Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mango Manthram

Mango (Mangifera indica ),is one such fruit which is loved by all ,old or young or children .
Mango has a special place in our hearts .
Indira of Mahanandi ,has come up with a very beautiful Idea of Making food art . Food Art Mango Manthram . This is going to her place ,well I am so excited to see what my fellow friends will be coming up with .
Mango Thro Collage

Since this is summer vacation time for my little one and you know,how Kids can be so hard to manage sometimes .Whenever she will get bored she would ask me to put the TV on which I really don’t want ,well I am always eager to keep her busy and do things that could bring out the real child in her so that she can develop her creative skills ,so just thought of engaging her in some good summer activities .It was a funny session with her for me .We created Mango collage by tearing papers and then glueing them on a sheet of Paper .

You Can seee One busy Hand at work

What You need for this activity
2 White sheets of paper
Yellow ,mustard water colour tubes .
2 Painting Brush , one for you and one for your little one .
1 Pencil
A brown colour crayon
A glue stick or fevicol
And a little patience as they are children and needs whole lot of encouragement and support .
How we did it
Colour the white sheet of paper ,mix in equal proportions of both the colour and make it little watery .Now ask your little one to hold the brush ,dip in colour and colour the white paper ,you may also join in .She will love to do it .Let them be themselves and play with colour , If they end up spilling some colour on your T-shirts or Clothes ,let them ,Remember it’s a fun session and free of stress for study .
Let the coloured Paper dry off .
Now tear the paper with her ,this is one thing I am sure every child loves doing it .Let them do it in their own way .Tear to very small pieces .
Now its your turn , Draw a mango with Pencil on other sheet if your child is less than 5 years , Children above 5 years of age will be able to do it by themselves .Now ask them to put the glue on that sheet of paper and paste the very small pieces of colored paper over it one by one .
When whole of the Mango is covered, let it dry and then Press it in a book .Your Mango Collage is done and see the smile of your loved one also , Now ask your little one to Sketch the branch with crayon and color it .
This is one such activity for summer Vacation .This Method can be used to make Birds, Tree and other things which your child finds interesting also.
The other day she asked me to draw sun and she made the sun collage .

We will be coming up with more summer activities soon.


  1. thats so cute jayashree!!


  2. Really, mango is one such fruit which can be used in so many ways. I love mango smoothie and pudding made from ripe mangoes. Nice blog and nice photos!

  3. Thats so lovely.Nice photos

  4. Hey i love the busy hand, she must have loved it

  5. Siri
    thanks for coming here ,ya my little one had a nice time ..

    welcome here and thanks for liking my world.

    cute ya My daughter makes my day so interesting always ,otherwise life would have been so mundane for me ..

    so Long ,its good to see you dear
    Busy hands enjoyed doing this and ya me too LOL..
    hugs and smiles

  6. cute mango art. kudos to the little artist.

  7. thats really cute jaya. and ur monsoon spics made me all nostalgic and homesick!

  8. that was a cute one


  9. Uma,
    Ya Little artists is happy to see it also ....

    Monsoon is such a fun thing , so many things are attached to it , our memories of growing up seeing the rain and clouds , even special folk songs on rain ..and so ..on ..

    thanks Dear for liking it ...
    hugs and smiles

  10. Creating art is so much better than spending time watching tv. Thanks Jaya for participating in Mango Manthram event. Please give my thanks to your daughter also for this lovely mango collage.

  11. Indira,
    So good to see you dear..
    Thanks for stoping by ...Little one is happy to make crafts n enjoy time with me also ..
    hugs and smiles

  12. I am so happy that your daughter has contributed to the Mango Manthrum like mine. I see that they get all excited if we mention that its going to be posted and do it with more enthu. Good job! to your daughter.


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