Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Save The Earth

Here is the Link For the announcement of Save The Earth

Here is our first entry from Joyeeta , in her own words

"I don’t think the call is for people to save the earth. The call is for people to save their own lives and the lives of their future generations. Let us not forget that if MOTHER EARTH has the supreme power of creation,she has the power to destroy also."

If you want to read more ,visit her wonderful blog for more.

Sangeeta of Healthfood desivideshi sends Her contribution .

She has how beautifully described her small kitchen garden where she grows vegetables /herbs organically.You name it and you would find it in her place.She surely inspires many of us to grow vegetables in our gardens also.Dont forget to read her Gobhi Paratha and begun Bhaja ,Khichuri post which she made from fresh vegetables grown in her Lovely Kitchen garden.

This one,a great entry from Deepika at Less Sugar Please... and her home grown spinach ,which she made into delicious coconut based gravy.In this post she has so passionately written about the kind of menace garbage is exposing to us and how one can tackle this problem while creating compost out of them.Read this to know more Spinach in Coconut/yogurt gravy .

And last this is my own contribution Fruit Chaat .
and lets' take this small initiative so that it can make a big difference.

Help us to harness the wind, the water, the sun,
and all the ready and renewable sources of power.
Teach us to conserve, preserve use wisely the blessed treasures
Of our wealth stored earth.
Help us to share your bounty, not waste it,
or pervert it into peril, for our children or our neighbours in other nations.
You, who are life and energy and blessing,
Teach us to revere and respect your tender world.
-----Thomas J Carlisle