Monday, April 27, 2009

Save The Earth -Announcement

Few months back, it was the hottest day in December,hottest in the past 51 years in Kolkata .The temperarture was around 22 deg celcious but it should be around 11 deg celcious .It was supposed to be winter and we should be wearing warm winter clothes or jackets, instead of that we kept our fan switched on. One can imagine the irony here I am talking about.
.And again in April temperature soared high to 42 deg celcious, highest in a decade …My little one school closed down 15 days earlier due to extreme heat conditions.Schools are observing perhaps the first time heat-day off holiday!! I think never in past years this has happened.

This is just not a single incident happening around us, there are many more unsung incidents occurring in various parts of the world.

Climate pattern is changing thanks to global warming; little did we realize that this starts from where we live our own street, locality or even our own home.
We cannot go out and start educating people with placard in our hand, hitting the street, shouting slogans about global warming.
Its just that they won’t have that much of patience and time either to listen to this rather small issue.For them life is too busy earning bread and butter, and also these things takes back seat when it comes to implementation.

What we can do as a small link to bigger world or as a small fish in bigger ocean.
Simple and easy things which we can do while staying in home or working in office.

We as a world citizen or netizen, hold bigger responsibility in contributing and implementing.Welfare of family and community matters more to us.
So, I would like to draw your kind attention towards it, join me in this movement , an awareness drive to save the earth , so that we can pass mother earth as is ,to our future generations.Meanwhile do drop in your little advice or two cents on this very serious issue.

I would like to send invitation to everybody out there, to participate in this movement and create awareness around you.
As food blogs we, should be doing our part with cooking and posting recipes in addition to creating awareness.

Cook and send your entries to me, while keeping these in minds
Try to cook with fresh ingredients .
It would be great if the vegetables/fruits are grown in your own kitchen garden, but it’s not necessary.
Any type of cuisine, courses is almost welcome.Recipes can be vegetarian or non-vegetarian or using any dairy products.

In addition to recipes, I am inviting you all to write in
Essays, painting, poems or even articles regarding save earth.
It would be nice if your contribution is original or your own creations and if you are inspired by any other sources, do mention them with due credits.

What you need to do

~ Link back to this post Of “Save the Earth”.It would be nice if you could upload this Badge along with your post, feel free to use and spread the word.Please post the entries specially marked for “Save the Earth” Movement.

Mail me with the following details
~ mail me with the Subject line of “Save The earth”.
~ Your Name
~ Name of your Blog
~ Post URL
~ Location
~ mail me at spiceandcurry at gmail dot com
~ Note--There is no need to send pictures.

~ I have created a separate post for the entries for this purpose, I will be updating according to the entries, I will be getting and it will be there to see for everybody.

Entries should reach us on or before 31 st May 2009.If I am unable to respond to your entry within 3 days, do drop me a comment here.
Friends join me to create awareness about save the earth and make this movement a success.

I am writing down some small chores which we can do while staying in home or going to office, that can help in this noble cause.

~ Try to switch off Electrical appliances when not in use.
~ Reuse old clothes, T-shirts as kitchen towels or for dusting purpose instead of paper towels,Save The Trees
~ Switch off the gizer when not in use.
~ Swicth off refrigerator for half an hour daily.
~ Plant at least 5 plant saplings or fruit bearing trees near your area.
~ grow some vegetables in Kitchen gardens or in small clay pots.
~ Take the stairs while going up instead of the Lift.
~ Walk to your grocery stores instead of using the Car/Taxi/Auto, save the fuel.
~ Go to office together in a Car, instead off taking two separate cars going to office.
Ask your friends, to join you while going to office and then take turns alternatively.Use public transport more.
~ Cook as much required, eat and consume daily, don’t throw anything; they are precious gifts nature has given you.Respect them.

Your ideas,advice and tips are always welcoming.

Remember this is just a humble awareness drive and our main objective is to involve people that surround us, our friends, relatives and our community etc…
Let’s participate to create a better environment for our future generations.


  1. this was a good read and for a good cause .Will send in something .

  2. Taken note of this entry shall post some entries soon... this is a wonderful event...

  3. Enjoy hosting Jaya, I will be on break from May 5th and June, need to go and see a friend who is ill.

  4. N33ma and Ramya
    thanks ,looking forward to your contributions...

    I understand, my prayers for your ill friend..you will be missed here :((..
    hugs and smiles

  5. wow a very nice cause and an interesting read!!!

  6. That is a good one to host Jaya ... I really wish something could be done for this global warming thing. We are sweltering here with 43 degrees and loadshedding. :-(

  7. deesha,
    thanks!! are you joinning in ..
    thank you and warm welcome here ,do join in this awareness drive!!

    Yeah and this is just the begining of summer here ...
    I think ,people should come forward and start from their home first , small things can make a lot of change...
    hugs and smiles

  8. so nice of u jaya, will send in something:)

  9. What a wonderful initiative Jaya!
    In my design work I am currently recycling plastic shopping bags and creating accessories wth them in an effort to stop them from suffocating our EARTH!
    am looking forward to learn more about what we can do with food through the entries to this post,and if I can think of something I will also add! Thanx,God bless!Mia

  10. Chitra,
    Hi and really looking forward to your contribution..

    ah! that's really great and I do want to see you with lots of contributions like these ....it will be really great to see these helpful tips..

    hugs and smiles

  11. sorry jaya for the delayed response...i'll surely send my entry.


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