Thursday, April 2, 2009

Kid's Lunch-Box -II- Home -Made Mixed Fruit Jam

I have always wished to make jams at home while growing up. I would ask so many questions to my maa while she would be making it for us in kitchen.She in return, would say you wait for some more time and you will know how it gives a sense of achievement when you prepare something and your kid’s finish it up quickly.
I now understand it gives immense satisfaction to see one’s kid gobbling up the home-made jam.
Here is a very simple recipe to make jams at home.Mixed Fruit jam is a good option when giving to your toddlers.

During this season when mangoes and apples are available in plenty, one can easily make mixed fruit jam at home.
Another thing is that I always make jams at night (I have seen my mom making it even in night) give them some to set and then scoop in glass jars to refrigerate them .Its always better to use and eat home-made ones than the store brought as its devoid of all types of chemicals ,colouring agents etc..
Some recipes call for pectin a solidifying/gelling agent Iguess, but I have never seen my Maa or Mil using it for that matter .Some day will share you my Mil’s Guava Jelly recipe also.

Home made mixed Fruit Jam
1 mango
2 chicko
1 apple
Half lemon, extract the juice from it
Sugar at least 1 cup or as per taste
Wash the fruits and then pressure cook them with just 1cup of water.
Take out and peel the skin and take out the pulp
Mix in with sugar and whisk in with the pulp and juice.
Now over a med low flame cook the above stirring continuosly, after one strong boil
Add the lemon juice, stir and cook till it reduces and becomes thick.
Tip- you may drop some over a separate plate, look if it’s not runny and if it can stick on the plate, the Jam is ready.
Spatula at rest and the Jam .......

Let it cool and scoop in a sterilized bottle.

Store in refrigerator, stays fresh for 2-3 weeks.
The above amount of fruit made approx one bottle approx 200 gm, increse the content for more Jam.

Its's always beter to prepare Jam in home , as it doesn't have chemicals or coloring agents.
Good as a spread over whole wheat bread and rotis or parathas. Spread a spoon of jam over the toasted bread and yeah you are ready with your’s kid- lunch box.

Happy Cooking Friends


  1. Looks great, Jaya! Nice to use seasonal fruits and make fresh jams :)

  2. Wow Jaya! Homemade jam! Eto easy! Awesome! Khub bhalo ekta recipe dile. :-)

  3. Vani,yeah its sure a great way to preserve the goodness of fruits also..
    hain its very easy and even stays good when stored in fridge for 2-3 weeks...
    Deesha thanks !!
    hugs and smiles

  4. WOW! What a combo Jaya. Apple, chickoo and Mango, clever girl and looks so yummy! :)

  5. This is a good one,I have never tasted any sapota in a jam but this looks great!

  6. Whoo look at the color awesome... not much preservatives and it should be even good for pancakes...

  7. Asha,
    yeah,thanks !!
    this is a quick recipe and taste better than any other store brought jam..
    citric acid from lemon juice is all there , absolutely no preservative , no clouring agent is added , but if you wish to increase the age of this jam , sodium benzoate can be added..I feel without that it stays fresh for 2-3 weeks ,even sufficient time to finish it off hehee..
    thanks rey!!
    hugs and smiles

  8. WoW looks yummy. Kids would love it. Home made jams are always welcome at our home. :) Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  9. Ujju,
    thanks for stoping by and do let me know how it turn out for you..
    hugs and smiles

  10. i love homemade jams......in microwave it is even easier.....and guava jelly is so refreshing........i make it from my garden fresh guavas.


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