Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kolkata-City Of Joy 2

Kolkata as I know has this striking sense of vibrance and energy .The charisma that finds way to your heart so easily.The hustle-bustle of the city, crowd at esplanade, New Market and Park Street, growing list of food-chains or eateries, where foodies love to hang around.
Then there are some other ,quite peaceful places where people do go ,but find kind of solace.One such place is Outram Ghat on the banks of river Hooghly.
Then there are some good green parks .One such park is Millenium Park along the banks of river , a beautiful place to visit.
Neatly arranged park bench, a small food joint, kid’s playing area and the magnificent view to River bank.
These are the some of the pictures, me and hubby had taken while on a family outing.
It really brings back the memories of great time spent there.

A View of Second Hooghly Bridge from Outram Ghat .

Serene River

Wanna Go for Boat ride

Bade ache lagte Hain,
Yeh dharti ,yeh Nadiya aur Tum...........

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  1. Iam yet to visit this one, wud visit it just for the bong sweets

  2. Never been to Kolkata, looks beautiful. Love the boats! :)

  3. Deesha,
    bong sweets yeah but Kolkata is much more than sweets and rasogollas..LOL...

    boat ride was fun and it's a lovely city more the people living here ..
    hugs and smiles

  4. lovely pics Jaya and i love the song"bade achey lagtey hain":) brings back memories

  5. I have wanted a boat ride on one of those cute boats on the Ganga forever. Lucky you. :-)

  6. Nice, brings back memories.

  7. Meenal,
    oh! thanks ,even liked the film ,have you seen it?

    I was little apprehensive of going on a boat ride ,hubby pursuaded me and yeah I prefer a steamer launch over these cute boats ,makes me feel little relaxed ..LOL..

    yeah I know ,so you too went for boat ride ..thats good :)...
    hugs and smiles

  8. baah...ei korechho bhalo!!:)

    khoob bhalo laglo pictures gulo, aami kolkata gechhii jokhon 6yrs old chhilaam, aabar dekhte khoob ichhe kore. ekhon ektu beshii ii icchhe korchhe :)

  9. Love these pics Jaya, and totally relishing the lunch box and the bhekti mach!

  10. Beautiful pictures of Kolkata the " city of joy". Thanks for sharing the post. Millenium Park is the best place to enjoy sunset, watch Hoogly bridge and have a relaxing evening. Do check the Millenium park Kolkata for more details.


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