Friday, May 30, 2008

Mixed vegetable Curry and Food Events

Paul Sartre More about him here . On his own words ...
"Reading is a pact of generosity between the author and reader"

Lets carry on with our pact of Generosity and for this I have clubed two events together , one is click and other is JFI-VOW .
Let me first start with JFI-VOW.

Pooja of Creative Idea Creative Pooja
hosts a wonderful event of Vegetable of the week ,and this time she is hosting JFI also .
Details about JFI here / is originally a brain child of Indira Of Mahanandi .
This will be real fun as both the event is held together,here is the link please visit here friends . Details of JFI-VOW .

Mixed Vegetable Curry
For the Masala paste
1 small onion
¼ cup of grated coconut
4 cashews
1 tomato
½ inch ginger piece
1 large pod of garlic,in case of small use 2 .
2 Green chilly (add this if you want the subzi spicy)
Grind all in a mixerand take out in a bowl.

Now To the Vegetables
1 Capsicum cut into 1inch of cubes
½ cup small Cauliflower florets
6-7 fresh green bean cut into 1inch of bite size
2 medium size potato cut into 1 inch cubes ( you can add 1 potato and side wise increase the vegetable content ,that will work fine also )
Tempering and Flavoring
1 tsp of turmeric powder
2tsp of red peppr powder
1 tsp of salt
½ tsp of sugar
1tsp of cumin seed
3 tbs of mustard oil
How to Prepare the curry
Heat up a kadai ,add half of the oil ,temper it with cumin seeds,add all the chopped vegetables and Fry at med for 3 mints.
Add salt and turmeric,red pepper powder and again go on frying for 5-7 mints, make sure vegetables remain crunchy .
Now take out the fried vegetables, add rest of the oil ,add the paste and fry at med for 5mints or till the oil separates out from the fried masala .Add the fried vegetables and the curry leaves and sprinkle little bit of water ,cover and cook for 4-5 mints .Take out when the vegetables are cooked and serve with rice or chappati .

This month Theme for Click is Bean and Lentils ,here I am sening this to Jugalbandi due Jai and Bee. Details are here ,Theme for Click


Happy Cooking Friends


  1. Click pic is very nice, which one did you send

  2. Clever! Those beads look like beans too!Good one!:)
    Capsicum dish looks delicious.
    Guess what Jaya? I made Methi shaag Bhaja from your blog for dinner today.It was yummy, such simple dish too.Thanks, I will link next week!:)

  3. thanks for your click, dear jayashree.

  4. Bee,
    Thanks for stoping by ..

    ya ,the beads too look like beans ..
    and Wow! u really made Methi Shaag bhaja ,I am so glad ....Hugs for that ..
    a simple dish with lots of taste and flavor .

    thanks dear , I asked my little artist and she told me 2nd one looks good , so I have to keep her words , I have sent the 2 nd pic ...thanks for stoping by ...

  5. Jaya- the curry looks yummy!! feeling hungry now! Great click dear.


  6. delicious bell pepper curry. Lovely click too.

  7. Hi Jaya,

    Added you in my blogroll...
    all this bengali cooking is too much to resist!! :)

  8. jaya..that click looks so sweet!..nice entry...and your mango art is also very cute!

  9. Srivalli,
    Thanks for coming here Dear ,
    and I really appreciate your kind words ..Thanks..

    Feel at home is all I can say,wish I can feed you with my home cooked meal LOL......

    Ya , the curry gets its taste with the addition of Bell Pepper I guess..
    My FIL liked the curry also...

    Dear Siri,
    I know You have also made some beautiful creations about Mango ,they look so cute also ..Thanks for coming by...

    Hugs and smiles

  10. Capsicm+ coconut + cashews....
    this curry has everything to make it rich in taste:)
    thank you jaya for sharing this and being a part of Vow-JFI :)

  11. Thanks for sharing this tasty recipe. I made it yesterday night & it turned out to be delicious!

  12. Thanks lily for trying and I am glad it turned out well ..

  13. Everyone loves it when folks get together and share thoughts.
    Great blog, continue the good work!


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