15-20 mints prior of making this cake, then separate egg yolks and egg whites.
In a large mixing bowl, beat in egg yolks till it becomes thick and pale yellow .I did with a fork and it took me 10-12 mints of continuous and vigorous mixing, quite tiring though .I would suggest you to use any kitchen aid mixer. Just run it for 3-4mints at high and you are all done. Simple as that.
Slowly add sugar and vanilla to it and keep mixing it well. It took another 10 -12 mints with a fork/egg beater.
In a separate bowl, beat in egg whites to white soft peaks or until light and puffy. Then keep adding rest of the egg whites to form light and soft peaks.
Line a greased 15 inch*10 inch*1 inch baking tray with wax paper. Grease and flour the paper.
Preheat oven at 175 deg Celsius or 350 deg F, bake it for 15-16 mints. Take out and check-if touched it should spring back. Turn this cake over a kitchen towel dusted with confectioner’s sugar or icing sugar.Take out the wax paper slowly now.
Then roll this cake up and let it cool for sometimes.
After it has cooled, unroll the cake and then generously spread any flavor ice-cream. Roll this cake again. Cover with plastic wrap and freeze.
Before serving, just thaw it for 4-5 mints, cut and serve with some chocolate sauce or some extra ice-cream.

I looked for cake flour in net, and came to conclusion it is the self rising/raising flour available here. So I have used self rising flour for the above recipe.
The filling can be any flavored jam or marmalade or even any flavored ice-cream. This cake roll reminded us of cassata ice-cream that we used to have in Delhi.

And let me wish all my readers a very happy poila Baishak, Baisakhi,Rongali –bihu ,Puthandu and Vishu.
Shobo nababarsho everybody


  1. The cake seems perfect to me...the nice looking and tempting cake is literarily making me drooling....
    The lessons are very handy..thanks for sharing about cake flour...even I didn't know what a cake flour was...I also once made a cake roll ..u can check it out here-http://silencesings.blogspot.com/2010/03/buche-de-noel.html

    The wax paper really is very helpfull tool for making this kind of cake....bookmarking ur recipe..will surely try it...have a nice day...

  2. At least you tried Jaya :)
    Next time will be better.
    Abd Subho Noboborsho to you and yours..
    And on a different note, my book blog "I Read" has moved and now it's here: http://bookswithcoffee.wordpress.com/..Sumana.

  3. Mindblowing Jaya...this has come out soooo smooth and perfect. Aditi must have loved it!
    Many happy wishes for Poila Baishakh to your family...

  4. Kamalika,
    thats so kind of you :)...and I am gomg to check your cake roll recipes..thanks for coming by..

    thanks! oh tai, lovely ,will check your new place ..and wish you and your family a lovely nababorsho too..

    hain ,or bhishon bhalo legechilo ..r ice-cream hole to kicho katha hoye na :)...shobho nababorsho..
    hugs and smiles

  5. Hi Jayaji,
    I absolutely love the look of the cake!! goof ups happen and Yes..I applaud ur effort of sharing the Dont's with ur fellow food bloggers :)
    SHUBHO NOBOBORSHO to u and all ur loved ones!!
    Have a fantastic celebration and a great year ahead!!

  6. shubho naba barsha to you too Jaya, the cake is scrumptious.

  7. Suparna,
    good to see you here ..Shobho nababorsho to yours also.

    thanks and wish all of you shobho nababorsho ..how is Ameya doing now?

    hugs and smiles

  8. That's quite an adventure!

    This looks perfect! i started baking much, much before I started cooking and this is one thing that I never tried. Initially, I'd find it impossible to believe you could fold a cake but of course, the jam rolls in our local bakery were a constant reminder that it could be done!

  9. Sra,
    That was on my mind when I was making this ..those delicious jam rolls..Thanks for coming by..
    hugs and smiles

  10. Shubho nabarsho to u and ur family too....kamon katale janio....ami aaj nabarsho ei tukui feel korlam naam e matro..bidheshe thakle ja hoe....:(..missed my family and india too much...

  11. Kamalika,
    hain bidesh e thakle kicho mone hoye na ..barite chilaam and in the evening we(me and daughter) went out for our usual evening walks..
    Back home in my neighbourhood people will gather and celebrate,distirbute sweets and wear new clothes.I mean lot of activity as compared to here..eyi samay hi barir kotha beshi mone hoye..
    hugs and smiles

  12. Making a ice cream cake is a very hard task for me because sometimes it ends up as a disaster.

  13. Shubho Nobo Borsho dear Jaya! :-)
    Eta amar fav jinish baniyecho ... ekdom perfect! :-)

  14. you are modest in saying this has come out just right. for me this is perfect Jaya. looks devilishly delicious and now you have also inspired me to try my hand in rolls. looks awesome and a glance at this confirms the marvelous taste. yum!!!

  15. Your efforts paid off in a big way!

  16. Dining table,

    ekhon kemon feel korcho..bhalo laglo tumake eyikhane dekhe :)..

    na rey! sotti ..amar mind e seyi jams roll chilo,jeta amra baker's shop thekhe kine antaam..taar dhare kache O jaye ni eyita ..dekhi net e aro kono recipe thakle try korbo abaar..Thanks for coming by..

    thanks for your kind words, but honestly I do feel I have to cross many more miles LOL..

    hugs and smiles

  17. Cake looks perfect to me dear, but all the tips are valuable ones and thanks for sharing your experience :)

  18. That is one great effort you have done to create this dessert, well worth it. Looks perfect, very professional! :)


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