Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Veg Fajita and Monsoon Pics

While we are waiting for this year's heavy Monsoon showers,These are some of the pics caught on camera by yours truly during last years Monsoon shower .

The City Wakes Up

Clouds Drumbeat

Twilight Zone

Raindrops Touching The wounded souls

And Now to cooking , my other passion in life .

There are times when you don’t have much in the pantry to cook and more the Mundane task of preparing day to today meal , what if you can add some variations and zing to the daily meals ,the meals become more than a pleasure to eat .
Cooking gives you immense pleasure and it’s a real stress buster also , My friends often ask me you cook yourself (eyes wide open) , don’t have a cook for cooking in your home , my replies to them is always ,you also try cooking for your dear ones , you will know the difference .They however end up with so many excuses . Its just some time management and the desire or willingness to cook , That’s it .Any ways long story cut short .
This time I tried making some Mexican dishes for variations in our meals ,as there is a nice event by gracious DK that’s Culinarybazaar AWED going on , It turn out to be a hit with my family .I thought will give a surprise to hubby dear asking him the name of dish , before I could ask , At the dinner table He exclaimed “Oh! Veg Fajita , a great change” .Here is how a simple dish can be reinvented to suit the taste bud .

Veg Fajita
4 Tortillas
2 green Bell Pepper
1 long carrot
5-6 long gourds called Borboti in Bengali or Beans
1 Garlic pod chopped finely
½ large onion chopped finely
1tsp Red Pepper powder
2 Green Chilly or Serrano pepper
1 tsp of cumin powder
1tsp of cumin seeds
2 tbs of refined oil/ Canola oil

For the home –made Salsa
2 Large tomato chopped
1 medium size onion
2 green chilly
1 garlic pod
½ tsp of salt
1tbs of lemon juice
Blend all the above in mixer , chill atleast 3hrs before serving .
Now to Making of Fajita

Heat up the Kadai /heavy bottom pan , add oil , add cumin seeds ,let it pop splitter .
Now add finely Chopped garlic and onion .Fry at high for 3 mints
Add all the chopped Vegetables, fry at med –high for at least 5-7 mints .Make sure the Veggies remain crunchy not mushy .
Add red pepper powder, cumin powder, green chilly and salt .
Now add 2-3 Tbs of home-made salsa , sauté for 2 mints .
Add crumbled paneer (cottage cheese), left-over rice , fry again for 2mints .
Take out in a bowl , and then fill Fajita in every Tortillas and roll , I have used our home made whole wheat chappati in place of tortilla , this came out nice too .
Serve along with a bowl of sour cream and chopped onions or warm corn.
A bowl of fresh yogurt also work fine , I always prefer yogurt over sour cream .
Another Thing for variation, You can use Chicken pieces which gives a whole lot of great taste and Flavor .
I have tried this recipe with fried shrimp also .
I will be on short blogging break , will catch up with all of you later .
Enjoy life and respect Nature and Thank her,for her immense Blessings bestowed upon us .
Recycle Reuse and Respect .
Happy Cooking Friends .


  1. LOVE the Monsoon photos. A rainy day always soothes me!:))

    Fajita is yum, vegetarian too.

  2. Bah wonderful chobi. Eta ki salt lake ?
    fajita is yumm

  3. Sandeepa,
    I am glad u liked pics , na eta salt lake noi ...LOL...

    Monsoon and rain are always so enjoyable , even the Rain songs like Rim Jhim gire sawan ....
    As I am typing this , its raining outside ....LOL..

    Hugs and smiles

  4. lovely pics,specially the first one and nice recipe!Would love to c u on my blog..

  5. Dear Jaya, the pics look lovely, esp Clouds Drumbeat.. nice capture.. and am feeling hungry.. all becoz of ur yummy fajitas..:D


  6. If one thing never failes to get me excited is Rain. I luv it to the core although ppl think it as gloomy. I jus feel so refreshed.

    This fajita is so simple and yummy looking. A must try for me. Thanks for sending it to the event

    (as far as Potol kumro ghainte goes, for a sec my significant other did thing that I was slurring words ;-) had to bit of explaining...But i love saying it..Here I go again :) )

  7. Hetal,
    welcome here , its good u liked the first pic ..Thanks

    Clouds drumbeat is my fav too ..The roaring of clouds still make me feel the chill ...

    those some people who feels Rainy Days are gloomy ,includes my Hubby deaar ...LOL..
    For him bright sunny days are good to enjoy ..and for me rainy days and specially soaking myself in Rain water ..such opposites u know ..
    and Ya this recipe is simple to try and so home made type ...try it , u will love it ...

    HUgs and smiles to all of u ladies

  8. Hi,visiting ur blog for the first time,nice blog.Would love to see u on my blog.
    Fajita looks yummy definitely I will try it out.All pics are very nice.

  9. There is award waiting for u @ my blog,i hope u will enjoy that

  10. A big thanks to you for capturing the beautiful moods of Kolkata alongwith the perfect dish to go with it. I must say I am indebted to aayisrecipes.com for giving such cool links to explore...

    The world out there is sooo beautiful...we just need a will to seek it out!!

    Lovely site...



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