Friday, January 7, 2011

Spiced Lentil Soup with Bengali Touch

Its being seven days that the New Year ushered in, and I am still in my holiday mood. I couldn’t bring me to write a simple post here. Add to that the winter holidays here in school which means some very relaxed mornings and afternoons for the past two weeks which we the mother and daughter duo seems to enjoy to the fullest. And with that idyllic approach I find it extremely uncanny for me to write here. In case you were waiting for a little update on this blog, you must not disappoint now. Well schools have opened yesterday here so now it’s back to normal routine as of now.

Yesterday was a rainy and cold day. And when it rains we really like to feed our Yin and Yang  both with hearty and warm bowl of soup so that both remains happy and contented.

We are very fond of having biulir dal or korai’er dal or urid dal with warm cooked rice.And we all know aloo posto, korai'er dal (urid dal ) and garam bhat is a classic Bengali Niramish meal combination.
But this time I just made the dal in bulk pureed the entire thing in a food processor and viola we were ready with a hearty and warm soup to accompany our dinner.

Fennel ( mouri) and ginger ( ada bata ) are the two key ingredients in this soup as these are the base ingredients which adds flavour to a typical Bengali Korai dal or Biulir dal . This lentil soup is very healthy and filling by itself. Potato has been added to give a thick consistency.

Creamy Lentil Soup
Recipe requirements
About ½ cup of urid dal/korai’er dal/biulir dal
2-3 tbs of masoor dal or any other dal like moong dal etc
2 medium potatoes
1 tomato or 8-10 cherry tomatoes
2 garlic cloves
1 inch ginger
4 -5 tsp of fennel seeds lightly toasted/roasted over tava or skillet
2-3 tsp of dried oregano
2-3 tsp of whole black pepper freshly grounded
1/2 tsp of crushed red pepper flakes (optional)
1-2 tbs  of butter
About ½ cup of double cream/heavy cream

Wash and rinse urid dal and masoor dal 2-3 times very well but not that vigouresly otherwise whatever minerals left after polishing it will be all gone by the time it’s ready to cook.

Now add about 3-4 cups of water in a pressure cooker.
Add in the washed dales.

Add in chopped tomatoes, potatoes, ginger and garlic.

Potato has been added to give a thick consistency. If you wish you may use corn flour or any other normal flour for thickening the soup. When to add the flour , well that depend, personally I prefer to add at the end and give a quick boil to the soup , stirring it continuously to prevent any lumps in the soup. However since we are using potatoes this will provide that thick and smooth texture we want in our soup.

Add in seasonings-fennel; roast it slightly over tava/skillet

And some freshly crushed or grounded whole black pepper and salt. If you have mortar-pestle then uses it and in case you don’t have like me-crush it with the help of rolling pin over cutting board.
If you wish you may add dried herbs like dried oregano or parsley, whatever suits you. But make sure it doesn’t overpower the flavour of fennel.

Lock the pressure cooker lid.
Pressures cook the entire thing for two whistles and then lower the flame. Cook it for 4-5 mints.Add in crushed red pepper flakes and butter.
Open the lid when the pressure subsides.Now process the entire thing in a food processor and get a puree for the soup.It saves a lot of energy and can be made quickly.And dont forget to clean the weight/whistle and the rubber string of the lid on a regular basis.

Add in cream to the soup reserving little bit for decorations at the time of serving. Give a good stir to the entire soup and let it simmer slowly for 3-4 mints at med-low. When you are ready to serve just warm it a little bit more. Since I have been using cream that is being taken out directly from fridge and being added here so the requirement to simmer for 4-5 mints. But otherwise if you are using cream kept at room temperature then there is no need to again heat it. I often prepare it in bulk and keep it fridge. It stays fresh for 2 -3 days. At the time of serving just reheat it with little bit more of water and fennel powder as it tends to thicken if kept for longer time in fridge.

Serve hot with any bread or even rotis.Enjoy the warm hearty soup to keep you warm and cozy.

Happy Cooking Friends


  1. Would love to have this Soup for lunch now...Yumm!!!

  2. Biulir daaler soup?! Oshadharon! Besh creamy mone hocche dekhe. :-)
    Btw tumi ki biulir daal post korecho? Na kore thakle please korbe?

  3. Love the soup and pics..looks filling n yum

  4. Delicious soup..filling and healthy,yum

  5. Aami kono din biulir daal shuni nii kintu je kono daal ii shudhu khete aamar bhalo laage, especially when its winter. Ek bodo bati bhorti daal with a little ghee or butter, taate shudhu 2-3 spoonful of rice baa ekta ruti...ideal meal for losing weight :-)
    You have made a complete nutritious meal Jaya!!

  6. Rachana,
    thanks for coming..

    eyi jey

    lunch -box recipes-7
    .besh bhalo lagey khete eyi bhabhe ekto soup moton korle..

    how are you? it's been so long I guess..good to see you..

    oh! thanks.

    arey korai'er dal ke hi biulir dal bole..and ami O kothaye jantaam , eyi shob to biyer por jante parlaam in-laws der barite :-)..
    after Christmas indulgence eyi shob bhishon dorkaar khaba:D...and dal roti ba bhaat etheke susadho khabar hoye naki ar..besh bhalo laglo tumi ele..

    thanks to all for coming here..
    hugs and smiles

  7. Wat a comforting bowl of delicious soup, love that bengali touch..

  8. Thanks Priya..hugs and smiles

  9. healthy and well presented

  10. Yummy and creamy soup, lovely presented!

  11. A bowl of this soup is so befitting for a winter day. Healthy and nutritious.

  12. Dear Jayashree
    How are you? I am back from my Calcutta trip. I like this innovative soup. I must try it soon.
    In santiniketan this time I had lot of Biuli dal and Posto baDa, just awesome.
    Bhalo theko

  13. Shanthi,
    thanks for coming ..hugs

    hi and warm welcome here ..good o know you :-)..

    yes it very healthy and urid dal is rich in protein also..
    hugs and smiles

    Ushnish da,
    Sotti posto r jeyi quality ta Kolkata te paba jaye seyi ta onnano jagaye ekto compromise kora mone hoye ..na eyi ta bodhaye amaar dharona ?..besh bhalo eyi baar apnaar Santhiniketan er trip er chobi dekhte jache ..
    Thanks all for coming ..


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