Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sharodiya Shubecha and Pujor Recipes

These are special autumn days or "Ashwin mash" as in Bengali calendar.This is the time when every Bengali is very active in terms of food, socializing, wishing, shopping and what not.
I don’t have anything particular today on this auspicious day of "Bodhon  or Shashti "except my list of Pujo cooking.As Pujo means good food with good company of friends and family.Pujo also means  Ashtami Pushpanjali ,and ofcourse Shahsti for married ladies.

Meanwhile here is a list of good food for this Puja (and many more Pujas to come...) for you can make and surprise your family.

  • Pui labra  - A labra recipe with malabar spinach/pui in Bengali with kumro/pumpkin and potato tempered with panch phoron.Click Here
  • Luchi, aloo torkari, cholar dal and begun bhaja - A unique Bengali Niramish combo.Click Here 
  • Choto aloor Dom- Baby Potatoes cooked in spicy onion/ginger/garlic and tomato gravy.Click Here 
  • Vegetarian cutlets/chop -  Vegetarian cutlets , a famous street and home food in Bengal as well.click here

  • Kosha mangsho- Well a quintessential Bengali favourite.Click Here
  • Matar paneer- or Chanar Dalna -Panner and green peas in red spicy gravy.Recipe Link
  • Chicken Shahi Korma- Kormas are royal foods.This chicken shahi korma smelled heaven when last time we made it, almost a restaurant style recipe.recipe link
  • Hassle free chicken curry- an easy preparation of chicken in case you are in hurry to catch up with Puja Pandal hopping etc...Recipe Link
  • Bhetki jhal- Bhetki may be a cousin of long lost Sea Bass , is simmered in a nice spicy gravy.Recipe Link .
  • Bhetki'r Chop - A starter which has been part of menus in any marriage party.A famous food and one of our favourites.Recipe Link .
  • Ilish shorshe/dim bhaja- Hilsa in mustard seed paste..Khanti Bengali preparation.Recipe Link
  • Chicken kabab- Chicken mince kababs, spicy and delicious.Recipe Link
  • Chingri pulao- Shrimp and Basmati rice/gobindo bhog rice pulao.Recipe Link
  • Chicken yakhni pulao-Chicken Pulao made with aromatic water/yakhni -Recipe Link
  • Vegetable pulao- Recipe Link
Wishing all my readers a very very Happy Durga Puja.
Apnader Shobaye Ke Pujor Onek Onek Shubhecha O Priti.


  1. Tomakeo janai Sharodiya'r onek priti o obhinondon,Jaya!Darun darun shob ranna list kore diyechho...ebare oi list dekhe demands aste shuru korlo bole;)Pujo'y onek anondo koro!

  2. Pujor onek shubhechha Jaya !!!
    Eishob tomar rannar list dekhe khoob anondo pelam.

    I guess my bengali is all right :)

    I have been caught up with so many things and couldn't read my favorite blogs...now it's time to make up :)

  3. Sudha,
    thanks and tumake k O onek shubecha..

    Omg! your Bengali is so right..take your time virtual life can always wait..real life should be our first most priority..

    hugs and smiles


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