Monday, January 4, 2010

Bandhakopi Palang Kabuli Cholar Ghonto(Cabbage Spinach Chick Peas Vegetable Medley)

It’s been 4 days already now as the new year ushered in .And back to reality has struck.I mean you wait and plan for this long holidays.Where you will be going ,what you will be cooking , whom you want to spend time with and how. And before you could realize,time flies away .Its Monday now,another working week has started. Net total is -The holiday euphorbia fades away.
I have seen and heard people feel rejuvenated after this much awaited break/holiday.But it seems I am not yet ready to hang up .If it was on my hand,I would have loved to see this fabulous holiday time and spirit never end.May we always feel rejuvenated with the fresh memories of festive spririt throghout the year.And the holiday euphorbia lingers on forever.

I have made no new year resolutions as I am unable to stick to them so far .Keeping in mind the poor track records,I will be taking things as it will come to me.For another fresh year ,this is first post of the year –“bandhakopi palang kablir Ghonto”.
There is a very thin line when it comes to differentiating between labra ,chorchori and ghonto.I was little clueless when I was writing this post as what should I call this dish , a labra or a chorchori or a ghonto .Since the end result was a very mushy thing and also I chopped the vegetables coarsely not longitudinally , so thought it would be appropriate to name it Bandhakopi Palang Kablir ghonto.
How ever if you feel kabli chola can be replaced with some spicy chingri/shrimp or ilish mache’er matha but then that will be Chenchra right?.Will write the recipe in next post.
Bandhakopi Palang kabulir cholar Ghonto(cabbage spinach chick peas vegetable medley)
Quarter of bandhakopi –cabbage
Approx 200 gms of spinach /Palang
1 cup of kabli chana/kabuli Chola/Chick Peas
1 carrot
2 poatoes cut in cubes
1 tsp of turmeric powder/holod
2 tsp of red pepper powder/lanka goron
2 tsp of coriander powder/dhone goron
1 bay leaf/tej pata
½ tsp of panch phoron
2 tsp of sugar
Salt as per taste
Chop all vegetables coarsely, clean in water specially spinach leaves.
Soak the chick peas overnight .TIP- you may use canned chick peas , drain the excess liquid from it as it has way too much salt.If you want to add the liquid also then adjust salt in labra later at the serving time.Personally I prefer fresh chick peas over canned ones.
Now add cooking oil in pressure cooker, add panch phoron and bay leaf , let it splutter.
Now add potato cubes, fry them well , add all the dry ingredients –holod,lonka goron,sugar and salt.
Add in coriander powder/dhone goron.
Now add in cabbage/bandhakopi and carrots/gajar and soaked chick peas/kabli chana.
Fry some more time 4mints.
Now add in spinach/palang and sugar also.Mix in well.
Now cover the pressure cooker lid and let it whistle once.
Now stop the flame and let it cool.When the pressure subside , open the lid and with the spatula/khunti work thro the labra and mix in uniformly and serve with garam bhaat .
Mangetout is another vegetable which can be included in this ghonto.
Fried Ilish Fish head can also be included in it , making it amish chorchori/chenchra.
Chingri mach is another variation which can be included.I have made this with it and it comes out really great.Add the stir fried spicy shrimp at the end ,for the recipe visit here.
You can cook this in a saucepan/korai also.Just when you have coated the vegetables well with spices ,add spinach last and then cover it .Cook the vegetables till they turn out mushy.There is no need to add water ,water comes out from leafy vegetables easily.
This post is going to Cook like a Bong (Sudeshna) who is guest hosting - MM MIngle-winter fruits and vegetables an event started by Meeta at Whats for the lunch honey ,visit here for event rules and more details- MM-Mingle-rules .
Happy Cooking


  1. Happy new year to you and your lovely family, Jaya Dee....
    In these days, when time is a constraint, and the calorie counter mocks us, one of the best options to both, is the humble pressure cooker.
    Not only does it cut down cooking times by a third, it also saves fuel,and gives us respite from those calories.
    It is really nice to have you posting pressure cooker recipes. I am using them for my own, and boy! are they delicious.....yummy!!!!!
    My best wishes for a great life, and a great Bengali blog ;)

  2. Happy newyear.
    I tend not to make resolutions too as i can never make them to a reality.
    Love the medely of veg in the curry.

  3. Whatever you call it, it looks interesting and very do-able.

  4. This is something I have never cooked Jaya, any kind of chochhori, laabda or ghonto!! I need training in this...:-)
    First of all I cant make out the difference so wouldnt know what I am cooking anyways. I never had much of a choice while cooking veggies, because my family is very picky abt them. Eggplants can only be cooked a certain way to be considered eatable, zuchhini, lau,kumdo, tinda, tori ei shob toh dhare kaachhe aashe nii aamar kitchen er aito din. kintu aajkaal aami shobrokom veggies ranna kori, kintu sheta ghonto naa chhochori naa labdaa taa bolte parbo naa!! :-)

  5. Amarnath,
    wish you a very happy new year too:-)...
    pressure cooker saves a lot of time and nutrition is also not lost as high flame frying is not there..I am glad you liked and tried recipes from here..
    thanks for visiting!!

    yeah I am with you in same boat then :)..
    thanks for coming ..

    the main constraint here is ,i often dont get fresh supply of vegetables that we are habitual of eating back home ..frozen I dont want to use ..just dont see any point if I can adjust whatever fresh n local produce is available here ..this was pretty easy to cook and healthy.

    I still feel , our mothers/grandmothers were very particular about
    how the vegetables should be cut , what Tempering should be used while making Labda/chorchori/ghonto etc ...I dont follow rules to the T ..even I wish to ,but many times I am short of ingredients etc ..So in short , cook whatever but it should be edible ..thats what I like to follow :-D...

    thank you all for stoping by
    hugs and smiles

  6. Jaya,
    Once again thank you so much for the lovely entry. I prepare this same ghanto but never used the chickpeas with it.This is unique.

  7. Hi Jaya, thanks girl. Happy 2010 and have a great time there.

    Over 2 yrs, I have added 250+ blogs to my reader and it's scary to even look at it now! :D

    I will say hello to my dear bloggers whenever I can of course but not like before, just taking it a bit easy. I always appreciate your comment. Hugs to you.

    Great combo for a healthy medley! :)

  8. Wish you happy new year. Thats an interesting recipe:)

  9. Sudeshna,
    it is my pleasure to participate in ..

    take our time dear ..yeah even i find it difficult to blog hop now days :)...thanks for coming

    wish you a very happy new year too and thanks for stoping by ..
    hugs and smiles

  10. Very healthy protin with lots of vitamins.......

  11. Call it what you want, it sure looks delicious, Jaya!


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