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Oolkopir/Ganthkopir Torkari-Kohlrabi Stir/Fry Subzi

Recently genetic engineering is in news but for wrong reasons.
There are many good discoveries in genetic engineering to further help us grow as a civilazaion.But when it comes to Bt Brinjal,certainly it wont help.

So what is Bt Brinjal?
The brinjal seed is genetically modified strain created jointly by Indian company Mahyco and and US MNC Monsanto.Bacillus thuringiensis brinjal is Bt Brinjal.It increases the shell life and is pest free that means the use of pesticides is reduced dramatically when this variety is cultivated by farmers resulting in reduction of cost of cultivation.Making of Bt Brinjal involves the insertion of a gene from the soil Bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis to the genetic code of vegetable(Brinjal) to produce the pesticidal toxin in every cell.Now these toxins when entered into human body can/may cause severe ailments like lung or kidney problems ,allergies,itching and many more which are still unknown.Bt brinjal is also known to be resistant to some antibiotics.

As for statistics in India ,Brinjal/Aubergine/Eggplant , is grown/cultivated in 5,10,000 hectares yeilding approx 8.2 million tonnes.
This is not the first time India has seen genetically modified crops.In 2001 Bt Cotton was introduced in certain parts of Gujrat and adjoining states, though the production was high for the first year but later it started slowly decreasing.Bt Cotton affected severly the health of cattles who were in direct contact with it.In three states it severly affected farmers financially resulting in many suicides.This variety was ineffective on Bollworm attack for which it was genetically modified.Bt Cotton was sold as pest-resistant variety in India but it failed majorly.

As a consumer if Bt Brinjal gets introduced in our food chain, then this is going to effect our health directly now.Remember we don’t have any norms or regulations to differentiate between an organic variety and the normal ones.So, as a consumer we still will be confused and can't trust the source from where it comes keeping in mind the whole process of plantation, storage and selling etc.

States like West Bengal,Bihar,Kerala,Chatissgarh and Orissa have banned the use of Bt Brinjal plantation which are the major producer of brinjal in India.But the question is will it solve the problem.Once introduced in farming in other states, there will be no regulation /boundaries on cross pollination if my common sense foresee,making it even more prone to severe health problems which includes effecting human immune system.Although as per norms Bt Brinjal can only be cultivated at a distance of 300 meter away from other crops.As a poor farmer in a remote village,can he keep these norms in mind while cultivating Bt Brinjal, I am sure it will be quite difficult for him.
And as a consumer can we have a choice to pick normal varieties over the genetically modified varieties?

I am sure our environment minister and goverment keep these questions in mind while deciding the fate of Bt Brinjal.Ten more days to go for a decision to be taken on this issues.Hope as a consumer we don’t end up as Guinea Pig this time again.

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Now to the recipe for this post.I know Oolkopi/Kohlrabi/German Turnip is also known as Ghantkopi.This is a simple stir/fry subzi or Torkari in Bengali.This is quite a staple in winters when Oolkopi is in available in plenty.Pair it with some steamed rice or roti ,it brings out the pleasure of eating simple and easy.

Oolkopi/Ganthkopi diye Torkari-Kohlrabi Dry Subzi
Serves 2-3
Oolkopi/Ganthkopi- 1 whole , peeled and sliced into longitudianl pieces
1 potato –cut into long pieces
1 tsp of turmeric powder
2 tsp of red pepper powder
1 tsp of cumin seeds
Salt as per taste
Oil for frying the vegetables-2 tbs

1 small tomato chopped
Fresh chopped coriander for garnishing

Cut and prepare the vegetables .Clean them in water.
Heat up a saucepan, add oil .
Add in cumin seeds, let it splutter
Add the Oolkopi/ganthkopi and potatoes , stir/fry them well.Add chopped tomatoes also.
Add all the seasoning, sprinkle some water,add salt, lower the flame and cook approx 7-8 mints or vegetables are cooked.Serve with warm cooked rice or roti which ever way you like.

Happy Cooking


  1. Ki simple recipe ta Jaya! Rutir shonge bhalo lagbe. :-)

  2. I have never had this subzi but it definitely looks good):

  3. I get those here but little expensive usually. Love the color, yum.

  4. Sharmila,
    hain rutir sathe O bhalo lage oolkopir torkari.

    yeah may be you should try it now..

    these are expensive here also and sometimes we dont get real fresh ones and whenever we can ,we just love it ..

    hugs and smiles

  5. aami ekhon bujhte parlaam etaa aami kheyechhii...in my in-laws home this is almost a staple food 'coz in Kashmir this is very popular, etaa diye aachar o hoye, and oraa khoob bhalobashe. The leaves of Kohlraabi are also cooked and are a favorite amongst Kashmiri Sikhs.
    Thanks for educating us with such unique and informative news Jaya about genetic engg.
    And here are the site lnks for knitting patters:

    Have fun :)

  6. Subzi looks very nice and healthy... Simple yet perfect for curd rice... I did come across Bt Brinjals, ther has been so much controversies and heard that there is a green signal in India...

  7. hey jaya,
    what is Oolkopi/ganthkopi


  8. Joyeeta,
    achaar with kohlrabi/oolkopi sounds so interesting ...nice to know lil more about eating habits of Kashmiri Sikhs...I have heard that Kashmiri pundits love their muttons/gosht as well :)....thanks for the links for knitting pattern , I am going to try something from it soon :)..

    I hate to think Bt Brinjal will be part of our daily subzis ..well we will then dont have much option also .. ..I hope they dont introduce some other vegetables like this genetically morphed one in future,that will be a total disaster.

    for you I have uploaded pics of Kohlrabi, hope you find some near your vicinity :)..


    hugs and smiles
    thank you all for stoping by .

  9. Hey Jaya
    simply and delicious sabji..looks tempting and colourful..where do you buy ganthkopi? asian store or british shops..

    cheers and have a nice weekend

  10. thanks jaya,

    it is turnip.. i have never used this veggie.. but will definately try cooking if i find some here.

    thank you so much for the pix... now it is crystal clear what you mean...

  11. Jagruti,
    yeah I get these from Indian/Asian stores ..these are not frequent but whenever I can find some I try to get it n make it..you too have a nice weekend.

    I hope you try getting these and make it as rasa Subzi or dry subzi whichever way you like it.Just cut these carefully as they are lil hard at surface.I sometimes eat as I cut them as these are excellent fiber/salad material.

    thanks for coming by both of you .
    hugs and smiles

  12. I like what you did with the kholrabi.


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