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Palong Shake'er Ghonto(Spinach Vegetable Medley)

Oxford is one of the most visited place in and around London.It’s glorious past makes it even more worthwhile to visit.Well it’s a small city and if you like walking or even cycling, then probably you can stroll around and spent some good time here.The entire campus is scattered and there are many places to visit.We however shortlisted some as we had been visiting for a day only.

Christ Church is a magnificent place to stop over and spend some quality time.In 1546 King Henry VIII re-founded the Cardinal College which was planned by Wolsey earlier as Christ Church.Now there is a very interesting story associated with the foundation of College or how Christ Church came into existence.

Thomas Wolsey was butcher’s son and was very powerful after the King himself, he became the Lord Chancellor and Archibishop of York.But when King Henry wanted a divorce from Catherine of Aragon, Wolsey was in dilemma as whom to support, the Chruch or the King.This made King very angry and he stripped Wolsey of his property and power including this potential project of Cardinal College.Later King revived the project and named it Christ Church.
He also made the priory church of St Frideswide the Cathedral of the new diocese of Oxford.
And how can I forget to mention Alice’s adventure in Wonderland (my daughter’s fav bed time story) which is woven in and around the campus of Christ Church specially the dining hall and even some of the characters where straight from the campus itself.Lewis Carroll the writer himself was a maths tutor at Christ Church from 1855-98.However his real name was Charles Dodgson.
Initial few scenes of Harry porter was shot here in dining Hall.(This is exclusive for all of you)

I have been making palong shake’er ghonto quite a while now but this time just thought of posting about it.A very simple way of eating vegetable specially the green ones.I sometimes add some cabbage leaves also.Adding ghee and gram masala gives a nice touch to the gravy, I usually add it at the end, but if you feel you may add the Gota Garam Moshla Like cloves/cinnamon/Cardamom at the time of tempering the oil with panch phoron.

Palong Shake’er Ghonto(Spinach/Brinjal/Radish vegetable medley)
1 bunch spinach leaves
Half radish cut into cubes
2 small brinjal cut into cubes
1 medium size potato cut into cubes
1 tsp of panch phoron
1 tsp of cumin powder
2-3 tsp of coriander powder
½ tsp of turmeric powder
1 tsp of red pepper powder
1 tsp of sugar
Salt as per taste
2-3 tbs of oil+1 tsp of ghee
½ tsp of garam masala

Cut and chop spinach and wash in water thoroughly to get rid of any sand particles.
In a pressure cooker, add oil let it heat up properly
Now temper it with panch phoron,let it crackle up.
Now add potatoes and radish pieces, stir fry well for 1-2 mints.
Add all the rest of seasoning-turmeric powder, red peper powder, cumin-coriander powder,salt+sugar and little bit of water.Mix in well and stir/fry for 3-4 mints at medium flame.
Now add in chopped spinach+brinjal pieces.Mix in well.
Cover the lid and pressure cook for one whistle.let it cool completely and then open the lid.(You can see a lot of water coming out after the spinach is cooked, if you think you want a dry ghonto then cook it further till the extra gravy thickens, TIP-mash the potatoes with spatula for this)
Sprinkle garam masala powder and add the ghee.Serve with garam bhat/warm cooked rice.
Quick and easy ghonto ready in few minutes.
1.Although traditionally the ghonto is made slowly simmering at low flame covered in kadai/heavy bottom wok /if you feel make it in kadai, follow the step in hot kadai and cover it .Cook till all turn out into a mushy texture.
2. I usually add garam masala powder at the end, but if you feel you may add the Gota Garam Moshla Like cloves(long)/cinnamon(dalchini)/Cardamom (elaich)at the time of tempering the oil with panch phoron.

Updated on 12/03/10

Below is the picture Of palong Shake'er ghonto made in a more traditional way , without pressure cooking spinach and other vegetables.After seasoning and flavouring the vegetables , just sprinkle little water and cover it.Cook it for 7-10 mints or till the vegetables are tender.If you wish you can just mash the potatoes for a more uniform texture.Serve hot with Ghee and rice.YUM!

Happy Cooking


  1. hi Jaya,
    Nice pictures and read about ur travel :)
    I tried ur lal saak recipe and got appreciated by my bong hubby :) thanks a lot to u :)
    I want to try this one too..it looks lovely and ya a great way to have many veggie at a time ...thanks dear

  2. Suparna,
    hi and its so good to hear from you:).I am really glad you and your hubby liked the lal shaak/notey recipe ..thanks for letting me know.
    I am sure you both will like palong shake'er ghonto too..serve/have warm straight from stove top over cooked rice and its feels like heaven ...
    hugs and smiles

  3. I liked my trip there so much, the colleges, the museums and the Japanese restaurant where I had seaweed salad!

  4. Wow Jaya, nice to know so much abt Christ Church. Wonderful pictures too...
    Shaker chochhori aamar kono din pochhondo chhilo naa but ekhon I love it and can have it anytime :)

  5. Wow the pics of oxford are breathtaking... Always wanted to visit there!!! Ghonto looks very tempting and anything with radish!!!


  6. Sra,
    yeah even we were planning a second trip as there are many things we missed as we were short of time.God! seawood salad , was it algea or nori or sashimi or sushi :)..

    yeah even we are still carrying out the effect lol...shake'er ghonto ma banato darun hoto ..she would usually make it kind of dry with green peas fresh shelled from pods..I dont get fresh green peas pods here so Frozen zindabad what else , I dont have much choice ..

    Oxford is really a great place with all vivid history ...and ghonto is a good way of eating vegetables that includes radish ..
    I often make radish paratha/mooli paratha also ..LOve it with coriander chutney.

    thanks all for stoping by.
    hugs and smiles

  7. I hated the ghonto-family till they day I was to get married. And then that one lunch of my aai-buro-bhaat changed it all!

  8. Pree,
    I know, I was that kind ..never felt like having it till I was in college.But some habits got changed and for better I guess, funny now I tell my daughter to have ghonto and she makes faces!!,that reminds me of my growing days :)..thanks for coming by..
    hugs and smiles

  9. Made today... Amazing taste... will try more of your recipes :)
    -Sumit :)


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