Sunday, March 8, 2009

Chingri Macher Pakoda-Prawn Lentil Fritters

We are observing women's day today, and there are still many miles to go.The scene haven’t changed yet.For we are still beaten, and reason can be as small as for going to pubs and the irony is that we have a woman president today.
Do you think the world around women is biased?
Women still needs permission to go out in night and can’t walk past lonely after 9 at night safely. She is constantly harassed in bus, office and even in homes, reasons well understood.
Women in villages still live their lives as they used to live in pre-Independence era.She cooks at home (mind you many villages still don’t have gas ovens, electricity), take care of children and even help her better halves in farming.I have seen so many women folks working in paddy fields at a stretch in hot climate without complaining instead singing the folk songs, the songs which life put on their rather closed-shut mouths otherwise.
Few of us who got that golden opportunity to study, flourished, but there are many, who still remained in four brick walls of home (Ghar Ki Chaar Diwari) their voices were deep buried by then.The voices which can speak for themselves, their needs,dreams and wishes.

Today’s women in metroes, I do think their lives have changed a little, why I am saying “little” because, still they have to balance their family and professional life and this is a very tough call.For this balancing act requires a lot of hard work and sacrifices.

Now there is more to being a woman, she is a mother, wife, sister and daughter.
So many different roles but time, time is very less to potray them, it needs a lot of multitasking and the expectations are also very high.We have this inner strength which comes from within us to serve and take care of wishes of our loved ones before thinking about self.But that’s what women is born with,the nature to give and support, nurture and take care.
Whenever I see little girls selling flowers at traffic signals, I am enlightened by their warmth of smile and twinkling in their eyes.For those are the eyes of hope and hope never dies.

On this positive note I am calling all to celebrate being woman and also if a girl child is born.That will make, a lot of difference and may be then the world around us will not be biased anymore!!

Now to the recipe for the chingri macher pakoda or Prawn Fritters

How would you like to eat Chingri ala Prawn.In a very spicy Indian stir/fry, Chinese sauted,shrimp Manchurian, lemon prawn or in a coconut milk based gravy?
Or how about about eating it as fritters.
This is a very common side-dish that we like to gorge on special occasion.
My MIL loves these fritters(You know how hard is,to please Mil) and so is everybody in my family.

Prawn Lentil Fritters

Recipe requirements
Shrimp 8-10, cleaned, deveined and let the tail remain intact.
1 cup of Masoor dal /red lentil
½ tsp of salt
1 tsp of red pepper powder (add less for hotness)
2green chilly or Serrano pepper chopped
You may omit it if you don’t want the hotness in fritters
For frying the shrimp
1 tsp of turmeric powder
½ tsp of salt
2 heaped tbs of oil
Some more oil for deep frying the fritters
Soak the lentils for 5-6 hrs prior to making fritters.
If you want to make it as an evening snack, soak them in the morning.
Now clean the shrimps and marinate them with salt, turmeric powder for ½ hour.
Heat up a frying pan, add oil and fry the shrimps on both sides , it will take around 3-4 mintues roughly.TIP- always fry the shrimp at high for few mintues and immediately take out , this way the shrimps will retain the colour and crunch.
Now sprinkle some red pepper powder over them (you may substitute it with black pepper powder also)
Meanwhile wash the soaked lentils for 2- 3times.
Grind the lentils to a coarse paste in grinder or mixer.
Take out the paste and sprinkle salt, red pepper powder and add in green chilly .you may also add in coriander leaves for a variation.
Now gently fold the lentil paste with all the ingredients for couple of mintues.
In a deep bottom pan, add oil.
Now coat well one shrimp with this paste.
Drop the coated shrimp in hot oil gently.
Keep a bowl of water along to clean your hand of that extra lentil paste.
Wash your hand with little water before dipping the prawns in the lentil paste.
Deep fry the fritters and drain them in tissue paper.
Serving suggestion-
Serve with some spicy coriander chutney or salsas.

this is going to Laurie of Mediterranean Cooking in Alaska , for MLLA-Ninth Helping , and for details of who is hosting for next months ,visit Host Line-up .MLLA is a well known food event started by Susan of Well Seasoned Cook.

Wish everybody a very Happy Holi .

Enjoy today, live the moment to fullest and rest will be taken care of ...Happy Cooking Friends...


  1. Happy Holi and Happy Women's Day, Jaya! So true that we have a very long way to go. Even educated women have no freedom in their in-laws' homes, all in the name of "tradition". In such communities, I think if the menfolk developed spines, things can change. On the other hand, it's also true that we have made some progress compared to the generation before, so kudos to that! :)

  2. How well written Jaya! Too much is expected out of a woman ... and woe be her if she so much as show she is tired. Being an or'nary woman is tough enough ... so kudos to those superwomen who have achieved so much in life. :-)
    I love prawns ... anyway. Love your pakodas. Must try them the next time. :-)

  3. Happy holi and Happy Women's day and i love the fritters.

  4. Lovely combo....very new for me....Happy Women's day and Holi

  5. Vani,
    yeah ,freedom comes at very expensive cost and lot of sacrifices also!! Yeah we have achieved a little but there is more that needs to be done ....Happy Holi to you too...

    yeah, I think we must not forget those who support these superwomen...for they are there to help whenevr these women do need anything if any!!
    thanks for liking the pakodas and do try it ...

    same to you and thanks for coming by ..
    hugs and smiles

  6. Happy Holi to you Jaya.

    Real Women's day has a loong way to go still to achieve it's goal but we are getting there slowly! :)

    Love the Shrimp Pakodas, Shrimp is our fave seafood now!

  7. wow, this looks fantastic! I want some now :) Happy Holi to you too...

  8. Very well written. Happy Holi to you too. Saathe Chingdi Pakoda thakle to kathai nei :)

  9. Happy womens day to you,I didnt even remember that it was womens day till my dad wished me lol.
    Good read Jaya.Prawns looks great!

  10. Asha,
    same to you dear and yeah its a long way to go for us ...
    Seafood is much healthyoption also..

    thank you !!

    Sra and Sandeepa,
    thanks for liking these pakodas ..
    is it so :))...but I guess I have said it our own people makes this day even more special ...
    thank you for coming by ..

    Holi wishes to all of you..
    hugs and smiles

  11. Happy holi Jaya! Hope meye ekhon bhalo ache. :-)

  12. aaah! Chingri macher pakoda! This has to rank as one of my favorite foods of all time! especially when eaten hot from the street vendors. I really miss the authentic chingri pakoda and can't get it anywhere here in the US. Your version looks delicious! thank you for shearing your post.


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