Thursday, October 12, 2006

Alo Posto aar Amer Ambol ( Mango Chutney)

Its another day, a bright new day, sun is coming out nicely, with the Fall and its vigour, Nature is at its peak beauty...Pennsylvania is a beautiful Place to be, Being living in a small town is also a charm, for the first time I have seen coming to US these beautiful landscapes, country side charm, Buffaloes, Horses, and huge Corn fields...its has some of the most breathtaking sights...lush greenery... you have to be here to feel and see it ....
Its something special to feel also since this is festive time, was missing home and so thought of making something which reminds us of home and the festivities ...but should be quick and easy...Went running to shop got white poppy seeds from our local Indian grocery store and fresh ripe Mexican Mangoes from "Giant"...
Talking about Indian cuisine, I could not stop thinking about Bengali cuisine, as being Bengali its but natural, savoury sweets from Rasogolla, Sandesh and what not .
So many thoughts just pass by...went nostalgic about Howrah Brigde to Trams in Calcutta and the beautiful Victoria's buggy ride in the evenings in the MAIDAN Near Victoria Memorial.

Victoria Memorial
And here is some of the beautiful pictures of Durga Puja in Calcutta
Durga Puja - Matri Sangha Behala
Durga Puja Mitra Sangha Behala
Durga Puja Jodhpur Park Puja
Durga Puja Chalta Bagan Pandal
Durga Puja Salt Lake F D Block

ok after asmall journey to Kolkata, now back to food and recipes , there is a wonderful recipe in Ahaar about Sukto
the recipe is here ,It is a nice way to eat vegetables .You will like it .Some other delicacies are Tasty Macher jhaal (fish Curry ),and Posto (poppy seeds paste ) so, just thought of making our favorites , made Aloo Posto (Potatoes cooked in Poppy paste ) last Friday , posto can be used to make other vegetables also Jhinge posto ,and so on...without adding much intro to all , here is the simple recipe for Aloo Posto..

Potatoes cooked in white poppy seeds paste (Aloo Posto)
Servings is for 4
Potatoes 2-3 cut into long Jullienes , 1-2 bay leaf , White Poppy seeds 2-3 tbs, Some cashews 2-3 tbs ,
1 tsp of cumin seeds(better if you have "Panch Phoron" a dry spice mixture Fennel,cumin,fenugreek,Nigella seeds and Radhuni ,its substitute can be celery seeds but both are not same ) ,1 /2 tsp turmeric powder,2 tsp of red pepper powder (fresh Green chillies can also be used in place of red pepper powder ),salt as per taste , and some water and Canola oil 2 tbs .
Heat oil in saucepan at med , add cumin seeds , let it pop up ,add 1-2 bay leaves

Now add potato julliences and fry for another 5 mints stiring in between
add all the dry ingredients and salt to taste add little bit of water and cover , cook for 7-10 mints at low till potatoes are done but not soggy .

Meanwhile the potatoes are cooking , grind poppy seeds and cashews with pinch of salt in grinder with enough water to make it into a smooth paste (I have to add cashews as it helps rotate the grinder and also adds to the overall taste,but originally people in Bengal use this special grinder made of some stones to make a paste out of poppy seeds only for making Aloo Posto , with some Fresh green chillies)

When its done add the above paste to the potatoes cooking ,stir and cook for another 5 mints and then take it out .
Back in Bengal, poeple cook in Mustard oil ,that itself gives an instant kick to any dishes and its healthy also ..Its here that I have started using Canola Oil , which is also a heart healthy option ...
Aloo posto is better eaten with warm cooked rice , Mong Dal , and Ambol (a sweet/sour gravy thing with vegetables cooked in , or simple with Mango ) , every Bengali meal finishes with an Ambol.

Sweet and Sour Mango (Amer Ambol)
Its eaten as a last course, its another thing I always start my eating by sipping it first LOL that's me,generally it's the unripe mango which is used , but its some times when I dont have unripe mango in my Pantry (I haven't find yet in US) , I always use the semi ripe ones,this recipe is a wonderful treat for us when my mother -in -law makes it , same ingredients and same technique ,but I could not match the flavor,I guess It's the Love she puts in her, that makes it more tasty and enjoyable . She has also unique recipe for Ambol using Bhindi (Okhra), some fresh Kumro (pumpkin pieces) and tamarind pulp,thats another way to eat Ambol, when I visited my hubby's native Village , some of our relative made Ambol with Macher Dimer Bora (Fritters made of fish ) ,so you can see Ambol can be made in many ways. Amer Ambol being the simplest and quick.
1 ripe Mango cut into cubes with skin , 1 tbs Black mustard seeds ,1/4 tbs turmeric powder(I add it for yellow colour that gives a lively appearance) , 2-3 dry red chilly pepper ,canola oil for frying( it taste more flavorful with mustard oil) , 1/2 cup of sugar ,salt as per taste .
Heat oil in saucepan , add mustard seeds, and dry red pepper being torn in between add to the hot oil , let them pop up .
Now add mango chunks fry for 1-2 mints , add salt and sugar ,turmeric powder , 1 cup of water or depends on how thick constitency you want ,cover and cook at low for 7-10 mints .
Take out and let it cool ,serve ,eat and enjoy with your meals.

Poppy seeds and coriander/cilantro chutney (Posto Dhone Patta chutney)
2-3 tbs poppy seeds, 2-3 tbs cashews ,1 medium tomato,1 Jalapeno pepper, 1 medium onion,1 inch fresh ginger root, 2-3 cloves of garlic , bunch of coriander leaves or cilantro leaves ,1 tbs of canola or better if you have extra virgin olive oil(EVOO), salt as per taste.
Bring a pot with water to boil, add whole tomato to the hot water, cook for 5 mints till the skin is soft, take it out and peel the skin of tomato ,dice it into 4 equal parts.
Meanwhile the tomato is getting ready, peel and chop onion, garlic, ginger and separate cilantro/coriander leaves from the stem .
First make a paste of poppy seeds and cashews as stated in making in Aloo Posto .
Now add all the above ingredients in the above paste, salt, Jalapeno(add more if you want a fiery hot chutney) ,EVOO and last tomato in a blender ,blend it all well untill a smooth paste is formed .
Serving sugestion
Serve with some hot fritters (pakode) or as vegetarian sandwich spread .
We like it even on our warm cooked rice also.

some more recipes next time ,till then Bon Apetite ..
Enjoy your meals with your loved ones in cozy surroundings as its winter time .. Happy Cooking
I take the day as it comes , hope you too....


  1. Mantu - welcome to the world of food blogging. The posto done patta chutney sounds great... am going to try it soon. :)

  2. Thanks for stoping by Mandira, do try it and let me know how you find it..your views will be highly appreciated ...

  3. Hi Mantu,
    Your chaatni sounds verrry nice. Have never had it before, surely will try it out soon.
    You are in PA, should drop by to taste your fuluri & chaatni
    Happy Diwali

  4. Ya , thanks Sandeepa you are always welcome ,come and enjoy here...

  5. Very nice recipes here, Mantu! I'd love to see pictures of these.
    Hope u had a great Diwali!

  6. Hi Mantu,
    Thanks for stopping by at my site.
    Your posto-dhonepatar chatni sounds very alluring. I have to try it out tomorrow as luckily all the ingredients are in stock.

  7. Hi Mantu - thanks for your visit at My Dhaba. Let me welcome you to the food blogging world. Keep blogging. We will visit you often for updates.

    Let me also extend my personal invitation to you to participate at VCC Q3 2006; the deadline has been extended to Oct 31. Cheers!

    My Dhaba

  8. Aloo Posto rocks! Great write up abt traditions! Good job!!

  9. Very well written post....your aloo posto recipe sounds yum!!!

  10. Hi Vani ,you are so welcome here , thanks for stoping by to read and appreciate it , do try some of them , I will be glad...

    Hi Kutus ,so nice you liked posto dhone pattar chutney , make it and enjoy with your loved ones...

    Hi Vkn ,thanks for inviting in VCC Q3 2006 and stoping by ,I am glad you took some time to post a comment here.Welcome to my small world ...

    Hi Asha , thanks for your kind words I liked the Diwali write up by you also , do try Aloo Posto ,I will be more than Happy ..you are always welcome here..

  11. Hi Jayashree!!
    thanks for stoping by ,and I will be more glad if you give it a try ..


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