Monday, March 1, 2010

Tandoori Keema Kabab and Happy Holi

We really like to indulge ourselves in some rich and spicy food sometimes.And when it’s holi there is then one more reason to add.Wish everybody a very happy Holi.
Although these tandoori kababs don’t need any occasion to be prepared and enjoyed.Make them and enjoy whenever you feel it’s time to celebrate.
My toddler daughter sometimes find it difficult to eat spicy food as she is not too much fond of spicy food.
But when it comes to these tandoori kababs, she absolutely like gorging them with some plain yogurt or sometimes even Kraft’s thousand island dressing.Well to me , tandori kabab and thousand island dressing is something very unusual combination.Dont ask me how I came up with this combo.It is perhaps my trial and error way of making my toddler to eat spicy food.To be honest even I find these tandoori kababs very tasty with thousand island dressing.Normally coriander chutney or some yogurt/raita goes well with these spicy kababs.
Here is the recipe for tandoori kababs my way.
Tandoori Keema Kabab
Recipe requirements
Minced chicken meat-250 gm
To be marinated with minced meat
4 garlic cloves chopped finely
½ inch of fresh ginger chopped finely
2-4 green chillies
2 tsp of cumin powder
3 tsp of coriander powder
2 tsp of red pepper powder
4 tsp of Shaan Sheekh kabab masala
2 tsp of garam masala
1 egg
½ cup of roasted chick pea flour or besan
½ cup of breadcrumbs
1/2 cup of cooking oil for marinating and brushing up the kababs/basting purpose

Wash the chicken minced in warm water and then squeeze in the water well.
Now heat up a kadai and dry roast besan at med-low flame for 6-8 mints (make sure you don’t burn it up by turning the flame at high)
Now in a bowl, marinate the minced meat with cumin powder+coriander powder+red pepper powder+Shaan Sheekh Kabab powder+some oil+salt as per taste+garam masala .
Break 1 egg and mix in well with the marinated minced meat.
Now you can make your breadcrumbs if you have some old bread in refridgerator.Toast 2-4 bread slices.Then just dry grind 2-4 whole wheat bread slices in spice grinder or mixer or liquedizer which ever make you have.And you are ready with your home –made fresh breadcrumbs.
Mix the breadcrumbs+besan+1-2 tbs of cooking oil with marinated minced meat.Keep refridgerated for 3-4 hrs in fridge.
Take out the marinated keema, let it come to the room teperature.
Now oil the skewers with your hand or you may use any cooking oil sprays.
Divide the marinated minced meat in equal proportions.Now press one portion into the skewer, place other ones at a distance of 1 inch approx.
I end up using 5 wood skewers with approx 4-5 kababs on each skewer with the above quantity of marinated minced meat.
Now preheat the oven at about 180 deg C.
Keep a bowl of cooking oil and baking brush handy.
Now use aluminium foil to cover a wire rack in the oven.Brush up that with some oil.
Now place the skewers with minced meat kababs and brush some oil over each kabab.
Bake for 10 mints then take out flip the kababs, bast/brush the kababs with oil.
Again bake it for 10 mints.
Take out and check if they have dried up or are cooked well, If you feel that it further needed baking,then again brush up some cooking oil over each kababs.Bake another 5-7 mints.
Take out and serve with chopped onions and lettuce.
1. Another way of making fresh garlic ginger paste is just crushing with rolling pin over the board.This brings out the freshness of minced garlic and ginger more.I have made crushed garlic/ginger paste this way for these kababs.
2.You can use cooked chana dal in place of roasted besan also.But for that increase the amount of bread-crumbs(this would perhaps help in holding up the kababs well on skewers)
3.If you have company you can always make it beforehand and at the time of serving just heat up/bake for 5-7 mints at 180 deg C in oven.

I made Doi-Bora and Nimki- Go here for recipe .Recipe for doi bora some other time.

Wish everybody a very happy HOLI and happy Cooking!!


  1. Ki darun darun jinish banaccho Jaya! Wonderful looking kebabs ... and that is a good tip on frying the besan first. Happy Holi! :-)

  2. They look so temptingly delcious. Love how you have shaped them in small balls. Easy to pop into ones mouth :-)

  3. Wow...yummm Jaya! Great Holi celebration, kintu mishti koi?? :)

  4. Happy Holi to u and ur family Jaya!!
    kabab seems a great indulgence,love the chat too!

  5. Sharmila,
    adding roasted besan helps to remove raw smell and it equally is as good as cooked chana dal in any kababs.
    thanks wish you happy holi too..

    that was indeed easy to pop into mouth and believe me my DD enjoyed it like anything lol..

    mishti sandesh banechilaam ,kinto chobi tuli ni , khob kom hi 8-10 ta , mishti beshi keo khete chaye na ,remember Black forest cake ta 3 days legechilo finish korte lol..

    wish you a very happy holi too and yeah doi bora chaat was so yum..

    hugs and smiles

  6. hey, anything that makes a toddler eat without fuss is a good combi, right? M's latest is brown bread slices dipped in yogurt! :)

    Happy Holi, Jaya! Hope you are having a fun day with colors today!

  7. Wow the kebabs are looking very tempting and love it on skewers!!! A perfect appetizer!!!

  8. Ki darun shob khabar baniyecho Holi te. Happy Holi to you nad your family too. Ami ei rokom kore kokhono kabab banai ni, try korbo

  9. Looks so yummy .... wonderful clicks..

  10. Vani,
    hi and how are you?
    yeah sometimes I find it amazing how an unusual combo appeals to my daughter's tastebuds.Toddler I tell you make your life way too much challenging sometimes LOL..

    yeah it does look very tempting on skewers, we cant stop grabing them till it was finished.

    arey! it just came to my mind to have a restaurent kind of feeling in home,so made the kababs on skewers.Otherwise it can be made without skewers also and on Tava/iron skillet.Just stri'fry the kababs for 5-7 mints on each side at med-low flame and enjoy.

    hi and warm welcome and thank you for liking the clicks.

    thanks all for stoping by
    hugs and smiles

  11. Hey Jaya
    How are you? Belated happy holi to you and your family...Love your all dishes...


  12. Jagruti,
    hi and this time we missed playing with colours lol,how was your holi hugs and smiles

  13. The Doi Bora is asking me to dig right into it! The kebabs looks so easy. Gotta give it a try soon.


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