Sunday, February 14, 2010

Healfy Salad

Last time when me and my daughter went for vegetable shopping,she was too keen to pick vegetables of her choice.She told me she will be going to make a “healfy salad”(pls read as that,there is no typo mistake).She specifically picked iceberg lettuce for her healfy salad(God! at her age,I didn’t even know lettuce is something edible,so leave alone making healthy or unhealthy food habits)
Then she picked some cherry tomatoes and red bell peppers also.When we came back home after shopping, she went to her normal playing and watching cartoon routine.I was kind of relieved that OK the “healfy salad” bug has stopped itching her finally.No,I was wrong.Yesterday night she asked or rather reminded me to make her “healfy salad”…

DD-"Ma , tumaar mone ache amader healfy salad banate hobe"(Ma,remember we have to make healfy salad)
Me-"Kinto vegetables to ami kete debo tai na"(So,can I help you in cutting vegetables)
DD-"hain ,kinto mix ami korbo"(yeah,but I will mix and toss the vegetables)
Here she is tossing up her healfy salad

She asked me chop the vegetables lengthwise and cut the cucumbers with skin on.She teared the iceberg lettuce with hands and then washed all the fresh veggies in running water.I then told her to dry the teared leaves in a kitchen towel.
Hubby seeing all the excitement , asked to make some croutons also.For simple home-made Croutons

You need 3-4 old whole wheat bread slices.Take out the hard part of bread and then cut in cubes or lengthwise.
Preheat oven at 200 deg Celcius and then toss the bread pieces in some oil+salt+red pepper powder+dried oregano.Coat well and bake it uncovered on a baking tray for 10-12 mints.Take out and serve with your salad.It can stay fresh if kept in an airtight container for a week.All done.
and now to the salad recipe
I would be calling this salad as“Healfy Salad” ,as this is what my daughter named it.
Healfy Salad
Half iceburg lettuce teared in small edible pieces
8-10 cherry tomatoes
1 red bell pepper chopped like jullienes
1 avocado chopped in cubes
Half cucumber with skin on cut into circles
Little bit of any cooking oil and seasoning as per your choice.
Chop all the vegetables and clean them in running water in a colander.Drain off all the water.
Dry up the lettuce leaves in kitchen towel.
At the time of serving just mix in with some oil+salt.Enjoy with some home-made croutons.

Friends this is my 5 year old daughters first free-hand recipe,I feel so excited as I am writing this,as she has asked me to post this in my blog.Please encourage her with your words.I will definitely will be passing your appreciation to her.
(We think our daughter gave the best possible V-day gift to us.Thank you Love,May God Bless You!)
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Happy Cooking and Valentine’s Day.


  1. well done sweeti.... you are a gem... keep up good work.... love Jyoti aunty.

  2. It's lovely. At first I thought it was your mom's pun on healthy and leafy! Well done!

  3. Jyoti,

    Thanks I have told her and she passed you a big hug ,She has asked can we goto Jyoti Aunty's place LOL...

    Believe me i have never told her about salad like this to eat( we eat only cucumbers/onion/tomatoes as salad)May be she picked it up from her school teacher or friends ..whatever She asked me first question after waking up in the morning -"Have you done the work I have told you ,is it there on your blog?" so without brushing her teeth she checked her this post first sitting in my lap and then was happy ..but one complain/ or query -"why haven't you put my name over each pics :)"..Kids i tell you ..
    thanks for coming both of you ..
    hugs and smiles

  4. You have set the building blocks right in place Jaya...true inspiration you both are to each other and to the rest of us following you...Aditi ke onek onek chotka motki korte ichhe korchhe, you can pass on my hugs n kisses to her :)

  5. Oh Jaya, thanks for mentioning when I first saw the recipe I though that was a typo, interesting name and definitely colorful and healthy!!!


  6. Tomar meye oshadharon Jaya! Or jonne ekta blog baniye dao na ... darun hobe. :-)

  7. Helfy salad khub bhalo hoyeche :)

  8. Joyeeta,

    hain O majhe -2 besh moja hi kori ..tumaar bhalo-basha pass korediychi LOL...

    yeah healfy is just so good for us and I am glad my daughter showed it to us ..

    boro hole O ki korbe janina , ekhon to childhood ta enjoy koror .blog hole OR kaaj ta to amaye hi korte hobe..ekta ke(blog) to samalate parchina abaar ekta aro nababa na LOL ..

    thanks rey!

    thank you all for coming here
    hugs and smiles

  9. Hey Jaya

    salad looks fresh and colourful!!How is the half term going? good girl helping mummy..;-))


  10. good looking healfy salad and good kid for eating healthy.

  11. Jagruti,
    yeah we both are enjoyig the half-term break..thanks for liking the salad.

    yeah this is very healthy and makes a good side-dish also.

    thanks for stoping by
    hugs and smiles

  12. Awww! that is so cute Jaya :) thanks for sending this to HF :)



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