Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tomato Chicken

Today is Vijayadashmi .Well today no sweet recipe like the last year post of Darbesh, but a flavorful chicken recipe. Although this recipe was saved in draft as we made this perhaps last week.
This day brings so many nostalgic memories of growing up years. Years gone by spending time with family and friends during childhood and of late ,recent times also.And memories are always to there to cherish deep inside your heart. So be it that way, right?




And coming to memories, this reminds me of calmness and serenity of mother earth with all her vigor and charisma.










So Very naïve on my attempt part but yet it leaves me mesmerized whenever I try to recall what I felt that day.

Coming to recipe

This recipe is nothing unusual, perhaps for me a little experimental. I used tomato and lemon juice generously in this recipe, two of the ingredients I like to use less in all my non-vegetarian dishes.




But my family liked what they finally got to eat at lunch table. Well I served a mild flavored Pulao with this tomato chicken. I really don’t know if tomato chicken is made this way or not, to me this is our tomato chicken.






If you like then go ahead make it yourself, I am sure you going to love this spicy and tangy chicken.





Tomato Chicken
Recipe requirements
800 gm of chicken
4 medium size onions
12-15 garlic pods or 4-5 large garlic pods
½ inch of ginger root
2 medium size tomatos
To be made into a smooth paste
1 tsp of cumin seeds
2 tsp of panch phoron
10-12 whole black pepper
Salt as per taste
1 tsp of red pepper powder
¾ tsp of grounded turmeric
3 tsp of grounded cayenne pepper
1 tsp of grounded cumin
3 tsp of grounded coriander
Little more salt
½ tsp of sugar
4-6 tbs of cooking oil/mustard oil/canola oil
2-3 tbs of fresh squeezed lemon juice
  • Clean chicken pieces.
  • Make a smooth paste of onion, ginger, garlic, tomato, whole black pepper, cumin seeds, and panch phoron.
  • Now marinate the chicken with half of the masala paste, adjust seasoning with salt and red pepper powder and add fresh squeezed lemon juice. Keep it marinated for 2-3 hrs.
  • Now heat up a saucepan, add cooking oil, temper it with little bit of sugar, add tej patta if you wish to.
  • Now add the masala paste, to this masala paste add turmeric powder, red pepper powder, cumin powder and coriander powder. Add about ½ cup of water.
  • Let the masala cook, till it starts to dry up a little bit, releasing oil by sides or perhaps you can keep stir/frying 8-10 mints at med-high flame.
  • Adjust salt by tasting.
  • Now add the marinated chicken pieces, keep stirring and frying adding bit of water in between so that the gravy doesn’t stick to the base.
  • After 15-18 mints, add about 1 and ½ cup of water to the fried chicken pieces with the masala.Cover it and let it cook for about 45 mints or till the flesh is cooked well.




Serve hot with rice or naan whatever way you prefer.

Wish You all a very Shobho Vijayadashmi and Happy Dasserah


  1. Jaya thats beautiful....first the calmness and the fiery gorgeous curry...love the colours and the flavour....njoi

  2. hubho bijoya dashami'r anek shubhechha Jaya. asha kori pjo khub bhalo katale.Tomato chicken loks delicious.

  3. Wowo the chicken curry looks so so super delicious.

  4. Gorgeous curry,tempts me a lot..nice one dear

  5. Subho bijoya Jaya

    tomato chicken looks too irresistable...darun hoyeche


  6. I liked the idea of adding paanch phoron to the blended mixture - never used it before,but might give this a try.Curry looks delicious!Subho Bijoya:)

  7. Keep those coming Jaya, hope to see you in full vigor and form :-)
    Chicken curry khub ii bhalo dekhte hoyechhe, khete toh darrun hobei def!!

  8. Fingerlicking tomato chicken, wat a beautiful curry..

  9. Hey this recipe is really delicious and tasty ones.The ingredients and preparation procedure is simple and easy one.Thank you for sharing this nice recipe.

  10. Shubho Bijoya Jaya! Chicken curry ta dekhte oshadharon laagche ... polao diye ki bhalo na lege thakbe. Eyi robibare banabo bhabchi. Tumi bhalo acho toh?

  11. dear jaya
    subho bijaya!tomar bijaya greetings pod-e khub bhalo laglo.Ami aj Algeria esechhi...kichhu din Algiers e theke tarpar 1000 km dur-e heart of sahara deserte thakbo...ekta kaj peye- chhi...ek du mas thak bo...no ranna banna ! :-(
    ebar blog Padar somoe pabo..internet achhe olhane sr..after 5 pm baire berono nishedh....
    bhalo theko..


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